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User avatar #8463 - swiiftninja (06/29/2012) [-]
I'm going on a sort of date with a girl i like on saturday
Any advice on how to make her feel comfortable around me
User avatar #8550 to #8463 - bcsaint (06/29/2012) [-]
Whip out your penis right away, girls like it when it's confirmed that the prison they are going out within a guy
#8468 to #8463 - asdfghjklzx (06/29/2012) [-]
Act like a sophisticated idiot. Crack jokes about people if she likes that kind of thing. If she laughs a lot, she'll get comfortable. Good luck!
User avatar #8470 to #8468 - swiiftninja (06/29/2012) [-]
Thanks man
#8494 to #8470 - gingerandiknowit (06/29/2012) [-]
also just be yourself, no matter what try and act confident. when conversating try to ask about her more than talk about yourself, maybe look up random fun questions online to ask! Goodluck! if its meant to be then it will work out!
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