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User avatar #5640 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
For some reason the Report Abuse captcha won't show up, so I'll post this here:
Some guy is making multiple accounts and thumbing everything down, giving himself five votes rather than one. www.funnyjunk.com/Recreational+pot/funny-pictures/5436260/2#2
Some guy is making multiple new accounts and thumbing all the comments down. It's one person using proxies or something.
User avatar #5641 to #5640 - posttwo (01/29/2015) [-]
User avatar #5642 to #5641 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
Is there anything you can do? Can you confirm that these accounts are the same guy? He's spammed five or six thumbs on each comment.
User avatar #5643 to #5642 - posttwo (01/29/2015) [-]
Funnyjunk Career Stats
Vote Ban reason: Vote Cheating
Vote Banned by: posttwo
User avatar #5644 to #5643 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
I don't know what you're saying.
User avatar #5645 to #5644 - posttwo (01/29/2015) [-]
sorry I was busy doing looking at it and just left a reply incase some other mod comes by

I just vote banned all the acocunts I could confirm are the same guy
User avatar #5646 to #5645 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
Is there any way that this lame repeat voting can be removed, though? And I'm sure he's just going to keep making trash accounts.
User avatar #5647 to #5646 - posttwo (01/29/2015) [-]
I wish I could do that...
Best I can do is ask the rest of the mods to sprinkle some greens to offset it
User avatar #5649 to #5647 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
Actually, the guy is still making throw away accounts. Is there no way to IP ban him for this heinous bullshit?
User avatar #5650 to #5649 - posttwo (01/29/2015) [-]
He's using proxies
Im banning as soon as he thumbs something
#5651 to #5650 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
What a piece of shit.
User avatar #5652 to #5651 - posttwo (01/29/2015) [-]
It looks like he stopped
User avatar #5648 to #5647 - dashgamer (01/29/2015) [-]
Whoever that dude is, he's so goddamned lame. Thanks for the quick response.
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