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I need girl advice.

So there is this girl named Breanna and this is my problem. She is an awesome girl with a great personality and atheltic. I have always wanted to date her and be more than friends but have never stepped up to the plate to do it. Back when I first met I thought she was insanely hot and she still is. We clicked right when we met and flirted almost every day. During the school year she dated a guy or two and that was it but we talked almost every day still. Now my second year in highschool she went to a different highschool. During the year at every party or event that we were both at we would always be together for the entire time and flirt constantly. People at times would even point it out and it would get awkward for a sed and then we would eventually just keep going.

Now... She got a boyfriend that she has been with for awhile. Even at these events and such we would still always be with each other and flirt. Even a few weeks ago.

So FJ what do I do? I'm not socially awkward and I'm usually very upfront with people and get along. I don't really even think about her all the time it's just when I'm with her I can't stop talking to her and neither can she. Neither of us has mentioned a thing about a relationship so there has been no "friend - zoning". So my question is FJ are we just Forever Flirts? Or should I tell her about my feelings for her and see if she has had any or does have them? Even while she dating someone?
#11838 to #11837 - sahakid
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it's dangerous, but if you do believe she feels the same way about you, and nothing is stopping you except a boyfriend you don't care much for, than go for it