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#13883 - adammorgan (07/16/2012) [-]
I am creating my own government called Comprisism. It is a mesh of different polices of well-known governments and government theories. It was created from trying to make a "corruptless" communist government. Its main features are: 1. Money will not be used for groceries, instead families will get all their meals for the entire week for free. this allows them to spend money on media-based things. 2.at the age of ten, all kids will be test- not on what they have learned but on their potential to learn. If they best with good scores they go to various government schools to figure out they that are best in. average scores or under will go to regular school. If a child passes with FLYING colors, they have the choice to opt of training. 3. Comprisism isn't necessarily are permanent thing of it's own, and will be use when a nation is trying to stabilize itself between various troubles. The political system can practically be anything, from anarchism, democracy, nomocracy, oligarchy. The systems that can NOT be in place are those that are ruled solely by one person,(i.e autocracy, fascism, feudalism, etc.)wealth,(i.e aristocracy, timocracy, and plutocracy.) and religion(i.e magocracy, sultanate, theocracy, etc) The current political system will rule for 3 years unchallenged, after those years are over, the ruling system may be challenged. The winner is decided by votes of the working class, those with STRONG political ties cannot vote. NO system can use violence or espionage to win. 4. there will be an existing stock market, however those only those exceeding a certain salary can simply roam the stock market, to avoid having small families go bust. Yes this is propaganda. Feel free to criticize, for it will help me get better Ideas and improve.

Comprisism's sole founder, Adam maxwell.
User avatar #13944 to #13883 - aboleth (07/16/2012) [-]
1. If needs are provided for, many people won't work.

2. What? Also, children aren't tested on their ability to learn because this skill grows or shrinks with age, usually in response to the amount of learning they do. Learning factually especially will greatly change this. Also, congratulations on creating a classist system.

3. Either Comprisism is an autocracy, in which case very few autocrats won't use three unchallenged years to secure their government, or it isn't, in which case no group would put it in place nearly to your plans, ruining it.

4. Again, you have created a classist society.

How is this Communist? This is one of the most classist systems I've ever seen. Furthermore, these are sweeping reforms, but transitional governments don't make reforms. They keep countries from falling apart. Also, no government would just agree to suddenly go Comprimist.

Most importantly, you don't state who's in charge, which is what governmental systems is all about.
#13963 to #13944 - adammorgan (07/16/2012) [-]
1. only food is, electricity isn't, gas, fuel, those have to be paid for.
2. your iq generally stays the same if not bothered by huge outside interactions.
3 autocracy is rule by one. that is not allowed. Acts of totalitarianism are not allowed. no power is allowed to be absolute, except Comprisism itself, and if someone wants to add law/rule/policy little work as to be done(just some sensible checks) If someone wants to take off one(like a law that disallows autocracy) they have to go through a lot of work (more than three years). all of Comprisism's laws and polices can ONLY be lifted with a mass vote among the people.
i was referring to the "beta" form of this. obviously this isn't communism, I got into politics because of communism.
thats the thing, comprisism is in charge. All the political systems do is steer comprisism in a direction, comprisism acts on cause and effects. Just add one more causes and effects.
User avatar #13964 to #13963 - aboleth (07/16/2012) [-]
1. Okay, fair point.

2. That's rather accurate for adults, however in children, IQ can be developed or can atrophy easily. It's a major educational concern.

3. A governmental system has no inherent power, and cannot rule without power being invested in it by the people.

You still haven't stated who is in charge. Without a definite idea of who is in charge, this is a political philosophy, not a political system.
#13968 to #13964 - adammorgan (07/16/2012) [-]
2.I can fix and find ways around that later

3. If there was say...an oligarchy they could set up a bill of laws if they want, as long as none of it deals in absolute, or contradicts a policy of comprisism.

Bingo, it is a political philosophy. Didn't i tell you i was a fan of philosophies? It is a way of life for a political system that is ruling at the You need to login to view this link is a code.
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#13899 to #13887 - adammorgan (07/16/2012) [-]
Well see those points were excepted to come up in a argument, because I told you the main points not every little thing. Those who grow the will be with the government, public farming will only be allowed if selling as a export. They are ten, they are not going be hard to convince or sway. Also An iq tests the learning ability. As I said it can be challenged, meaning the previous system or government before Comprisism set in. Comprisism's laws and polices can be lifted with a mass vote among the people. Since people are not spending money on food they can in turn spend on many media-based things, or put the money into the bank.
#13901 to #13899 - adammorgan (07/16/2012) [-]
oh yea, this is advice, i asked for.......advice, so i can put it here.
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Good luck with trying that idea to fly with the Illuminati.
#13884 to #13883 - adammorgan (07/16/2012) [-]
inb4 this is advice......exactly this is advice and advice isn't really limited to anything.
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