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User avatar #8989 - annogram (06/30/2012) [-]
I've got tonsillitis, and i've had it a few times, every time i get it my ear drum makes this weird ass popping noise and begins to bleed, i'm on a course of antibiotics but wtf is going on?
User avatar #9094 to #8989 - evilanakie (07/01/2012) [-]
oh thats nice i currently have golf balls for tonsils i had to drink E-micin for a month or i would of died try that shit it will make you trip tits and it works better then penicilin
User avatar #8994 to #8989 - annogram (06/30/2012) [-]
oh and it hurts like a thundercunt
User avatar #9036 to #8994 - diniwdezer (07/01/2012) [-]
Pressure in the sinuses and/or bacterial infection of the ears can cause them to pop. It is fairly common for sinus or ear infections, and should hurt (after, your ear drum is basically being ruptured by pressure). Tonsilitis seems an odd cause of it, but I presume it has also infected your sinuses and ear cavity. I do not know if it can be stopped, but it can eventually damage hearing if you are above a certain age when the ear drum stops repairing itself as well. My recommendation would be to see a doctor who may be able to give you specific antibiotics targeted at your sinuses, but you can't go wrong with using painkillers and following their instructions. I am not a doctor by the way, I just vaguely remember reading something about this; there's plenty of information about it online if you type something like 'burst eardrum' into google.
User avatar #9102 to #9036 - annogram (07/01/2012) [-]
I've burst my eardrum before, it was the most painful thing that's every happened to me. But ever since then it's healed and when it happened this time it didn't hurt as much, but this time my hearing hasn't returned....is it permanent?
User avatar #13214 to #9102 - diniwdezer (07/13/2012) [-]
sorry for taking ages to respond. I'm not a doctor, so see a doctor. I don't think you would completely lose hearing, and noticable degradation of hearing is probably uncommon. Try not to stress about it too much, but do see a doctor.
User avatar #13310 to #13214 - annogram (07/13/2012) [-]
its okay, it's better now the doctor gave me cyptopexin or some shit it fixed it up.
User avatar #13317 to #13310 - diniwdezer (07/14/2012) [-]
glad to hear it :)
User avatar #13320 to #13317 - annogram (07/14/2012) [-]
I'm glad to HEAR at all!
#9008 to #8994 - gingerandiknowit (06/30/2012) [-]
perhaps seek medical attention? get the tonsils removed and ask them what they think about your ear
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