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#3031 - TheNewRavager
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Hello Fj, I need some advice, hence when I'm on this board. I'm 21, and there is this girl who is 19. I love her. I would do anything for her. When we first started hanging out, she clearly felt something for me too; or so I thought. She has a whole list of issues that I really want get into, but it has to do with abuse from her past. I believe that this abuse has affected her in the way that for her to feel loved, she has to be in a relationship where she is hurt. She dated another girl for a while who is verbally abusive and extremely manipulative, then she went to a drunk who, at one point, put his hands around her throat while he was drunk. He also took her to a party were she almost died from alcohol poisoning (she didn't drink before she started hanging out with him). Now, she is back with that crazy bitch (here's an example of just how this other girl is crazy: she pretended to receive calls from an 'anonymous' source, supposedly from somebody who works with the girl that I love, after she refused to talk to her. These calls suddenly stopped after they started hanging out again. Obviously I believe the entire situation was set up). The thing is, I tried to treat her well; I always tried to boost her self-esteem, tried to make her smile and just be happy. The only time I asked for something in return, was when I told her that I would've liked to go out with her and that I wanted to kiss her. We almost were a couple until the drunk came into the picture. I'm hurting real bad right now, and no one, not my family or anyone, is trying to help. They keep saying that I was never really in love with her. How do they know that? That's beside the point. I know I love her, and I would give my life for her. If she was with someone else who made her happy, that would make me happy. The thing is, she keeps going to people who hurt her. I want to be with her and I want her to be happy. Unfortunately, neither of those things seems to be a possibility. So, any advice FJ?
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The beta flows strong with this one.