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I bet none of them are like other girls +446 Picture +393
He can only cry when no one is watching +393 Sticky this OP +341
Picture +338 2+2= **babyturtlefilms used "*roll 1, 1-9*"** **babyturtlefi… +321
******* andrew dobson. +320 YOU'RE A BUTT NOW YOU'RE A SLUT NOW YOU'RE A BUTT … +298
what happened 6 years ago? +294 So Scientology does give you powers. +290
I never understood the idea of touchscreen on anything other t… +286 Possibly the worst thing on DA, and that's saying something +268
Nobody is. +267 NSA is on comments 2 and 3 +262
As a child I always dreamt of being a garbage man. Now i study… +236 Look at all that funny +222
**mcpimpin used "*roll 1, 1-500*"** **mcpimpin rolls 333** +217 I don't even know where to start with this one,. +197
Picture +194 Well then why does your official video welcome me to come down… +185
Picture +179 Her scream +178
"yes this is the mayor.....no for real the mayor of chica… +171 That's right girl, take a stand against the corrupt goverment +171
What a ******* monster +169 neither could she... +169
I wonder what the company was thinking. "You sur… +168 expected spiders and **** stains with hooker numbers … +165
**mrhandss used "*roll picture*"** **mrhandss rolled image ** +164 Picture +164
maybe they're not afraid of the drug itself, but are afraid of… +160 They already said that if they choose 9 it would conflict with… +160
>cold shower >prevents colds nice try op +158 **binbunny used "*roll 1, 0-50*"** **binbunny rolls 00** +152
Picture +152 over time you can also evolve to be less of a faggot but that'… +151
There's a solution to that... +149 It must take forever to get good dickless footage for these +148
"all you had to do was to follow the damn train CJ" +148 this is cancer im so sick of tumblr posts blah blah blah +145
Is it really like that in the US? Some asshole runs you over, … +144 Quitting? +142
But then I'm like +141 You literally have a hole in your shirt revealing your chest, … +141
Hawaiian here, it was incredibly sad the day he passed away. T… +137 Yeah that's pretty much it. +136
I love the SFM one too! +135 Picture +129
"What to expect from your first Gynecologists appointment… +126 That was a golden retrieve +124
I can Show you the world..... +122 >Similarly to JonTron >implying +121
**straggler used "*roll 1, cah answer*"** **straggler rolls… +118 >My legs are unshaven ******* blonde bitches wit… +117
I dont know why i do these things +113 Is there a coffin big enough? for his heart +113
weed is bad tho. smoking weed increases the risk of … +111 I'm going to play a drinking game called "Alcoholism"… +109
**** . I forgot to login... Ah well, migh… +107 yea i was about to rape this girl the other day but then i rem… +107
Cena for Doom Guy, if they make another Doom movie. S… +103 The Lion King is legally old enough to drink beer in the US. +103
Well **** looks like I joined a cult, hope they don't m… +101 **kanatana used "*roll picture*"** **kanatana rolled image… +100
You are adopted Santa isn't real We're getting divorced +99 sure it's bigger than earth but is it bigger than america +99
the one in the white is the best looking. inb4 everyone preten… +99 no disrespect to garbage men intended +99
I still need to ******* watch 22 Jump Street +98 That's great but funding isn't necessarily the issue anymore … +98
add big tits **** you aheael. I'll do wh… +97 >inb4 this is cancer im so sick of tumblr posts blah blah blah +95
What the **** is with the deleted comments down there? +94 **loltrosity used "*roll picture*"** **loltrosity rolled i… +93
Damn it FJ. +92 I thought it was gonna be some Russian guy crawling out or something +92
When I lived in China, a classmate of mine wore a jacket that … +90 He just looks like old Morgan Freeman but in a wig. +90
Picture +89 I believe that if you turn your comedy web comics into a per… +89

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