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Read the title backwards... +1160 **ExplodingBoots used "*roll picture*"** **ExplodingBoots r… +916
I bring source. You could at least post the video to show … +880 Relevant +602
Best webm +530 I didn't put a rainbow filter on. I did this with my profi… +500
If someone was in front of my house that early I'd tell them t… +463 Dude you missed his best burn. The woman went on another rant … +453
**letrollzor used "*roll picture*"** **letrollzor rolled i… +422 Jesus Christ and they complain about female models. Never did … +415
Americans do understand the metric system, it's what we're tau… +398 Picture +383
** ********* used "*roll picture*"** ** ********* … +375 That's fine mate. We all are associated with some groups we do… +374
The **** am I doing with my life... +372 Better singer Better lyrics Better song overall 10/10 +368
**aceboy used "*roll picture*"** **aceboy rolled image ** … +361 Lawd knows i'd hit. +341
He's referring to age, not weight +317 This is how legends are born. and coke addicts +303
"oh wait i forgot i hate salad" +295 aw jeez i really wanted to like the kid but this is douchey. I… +279
Looks really difficult! +263 **ryjed used "*roll picture*"** **ryjed rolled image ** i… +258
**nowgamer used "*roll picture*"** **nowgamer rolled image ** +256 Reverse + Rotate +253
**thesheepguru used "*roll picture*"** **thesheepguru rolle… +245 **leetus used "*roll picture*"** **leetus rolled image ** +245
How the gpu looked while rendering this... +239 yfw justice is trying to kill you +237
my favorite webm +234 i haven't been this ashamed in a while. +234
Picture +232 2 days in a row, holy **** +228
the guy running with the extinguisher at full blast like he's … +220 Cool Looks kinda Elvish +215
I thought the joke was that it sounded like "McRib-athon.… +213 Picture +212
I hate it when people interfere with games like that. Keep yo… +208 you are a great person for doing this, i wish you even more success! +205
**cultistjesus used "*roll picture*"** **cultistjesus rolle… +199 How 'bout that? Even Jaden Smith wishes Jaden Smith wasn't… +199
its not real... took longer than I would like to admit. +198 I once made a fire using nothing more than dry grass, a stick … +198
Of course Europeans would know, they live with us. +197 "I may be a Christian but I'll go to prison." +194
I'm starting to seriously question why I'm subscribed to you +194 Man, this is the stuff teenage girls post on Facebook when the… +188
"I'm not from America." +187 Lightsabers aren't made of light, damnit. They're cylinders of… +186
Now presenting: How to go to jail hacks +184 i dont think the vampire chicks are going to be taking too man… +183
Good **** I know +173 Excuse me while I extinguish everything except the fire +172
Picture +172 **mobilebull used "*roll picture*"** **mobilebull rolled i… +171
I quess the movie was about to be... Terminated. +170 America is almost the only nation in the world that doesn't h… +169
>wears a ******* beanie to asking for the guy's bles… +164 **tepidteal used "*roll picture*"** **tepidteal rolled ima… +163
Isn't it strange that we cook bacon and bake cookies? +162 Picture +160
Picture +159 Picture +158
**ditka used "*roll picture*"** **ditka rolled image ** … +156 They where at his house at like 4 in the morning. You saying y… +154
Picture +154 Picture +150
Picture +150 Batista was so good in that movie +150
cross the road a bit late? it looks like shes running in like … +146 Picture +144
I'd hit all 3 +144 This could be useful. +144
Guess where this went +142 These are excellent +142
ALLAHU ACKBAR +142 >Makes fun of having to work in ****** weather &… +142
Picture +141 cmon this is just genious +141
couldn't you just put two cats together? or butter both sides? +141 The thing about that is... You have to have good hand… +138
anyone else see this and get scared that he died? +137 Paint skills off the charts +135
Picture +135 **neefew used "*roll picture*"** **neefew rolled image ** +134
Are you bummed out? +134 What cunts. +133
<--what real men want. +133 Picture +132
HAH HA dangley parts +129 "Allow me to introduce myself..." I was ge… +129
Stop Boston dynamics robot bullying 1 thumb = 1 Prayer +128 Picture +127
About as cool as owning a lightsaber made of magnetically shap… +125 Picture +124
They're both **** people. +123 "dont quote me on that" - daragon +122
This is best webm +121 Picture +120
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