dog. dog. CI The Lene Guardsman KITC) () 20: 45 No. 8534016 Oh, ' dog in the corner. sleepin' on the rug? What' s he do? He' s retired. Don' t give me that look Dog
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CI The Lene Guardsman KITC) () 20: 45 No. 8534016
Oh, ' dog in the corner. sleepin' on the rug? What' s he do? He' s retired.
Don' t give me that look, boy. Th' deg' s retired, same as me. I came this fed way back when there was just seven of us. Carved these walls with my own bare hands and the strength of my back.
And ifl say the deg' s retired, the deg' s retired. That boy' s earned it.
His name? Well, we all just called him Scrap. A miserable little rum of a litter, but we kept him around. I almost feel bad fer the poor little bugger. Last in line fer feed, fer training, whatever, he wasn' t
much to speak w But, the little guy had heart. He was a scrappy little one. So one day, while I' m off duty, I decide to threw a chunk of meat to the pups, watch 'em fight over it. We had ten to one
bets on the little guy. I put a few pieces of gold on him. And you know what?
He lest! Got thrown about like a ragdoll he did, but he didn' t quit fightin', no sir! Hell, even the poor pup' s mum was teasin' him about, but he kept on fighting That was worth something. I gave him
some table scraps- Scrap kind adjust stuck after that.
CI The Lone Guardsman [GTC) (( Thu) 20: 46 No.
Anyways, Scrap' s life didn' t get much better after that. The pups all grew, like pups usually do, and so did the fed- We worked hard those years, kobolds and goblins, nothin' we couldn' t handle. Se,
the pups are all full grown now, and we' got all of 'em on war duty. 'Cept Scrap. Scrap stayed behind. Oh, you could see in his eyes he wanted to . I saw it, anyways. He had that look. That he
wanted to prave himself. Maybe not prave himself, per , but he wanted to help. He would jump at my legs, begging to go wt and help wt- Sometimes, I let a goblin sneak by, I was 'aff duty' at the
time, and I let Scrap tear 'em apart. He liked it well enough.
Well, about a year later, the goblins got all high and pissy. Started gettin' bold. Made a huge wave to meet us all. So, like always, I' m satin' up, and Scrap semes wt jumpin' around, begging to help
out. I picked up my obsidian battleaxe, and Geeked the little bugger right in the eyes.
Scrap," I said to him. "You' re needed here. Make sure none of 'em come in and take our feed- Yer Des needed on the firrst lines. Can you stay here and be ' best guard dog this fert' s ever seen?" I
says. I didn' t have the time to dick with the dog, they were wavin' us pretty hard. Scrap barks at me, the happiest bark I ever heard, and sat there on the spet- Like a gargoyle. So, I went out and
faught the goblins eff. Got banged up pretty good too, a few of us didn' t make it. Last my brother in that fight, I did.
So, here' s where the story gets interestin‘. I cemo back to the storeroom to grab a few things, and there' s a huge fuckin' mess. Boxes tipped all ever the god damned place, and blood splattered en
the floor. At first, I thought that a goblin or two got by. but I know they didn' t, most of our lava traps get what few managed to make their way in. No. in the Lerner, you know what I sees? A bear. A
black bear. Not the garden variety bear, a black bear. A pull my axe and let loose a battle cry, but the bear doesn' t move. I approach it, and I notice it ain' t mavin'. Or breathing. The blood gees all the
way back to it. This beads dead.
And sitting at the doorway is Scrap. He' s sitting there, stoically. Like a gargoyle. But he keeps Leanin'. And whisperin'- Sure enough, his left pams' s on the other side of the reem. But he' s sittin' there,
bleedin' and standin'- Like a stalwart guard. He looks at me. I leek at him, and nod in respect. Verlust a minute, I think the deg' s about to cry, and come runnin' ever to me like he' d dens since he
was a pup. But he stops. He doesn' t move, just gees back to takin' his post. Leanin' and whisperin' en his bleeding leg.
CI The Lone Guardsman GTC) (( Thu) 20: 48 No. 8534056
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Sure enough, I cleaned the deg' s wounds, and after the tales had been exchanged, none of us could believe it. That dog in the corner, sleepin' like a barrel of ale, killed a bear
through sheer determination. After that day, he continued to guard the fed. Goblins don' t ususally get a chance to be bigger than somethin', and they like that. Twenty er
goblins ran feom this dog, straight into our lava pits. They feared the pits less than Scrap. He didn' t retire until about six er seven more years, I' d say. Now, he just sleeps most of
the day, like me.
So take a good Iing leek at that mutt in the Lerner, sleepin' en the bearskin rug he' s made his bed. And know one thing above all other, lad. It' s the lessen that I, and ' Scrap,
pass along to Wu.
It ain' t the size of the dog in the fight. It' s the size of the fight in the deg.
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