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User avatar #12865 to #12688 - aboleth
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(07/12/2012) [-]
I understand your pain. Hiding in the closet is one of the worst things. And honestly, if you tell her, she won't believe you.

However, you don't tell her, and it will claw at you from the inside. The longer you keep the truth inside, the more it will tear at you, the more it will turn you into a monster. Get out, man. Get out while you still can.

Get out before it changes you.
User avatar #12814 to #12688 - jokeface
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(07/12/2012) [-]
this answer is gonna sound weird.

i'm a Christian and i think you should continue the ruse. not because lying is right, because i don't believe it is. but you're an atheist, so i'm presuming you don't believe there will be a consequence for lying. also, by continuing the masquerade as a Christian, you may find yourself being drawn back into believing, and would therefore no longer by lying about it.
User avatar #12727 to #12688 - dashdashdash
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(07/12/2012) [-]
just keep lying, your mothers feelings are more important than your beliefs
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(07/12/2012) [-]
I would also suggest (and I know im getting thumbed down for this, but please consider it) to read more about religion, not chritianity, but Islam, judaism, hinduism and buddhism.
you might find something that really opens your eyes, religion is a beautiful thing and its a way of life.

If you have any questions about islam Im ready.
#12703 to #12688 - hackapelite
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(07/12/2012) [-]
this is not a nice thing to say, but because im not a nice person it doesn't matter

your mom is a retarded twat with a brain the size of a steroid shrunken testicle..

just live your life as you see fit and don't let any supernatural deity, or it's minions hinder your life
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