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#160874 - anon (1 hour ago) [-]
I'm in love with this guy but he's gained some weight since we met and I'm not as physically attracted to him as I used to be... what should i do?
User avatar #160878 to #160874 - fistfireace (44 minutes ago) [-]
Chain him up in a cage and let him starve until he's skinny enough for your tastes. Obviously, give him some bread and water every now and again. Seriously, just tell him.
User avatar #160876 to #160874 - makotoitou (1 hour ago) [-]
fuck him real hard so that the sex is exorcise and he loses weight
User avatar #160847 - ilikethisusername (3 hours ago) [-]
how do you get a professional to test you if you have ADHD or something? I was told by 3 teachers in grade 7,8, and 9 that i may have ADHD because i can't focus at all. my friends told me too.

do you have to go to a doctor and tell him to test you for ADHD? how does it work?
#160879 to #160847 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (13 minutes ago) [-]
basically the test is they give you the pills, which is basically just caffine cause people with adhds brains respond differnt than normal peoples brains. if you never get more energy after eating sugar or caffine its possible
User avatar #160860 to #160847 - oborawatabinost (2 hours ago) [-]
ADHD is one of the most overdiagnosed disorders. I'm not saying you don't have it, but it's kind of an "easy way out" for teachers. Happens a lot in elementary school.
User avatar #160853 to #160847 - thisismyhandle (2 hours ago) [-]
Start by talking to your doctor about it. They will be able to help you much more than any of us will.
User avatar #160855 to #160853 - ilikethisusername (2 hours ago) [-]
no i mean like how do they find out? are there like tests or some shit? and how do i tell them: like hey i got adhd what do i do?
User avatar #160856 to #160855 - thisismyhandle (2 hours ago) [-]
YOU don't tell any professional that you've got ADHD -- having a few teachers and some friends tell you they think that you have it doesn't constitute a diagnosis.

Yes, there are psychological tests that can suggest to a psychiatrist that you have ADHD. However, you also asked how you can get a professional to test you, and I'm saying to you that calling your doctor is the best way to get an appointment with a psychiatrist that they approve of.

If the psychiatrist believes that you have ADHD, they will prescribe drugs for you. ADHD is cured by fixing the physiological problems of it with medicine, so that's the go-to for making it better.
User avatar #160846 - iliekcereal (3 hours ago) [-]
is it normal for your girlfriend's family to consider you to be part of their family if you've been dating her for nearly a year and have discussed marriage as an eventual possibility? They want to include me in their professionally-taken family photos tomorrow, and I'm not sure how comfortable I feel with that. This is because my relationship with my own family started deteriorating shortly before we started dating, and I actually lived with them for almost a week, and my family accused me of treating them more like family than I did my own. Idk
#160862 to #160846 - oborawatabinost (2 hours ago) [-]
I've seen that a lot with other families. It obviously means they really like you, which I assume isn't a bad thing a hell of a lot better than if they hated you, right? . If it makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you should talk to your girlfriend about it.

Me, personally, "family" doesn't mean much to me in a biological sense (not on great terms with any of my family), so if people not related to me consider me family, and I think the same of them, then it's all good.

Can't say I don't envy you...
#160866 to #160862 - iliekcereal has deleted their comment [-]
#160868 to #160866 - oborawatabinost has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #160863 to #160862 - iliekcereal (2 hours ago) [-]
Yeah. I guess my problem is it validates everything my family accused me of. Which, whether or not they were right in doing so, it's hard for me to deal with
User avatar #160864 to #160863 - oborawatabinost (2 hours ago) [-]
Well, if your family treats you badly for whatever reason, then I wouldn't blame you for distancing themselves from them.
User avatar #160867 to #160864 - iliekcereal (2 hours ago) [-]
It's just hard, because I still feel like maybe there's a possibility that I'm wrong. Even if they're wrong, I'm still hurting them and that's hard for me to accept
User avatar #160869 to #160867 - oborawatabinost (2 hours ago) [-]
Maybe. If you care about your family, then try and fix things with them. You can still hang around your girlfriend's family and all that. If you don't like your family, then enjoy your new other "family".
User avatar #160851 to #160846 - ilikethisusername (3 hours ago) [-]
I think they are getting too attached. That's a bad and a good thing. It depends on how you look at your girlfriend; do you really like her? I mean do you see a future with her or did you just started dating her because you had a crush on her? Also, it could be something to do with your age. If you are like 25 or something and you are dating her, some people start thinking about marriage at that age and some people consider relationships such as dating something serious at that kind of age.
User avatar #160857 to #160851 - iliekcereal (2 hours ago) [-]
I really do like her, and I can see a future with her. I'm 19, but we fit together so perfectly that in maybe 1 or 2 or 3 years, I could see myself marrying her.
User avatar #160850 to #160846 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (3 hours ago) [-]
My personal experience says yes, this is normal. They clearly like you enough to let you live with them for a week. I mean, my BF's (now fiancee's) family offered to let me move in several times, and I finally did 5 months ago, which is over 400 miles from my own family. They treat me better than my father ever did, and they treat me like they've known me for years. I think it's not only normal, but also a good thing.
User avatar #160858 to #160850 - iliekcereal (2 hours ago) [-]
That's what I think, kinda, but I guess I'm worried about what my family would think. Then again, they won't know. I'm kinda living with her family now. I'm at college, but sometimes me and her have to come home for the weekends, and I stay with her at her house. This started after some more really bad arguments with my family
User avatar #160861 to #160858 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
Perhaps you should stop thinking about what your family would think. Sure, they're your family, but it sounds like they're dragging you down, and you need to live your life. I don't know the situation with your family, but I absolutely left mine, and I've never been happier. My father treated me very poorly, and we argued a lot, especially after my mom died. I made my decision, and now I'm happily engaged and surrounded by people that care about me. Do what makes you happy, bro bro If it means anything, I'm also 19
User avatar #160865 to #160861 - iliekcereal (2 hours ago) [-]
My mom pitched a fit from the moment I started dating this girl (she's my first relationship that lasted more than a week or two). Things got worse after i went against her wishes in choosing the college I would go to. I felt I couldn't rely on her to pay the portion of my tuition that they said they would pay if I went to the school they wanted. If i really stretched every dollar I had in scholarships, I could go to either of the two main schools I was deciding between, so I chose the one that I wanted and was best for my career. That happened to be the same school my girlfriend was going to. It was honestly 100% the right choice for me, and I can honestly say I would be miserable at the other school. That's the majority of the drama, but it's been an ongoing issue with my mom for the past year, and at several points long before that. For the past year she's made me feel so terrible about a lot of things. She's completely wrecked my self-confidence and I barely made it out of my senior year with my GPA intact. It's not really the topic of our arguments, it's the way she argues. She uses everything as a reason to belittle me and make me feel like shit. I honestly think that no matter what she says she wanted, I think her goal was to make me feel so helpless that I would never grow up. And she might have been successful if it weren't for my girlfriend. I don't know if I would have been able to stick up to her otherwise, because I never had to before. But none of it is too bad where I can keep my conscience clean by cutting them out, although I am definitely closer to being happy since I've kinda reduced my contact with her. Idk, I needed to vent
User avatar #160871 to #160865 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
It's okay to vent, man. We all have to vent sometimes. I've heard about parents making their children guilty about their decisions a few times before. I honestly do not understand the parents mentality behind it, you'd think they'd just want you to be happy. If you feel happier away from your mother, then maybe that's what you need. If you love your GF to the point of seeing a future with her, then your mom can fuck right off. It's not her life! She lived hers, and is now wasting it belittling her son based on choices he made that he likes that make him happy. Damn this shit got me heated
Let me just tell you that I have never felt so relaxed being away from my father. I was stressed to the point where it was a challenge to get out of bed and do basic things. I stopped attending college and wasted thousands of dollars in the process. It's hard to want to do things when your parent tells you you're a loser and tells you you're never going to do anything with your life.
I'm not necessarily saying you should leave your family, I just think you should do what makes you happy, and your mother clearly isn't.
User avatar #160872 to #160871 - iliekcereal (1 hour ago) [-]
She's gotten better. She's come to terms with the fact that I'm in a long-term relationship, and is making an effort to improve her relationship with my girlfriend, although, at this point, that may be permanently damaged. I can't understand it either. The worst part was that when the worst of all of this were happening, my girlfriend and I were regularly very close to breaking up over a different reason, so I didn't really have anywhere to go. On top of having near daily fights with my mom, I was having them with her too. It was miserable. This went on for two or three months. School ending and summer break beginning saved everything for me. I didn't feel like either of them loved me. I didn't really know if anybody did, or ever would. But I know what you mean. That feeling of not being able to get out of bed in the morning is the absolute worst. I had one or two baseball games on Saturdays during this stretch that I just skipped, because I couldn't drag myself there. So I laid around in bed all day and pretended I was sleeping so I wouldn't have to face either of them. I was always tired. Everything felt so dull, like I could barely even see colors any more in this time period. It honestly nearly killed me, but that would have disappointed everyone else even farther, and I couldn't stand the thought of that.
The summer was good, and all these problems got patched up. More with my girlfriend than with my mom. I guess the problem I had with her was a lot more insignificant than the one I had with my mom, although I'm not sure I've forgiven either of them. To an extent I have cut out my mom, because she hasn't changed. She wants to make things better, and I appreciate the effort, but continuing to give her chances to be too close to me is equivalent to asking someone to run their car over my head.

I'm sorry if I sound crazy. Seriously.
User avatar #160875 to #160872 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
You don't sound crazy at all. I used to be in a similar situation, except my problems came from different things at different points in my life. Cheating, abuse, moms cancer and then dying, and my dad being an asshole I was always tired, always sad, and color seemed to disappear. It was weird, because I remember seeing things and wondering why they looked so gray. Going a day without crying was something I took pride in. My misery lasted... about 5 years. Bad thing after bad thing came my way, ending my life was a very real option at the time. Things got so bad I stopped caring about everything, and I still don't care about most things. Recovery is a bitch. But ya know what? Things got better... then they got worse, but better again :v Things will get better for you too
It's nice that your mom is trying to make amends, but the damage is done, and she can't really patch it. I honestly don't even know what to say that I haven't already said, I wish the absolute best of luck to you. I just really don't want anyone to live a life the way I did
User avatar #160848 to #160846 - nigalthornberry (3 hours ago) [-]
Take her out of the equation
Can you trust and rely on the people of that home?
If you two broke up would things be the same?
User avatar #160859 to #160848 - iliekcereal (2 hours ago) [-]
I'm honestly not sure. I know I can trust them. Idk how a breakup would affect things.
#160834 - anon (6 hours ago) [-]
Can I have a really good pick-up line that would work on a girl who MIGHT be lesbian. It has to be so fucking good that it'll make her question her sexuallity.
User avatar #160870 to #160834 - Decode ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
"ey girl are you trash cause I wanna take you out"
User avatar #160839 to #160834 - drastronomy (5 hours ago) [-]
"Wanna see both sides of an argument with me?"
User avatar #160835 to #160834 - leadstriker (6 hours ago) [-]
"I'm not really a guy"
#160833 - anon (7 hours ago) [-]
How do I get rid of these bags under my eyes?
User avatar #160849 to #160833 - ilikethisusername (3 hours ago) [-]
sleep earlier. don't look at TV's or computer screens, or even the screens on cell phone while in the dark. don't look at bright light in the dark. all that causes your eye to get tired or some shit and you will look like a fucking homeless piece of shit.

and stop pulling all nighters and shit.
#160842 to #160833 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #160836 to #160833 - sugoi (6 hours ago) [-]
Ask a bagging specialist.
User avatar #160830 - kibbleking (8 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #160852 to #160830 - ilikethisusername (3 hours ago) [-]
close your lights, put the basket filled with candies outside. halloween is done but just an advice for next year.
User avatar #160831 to #160830 - makotoitou (8 hours ago) [-]
let the sounds of them fuel your erection
#160828 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
Can someone tell me what's wrong with my cat?
He's 16 first of all and won't eat, he yells so damn loud at the most random times and has lost alot of weight recently
User avatar #160843 to #160828 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (4 hours ago) [-]
Take him to the vet.
He's sick and in pain.
User avatar #160823 - zerositnator (9 hours ago) [-]
So I've decided that I'm going to donate blood for the first time. I've never done it before, and I'm not that fond of needles or blood or crowds and the such, and of course I have some questions about doing it. convinced myself that I'm not going to pussy out of this so if you guys don't mind me asking:

1. Has anyone here ever donated blood before?
2. Does it hurt? What does it feel like to have your blood drawn?
3. What if you don't know your blood type?
4. What happens after you get your blood drawn?
User avatar #160844 to #160823 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (4 hours ago) [-]
1) Yes.
2) Not really. Just the pricking of the finger to test your blood real quick for iron levels.
3) They'll take a few extra vials after you've filled your bag, and those go for sampling and testing. They'll send you a donor card afterwards with your blood type on it.
If you're AB- like me, they'll call you once a week to schedule a time to come back and donate platelets.
4) Afterwards, do nothing strenuous. Besides that, they take the needle out, put a small strip of gauze and wrap it. You're free to take the red tape off after the first hour, and the gauze can come off like 3 hours after. They'll tell you about it.

It's not bad. Although if you go into shock (light-headedness, vision fading, etc.) tell them and they'll help you out.
Just stay calm, don't freak out, and at worst look away while you're bleeding it out.
User avatar #160845 to #160844 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (4 hours ago) [-]
Side note:
I go into shock at the sight of my own blood.
Almost sliced off the tip of my finger last week. The blood from it alone made me go into shock.
Excessive, realistic gore in movies make my cringe.
First time a doctor took my blood, a small vial at that, I went into shock...

I'm not great with blood, but oddly I was perfectly fine when donating.
User avatar #160824 to #160823 - thisismyhandle (9 hours ago) [-]
1. Yes

2. There's a little bit of pain, but no more than when you get your blood tested at the doctor. It is mostly a dull pain though, so it's not enough to get worked up about.

3. They'll figure out your blood type after they take it. Actually, the Red Cross sent me a card to keep in my wallet with my blood type in the case of an emergency.

4. Usually, you'll get something with sugar in it (apple juice is pretty popular around here) to replenish it in your blood. You may feel a little drowsy, which is normal, so you aren't supposed to drive, but afterwards most people just go home and that's it.
User avatar #160825 to #160824 - zerositnator (9 hours ago) [-]
Do you feel anything when the blood is drawn, like a sucking effect or something?
User avatar #160826 to #160825 - thisismyhandle (8 hours ago) [-]
No, you pretty much just feel the needle being put in and then the dull pain comes in while it sits there and your blood is drawn. That's about it.

P.S. You said that you aren't fond of blood, but you don't have to watch your blood get taken. A lot of people just close their eyes or look away until they're done.

P.S.S. I don't know if this matters, but usually they give you a ball to squeeze to. It's a good distraction, though I think the main point is to bring more blood into the arm.
User avatar #160827 to #160826 - zerositnator (8 hours ago) [-]
Do you think they'll let me listen to music as they draw my blood.
User avatar #160832 to #160827 - thisismyhandle (8 hours ago) [-]
No idea, I've never asked.
#160817 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
I have never been invited to a party or to go somewhere with my friends, I've never been called or texted, I never got considered if I wanted to join in on something they were doing but I still hung out with them at school because they were the best I had and now they have all gone to university and so have I. I haven't seen them or heard from them since. I don't even have any friends now and I don't really know why I haven't been able to get any friends.

It fucking kills me inside.
User avatar #160837 to #160817 - sugoi (6 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #160822 to #160817 - focalanemo (9 hours ago) [-]
Don't wait for text and calls, you should invite people if you want to do stuff
#160814 - asslackingkrumswag (12 hours ago) [-]
My friend is watching anime and playing ous in class and does japanese classes.   
Wat do?
My friend is watching anime and playing ous in class and does japanese classes.
Wat do?
#160816 to #160814 - anon (11 hours ago) [-]

this video will help
#160815 to #160814 - vit (11 hours ago) [-]
Yep, sounds like a typical so called "Wee-a-boo".    
Weeabos are commonly attracted to everything Japanese related and often fail to recongnize that even Great Nippon is just as shitty as any other country in the world. Try to make him realise that not ALL anime is good and that he should probably try to watch some good shit instead of the constant aniemshit we are delivered from shit Japan.    
Here are two exquisite videos that you should try to make him watch and seriously reflect upon :
Yep, sounds like a typical so called "Wee-a-boo".

Weeabos are commonly attracted to everything Japanese related and often fail to recongnize that even Great Nippon is just as shitty as any other country in the world. Try to make him realise that not ALL anime is good and that he should probably try to watch some good shit instead of the constant aniemshit we are delivered from shit Japan.

Here are two exquisite videos that you should try to make him watch and seriously reflect upon :
User avatar #160818 to #160815 - asslackingkrumswag (10 hours ago) [-]
i think he wantes to cosplay as an anime character

how lost is he?
User avatar #160838 to #160818 - sugoi (6 hours ago) [-]
Erase all contact, he is terminal.
Do not engage in any communication with your friend, any form of exposure may infect you as well.

You can try praying to your god but god does not listen to the damned.
#160801 - drazy (21 hours ago) [-]
Hey guys is this normal? If not, how do I fix this? Some process say (Network Restricted) when my network is on. My computer has been acting up lately.
#160806 to #160801 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (17 hours ago) [-]
Yes. This is normal.

Here's a screencap of mine.
In mine, though, I unfolded a column to reveal everything under it.
#160788 - anon (23 hours ago) [-]
hoping i die soon.

User avatar #160812 to #160788 - feelythefeel (14 hours ago) [-]
Why don't you go out and do something dangerous and fun? You're hoping to die anyways.
User avatar #160807 to #160788 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (17 hours ago) [-]
What's going on?
#160793 to #160788 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
ill only care if you're worth keeping around and not a waste of world
User avatar #160768 - badsamaritan ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
The help i need is sorta immediate, Since i broke my nose, the nose has been acting really weird. I sneezed 3 hours ago and have been bleeding non stop from my nose. Ive been doing everything, even had my parents go out and buy gauze. Nothing is working and all the clots from my nose are going straight down my throat. Its 1am and my parents refuse to take me to the emergency room for a nose bleed. Is there anything you know about stopping a nose bleed
#160808 to #160768 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (17 hours ago) [-]
Pinch this area when it bleeds.
Really helps in stopping nose bleeds.

Once at work I had a major nose bleed. Took me 6 minutes to walk to the on-site medical facility. The entire time blood was just pooling it my hands.
It kept bleeding for a good few minutes after I got there. It was only when the guy there told me to pinch said area did it really stop.
#160795 to #160768 - dehumanizer (22 hours ago) [-]
Go on foot?
#160786 to #160768 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
nose may need to be reset
User avatar #160771 to #160768 - megasharkman (10/31/2014) [-]
Use a tampon. Not joking. Same thing happened to me and I paid an ass ton to just get a tampon in my nose at the emergency room.
#160770 to #160768 - questionableferret ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
Right, it's been ten minutes. I'm gonna assume you've died of bloodloss.

Anyway, posthumous advice, whatever it's worth. See a doctor. Sooner or later, if your insurance can take the hit or if you live in a country who figured out free healthcare was a good idea, you should see a professional.

If you're still in education you might be able to get away with seeing the school first-aid professional who might have more expertise in the area (though I doubt it as in my experience they tend to not be too comprehensively trained at the best of times. But then again, that may well be situational.
#160769 to #160768 - questionableferret ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
Need more details. How much blood. Details are important.

Also, what country do you live in.

Also, when did you break your nose.
User avatar #160773 to #160769 - badsamaritan ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
Its stopping, I think im fine Thanks
#160767 - questionableferret ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
So it's been a while now and I keep asking but getting little help on the matter.

Something has happened with my old account. Emphasis on 'old' because I've had it for years and it's filled with a lot of favourites and you get the idea.

I can't log into it. Something has happened and the password and e-mail address for my account have been changed. I can't log into it. From the looks of things though, neither can anyone else as it's not actually done anything since it fell out of my hands so I'm assuming it's some kind of bug.

If you've got any advice on the issue that'd be useful to me solving how this happened and how I can get it fixed I'd like to hear it and I'm not linking the account here because I've been told someone might have "hacked" it and might try to sell it off or something hell I dunno. I'm just trying to get pointed in the right direction, here.
User avatar #160854 to #160767 - ilikethisusername (2 hours ago) [-]
ask admin about it. i doubt he'll help since he is really busy with other matters and you can't really blame him for that. try asking other mods and try to get their attention. don't annoy them though because they'll start hating you and shit. just be polite and question them how to fix this problem.

#160873 to #160854 - questionableferret ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
I like that username.
And I like you too.

Cheers, mate.
#160787 to #160767 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #160751 - metalcoldreaper ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
Anyone got any tips on organizing my F.J folder of images? I started off sorting them out as Gif / Jpeg but now i've just got so many i've found myself looking for specific one's and going passed them 3 or 4 times.

Rather obvious shit like Folder names probably but i'd like to see how you guys organize your shit?
#160774 to #160751 - severepwner (23 hours ago) [-]
Just name them and start to learn them, and just look for them when you need to find them. It isn't easy.
Just name them and start to learn them, and just look for them when you need to find them. It isn't easy.
User avatar #160757 to #160751 - sugoi (10/31/2014) [-]
>Not memorizing the position of every picture in your 80gb folder

lol pleb
User avatar #160748 - jinzedmzxa (10/31/2014) [-]
Can I stalk you?
User avatar #160759 to #160756 - jinzedmzxa (10/31/2014) [-]
Not you.

I already came so much stalking you
User avatar #160761 to #160759 - ipostcp (10/31/2014) [-]
Was it a big load?
User avatar #160762 to #160761 - jinzedmzxa (10/31/2014) [-]
2 maybe 3
#160763 to #160762 - ipostcp (10/31/2014) [-]
You actually jerked off? What did you even jerk it to? I don't have porn on my profile.
You actually jerked off? What did you even jerk it to? I don't have porn on my profile.
#160764 to #160763 - jinzedmzxa (10/31/2014) [-]
Yes, to everything, don't need it.
#160765 to #160764 - ipostcp (10/31/2014) [-]
I'm to tired to keep up with this. I'm goin to bed.
#160766 to #160765 - jinzedmzxa (10/31/2014) [-]
And I'll be there to jerk off to that
And I'll be there to jerk off to that
#160746 - ipostcp (10/31/2014) [-]
So I'm wondering if anyone knows how good online dating sites are? I mean, I'm getting sick and tired of finding guys that want ass and not a relationship. I'm not really socially inept or anything, but gay people that live near me are far and few between.

So thoughts on dating websites? I feel really silly even considering it. Feels like a joke or I've failed or something.
User avatar #160804 to #160746 - awesomanium (19 hours ago) [-]
Disregard my post, I thought you didn't want a relationship
#160803 to #160746 - awesomanium has deleted their comment [-]
#160789 to #160746 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #160760 to #160746 - alexanderburns (10/31/2014) [-]
Do it.
Unless it costs a lot of money.
User avatar #160754 to #160746 - makotoitou (10/31/2014) [-]
Worth a try, what's the worse that could happen? You end up alone? That was gonna happen if you didn't try anyways.
User avatar #160755 to #160754 - ipostcp (10/31/2014) [-]
That went through my heart.
User avatar #160752 to #160746 - metalcoldreaper ONLINE (10/31/2014) [-]
There is none. Crazy bitches are everywhere.

Went on one awhile back. Bitch tried to make me a vegan because its 'healthier.'

I ain't getting rid of meat from my diet. I'd starve.
User avatar #160747 to #160746 - jinzedmzxa (10/31/2014) [-]
It depends, asses are everywhere.
Just go around a few sites and see how it goes.
#160741 - radianteclipse (10/31/2014) [-]
So a girl I have been talking with told me that she,"didn't want to like me but its hard not too." Later she told me that she was sorry and that it was completely random. Honestly, I don't want to get in too deep with this girl then she gets second thoughts,  This has happened to me before  so I'm actually kind of at a stump here. What should I do? Any help would be appreciated.
So a girl I have been talking with told me that she,"didn't want to like me but its hard not too." Later she told me that she was sorry and that it was completely random. Honestly, I don't want to get in too deep with this girl then she gets second thoughts, This has happened to me before so I'm actually kind of at a stump here. What should I do? Any help would be appreciated.
User avatar #160809 to #160741 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (17 hours ago) [-]
She doesn't know what she wants.
That's not good anyway you look at it.

Going into a friendship with you, she decided she didn't ever want to like you in that way...
And yet she has.
That says a lot about her, man. She's really judgmental.

Look, if you want to pursue her, then don't rush into things at all. Take things extremely slowly and see how it goes from there.
Otherwise, there is nothing wrong in keeping her at a friend's distance.
#160790 to #160741 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
tell her sex will cure the confusion by giving her a definittive answer
User avatar #160775 to #160741 - severepwner (23 hours ago) [-]
Can you give me some detail on how you feel about her?
User avatar #160745 to #160741 - jokekill (10/31/2014) [-]
Emotionally distance yourself from her.
User avatar #160744 to #160741 - awesomerninjathing (10/31/2014) [-]
give her an ultimatum
#160733 - anon (10/31/2014) [-]
So a buddy from work gave me a pill called seroquel. He said it would help me sleep since i've been having trouble with that for a couple weeks now.

I looked it up online and there are sooo many side effects to it. It makes me a bit anxious to try it but I need to sleep.

I'm not going to die from taking it am I?
User avatar #160810 to #160733 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (17 hours ago) [-]
You're better off looking into Melatonin to help with sleep.
If anything, you could even try Phenibut/ Noofen.
User avatar #160738 to #160733 - kegget (10/31/2014) [-]
I take that for anxiety
When my classmates in college get worried i pop them out and everyone gets chill
I'm only supposed to take one a day but sometimes when i'm really anxious i take 4 and get high as fuck
those pills are awesome man

Anyway, i'm not dead, yet. Listed side-effects are mostly just symptoms that people have had while taking them, they might not even be related to the pill. The most severe side-effect i got from them is getting a really really really dry mouth, my classmates experienced the same.
#160739 to #160738 - anon (10/31/2014) [-]
Okay thanks. The sites online just made it sound like taking one pill was instant death.
User avatar #160742 to #160739 - kegget (10/31/2014) [-]
They do that with literally everything.

Like i said, most of the side-effects only happened to one person, and they just have to put it down as a side-effect by law because of that.
User avatar #160734 to #160733 - makotoitou (10/31/2014) [-]
>taking random pills
u gun die
#160736 to #160734 - anon (10/31/2014) [-]
Yeah, but sometime I don't die.
#160737 to #160736 - anon (10/31/2014) [-]
User avatar #160732 - fruzzinoid (10/31/2014) [-]
Was made section leader of the small school band.
Any help with making sure the kids understand my authority?
They're brass instrumentalists. I'm not allowed to assign exercises.
#160791 to #160732 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
make them wear shirts logoed with your penis and piss stains for domaniance
User avatar #160776 to #160732 - severepwner (23 hours ago) [-]
I've had a similar dilemma. I'm an SPC of a drama class, and the only one that actually gives a shit, and holy fuck is it hard to get these kids attention when an adult with a degree is not there.

I try not to be strict or unreasonable rather, and they listen to me once I have their attention. But god damn is it difficult, it's pretty awkward when you have to have other people help you get everyone's attention.

What I think is that if you take everything seriously and flex your leadership muscle, they'll naturally take you seriously. If you only do your best when the opportunity arises, it might be a bit more difficult.
User avatar #160750 to #160732 - arenaferox (10/31/2014) [-]
Also, make sure you know what you're doing.
Don't be one of those people in charge that don't know anything.
User avatar #160749 to #160732 - arenaferox (10/31/2014) [-]
Marching or show band? First you have to be consistent, be kind-of strict but not super strict, whatever you do don't waver.
If they don't listen to you tell the band director and don't get lazy.
Consistency is the key here.
Tell them stuff like the sooner we do this right, the sooner we will be done. Its harder to do it wrong and do it 50 times than to do it right the first time and move on etc.
Try to make it fun, band is the ultimate team sport.
Have no ragrets, sometimes I wish I could have gone back and done things a bit different.
User avatar #160735 to #160732 - makotoitou (10/31/2014) [-]
sext them
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