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User avatar #3306 - dashgamer (10/27/2013) [-]

I was spammed today by all the people on the brony board. If I flag it as harassment, nothing happens, because one of your "trusted" mods is the asshole behind it and he ensures that nothing happens.
Remove ph.anact from a moderator postion. He has demonstrated on more than one occasion that he is in no way qualified to have a say with the operations of this site and is the most biased, discriminate cunt to whom you could ever have given pretend power.
Admin. Take care of this, man.
#3401 to #3306 - redcookiemonster (11/08/2013) [-]
Late reply, but if people talk shit to you on here, just fucking ignore it. You'll get no where.
Also, if you cannot handle it, then don't come on the site, because we're all just a bunch of mean ass people looking to make our own day better by putting you down.

or, ya know, you're just butthurt for stupid reasons and need to get over it.
User avatar #3395 to #3306 - ragingbrony ONLINE (11/08/2013) [-]
Stuff like this isn't against the rules. They aren't really spamming the comments so we can't flag it for that. And Harassment is for stuff like people posting your personal Info. Bullying isn't something we flag for.

The best things you could do would simply be to block them, or just turn off the ability to get Mention notifications so they don't spam your Notifications.
User avatar #3382 to #3306 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
From now on,im thumbing down ANYTHING you type.
User avatar #3384 to #3382 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
Well, I'm sorry... I'm just pissed off that my attempt at getting some sort of peace from this spamming business headed by the orange fucker is resulting in... spam. Again.
User avatar #3386 to #3384 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
Hes NOT spamming hes just doing his job only thing you do is blocking users and thumbing down stuff,or talking about how awesome rainbow dash is she looks good on any game shes good on bla bla.
User avatar #3388 to #3386 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
How is it doing his job to call me a faggot every chance he gets and to summon his friends to call me a faggot as well?
I block people so I don't have to be spammed by the mentions, yet it gets through anyhow. And I thumb people down because what other means do I have? Obviously reporting this shit doesn't do a thing.
And I don't go on and on about Rainbow Dash, I just use her pictures a lot and favor her character over others.
And shit, I don't even know who you are or why we don't get along.
User avatar #3389 to #3388 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
If you didnt want people to complain about YOU,
you shouldnt have blocked them or thumbed them down because they said a tiny little thing about you.
Its just a internet site for humor,people call eachother either faggot or dumb for humor and nobody cares about it.look at phanact he gets about maybe 500 alerts of people saying hes a faggot but does he do ANYTHING?
Like i have said,grow up and stop caring about what people say.
#3390 to #3389 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
Uh huh.
I'm being called a faggot by fifty people, but I'm the one who needs to grow up.
Look, I'm tired of this whole bullshit and I don't care any more, I just want to get back to the status quo when these people were friendly acquaintances instead of hateful pricks. Can we not resolve whatever issues there are between us and get over it instead of having an internet feud and a little thumb war? I don't know about you, but I don't put up with shit when it's dealt to me and I can do something about it, and the only thing that can be done on this website is resolve the problem instead of causing more.
User avatar #3391 to #3390 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
Whatever,just get the fuck out of my face.
#3392 to #3391 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
I'm not in your face. In fact, I'm trying to get everyone out of mine.
I'm sorry for whatever it is I've done to piss you off, but right now it seems like the only thing, for most of these people, I've done is exist.
User avatar #3393 to #3392 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
Im helping you by getting out of your face right now.
Dont reply me,thumb me up or down,mention me,ignore everything i write or post and i will ignore yours.
#3394 to #3393 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
Or we could unblock each other and treat each other like adults.
User avatar #3396 to #3394 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
I dont need you to unblock me,keep me blocked and mind your own business if you dont want me to call you something bad anymore.
So you will get away from one of your haters,but you know...
there are tons of more people that hates you.
#3398 to #3396 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
But why do you hate me?
User avatar #3399 to #3398 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
Because youre acting immature on stuff you blocked me because i only said youre a idiot because you didnt get that joke.
But that doesnt matter now,you are the least person i will ask something or be friends with on either this site or in real life.
User avatar #3400 to #3399 - dashgamer (11/08/2013) [-]
Ok, let me clarify this.
I had an issue with phan.act.
He goes to other people, telling everyone that I'm an autistic faggot, etc, and that they should mention me and spam me and all of this.
I blocked them so I wouldn't have to hear it.
I blocked you long before and I have no idea why. I remember talking to you earlier, and you didn't state any specific reason.
I've got no idea who you are, and you've got no idea who I am, but I can tell you that I'm not the one who's immature with this whole spam debacle and that I'm trying to reach out and make friends out of enemies. You don't even know why you hate me, you just do. That's how it is with these other people... and that's just wrong. So, I'm sorry.
User avatar #3381 to #3306 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
Just shut up and grow up,thumbing down stuff aint gonna change anything.
User avatar #3383 to #3381 - trevorsta (11/08/2013) [-]
let me take care of that red thumb you got there
User avatar #3385 to #3383 - teratorn (11/08/2013) [-]
Thank you kind sir.
User avatar #3387 to #3385 - trevorsta (11/08/2013) [-]
only a pleasure my good lad
#3378 to #3306 - xxangelisxx (11/08/2013) [-]
Nigger, stop embarrassing yourself.
User avatar #3376 to #3306 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
thumbing us down gives us the reaction we want
and its hilarious
User avatar #3397 to #3376 - ragingbrony ONLINE (11/08/2013) [-]
I bet nipp feels the same way.
User avatar #3374 to #3306 - Grom (11/08/2013) [-]
lel, you homo
User avatar #3375 to #3374 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
wow 5 seconds
User avatar #3377 to #3375 - Grom (11/08/2013) [-]
he thumbs down faster than I can refresh lol
User avatar #3370 to #3306 - fuckyourtoast (11/08/2013) [-]
send me your irl and ill paypal you $500
i want to see how autistic you look
User avatar #3371 to #3370 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
he posted it somewhere
User avatar #3372 to #3371 - fuckyourtoast (11/08/2013) [-]
My hair
is this him
User avatar #3380 to #3372 - trevorsta (11/08/2013) [-]
yep he seems to be autistic
User avatar #3379 to #3372 - Grom (11/08/2013) [-]
what, is he 12?
User avatar #3373 to #3372 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
ya thats ti
#3369 to #3306 - sebthebrony (11/08/2013) [-]
Look gary! There I am!   
I talked to you once and you blocked me   
you're feeding us all
Look gary! There I am!
I talked to you once and you blocked me
you're feeding us all
User avatar #3367 to #3306 - fuckyourtoast (11/08/2013) [-]
top quality lelz
User avatar #3368 to #3367 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
wow 13 second rustle time
User avatar #3365 to #3306 - twi (11/08/2013) [-]
he's dumb
#3363 to #3306 - anon (11/08/2013) [-]
>getting booty bruised over a few mentions

holy shit stop being such a faggot you can block them for fucks sake
#3366 to #3363 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
I liked the part where he called it "spam" (which it doesn't fall under any definition) and called me power crazed and asked admin to remove me

And the best part was where he thought admin actually reads this
User avatar #3362 to #3306 - phanact (11/08/2013) [-]
You literally block any user who says anything even remotely offensive to a normal human being. You're incredibly insensitive. You give them a reaction that they want, which is why people do it

Its not spam
The only person its harming is you, and you blocked them so you can't be harmed by it anymore.
Maybe if you didn't give them a reaction and just ignored them, like I told you to do over 4 months ago, you wouldn't react so much like an offended retard
User avatar #3360 to #3306 - miscarriage (11/07/2013) [-]
lol phanact check this out
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