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Bruh.... +664 I have so much work due and yet i still spend my time on this. +547
**funnyhard used "*roll picture*"** **funnyhard rolled ima… +502 I thought it was going to be a zip line, I shat when they drop… +487
You should start wearing purple. All the good pimps wear purpl… +428 and he keeps ******* riding his bike right after like a… +393
"All of the rights of a U.S. citizen without following an… +374 **liamjamse used "*roll picture*"** **liamjamse rolled ima… +373
How could you +361 Look what I Found on a yard sale Obviously th… +348
Your mother. +343 Touché +341
This dude is above Frozone in levels of chill. He n… +331 I bring you... THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE! +327
"lower class" >iPhone >macbook +325 I gave it a shot +306
I've had some bad run ins with police, but this man is a Princ… +295 The majority of anything important. +285
Picture +275 I regret nothing +274
>when you realize your mother has failed you as a parent +267 **grogovic used "*roll picture*"** **grogovic rolled image… +263
*Stabs with toothpick* Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee +263 **soorensen used "*roll picture*"** **soorensen rolled ima… +259
What I find sad about MeMeMe was that it was made to point out… +257 Picture +249
Nah, you're fine. Anyone that recklessly endangers the lives … +248 <This is sad because it's true nowadays +247
Picture +242 I hate to break it to you but... +227
"What I would do without weed." Try dealing with… +221 He was probably at the clothing store. +213
not following laws = law abiding citizen?? +210 >tfw the first time I discovered porn it was hardcore inter… +208
I think Obama should put those 360 million into schools instea… +206 oh boy a fandom bar i bet it'll get its own ballpit +204
**cockenballs used "*roll picture*"** **cockenballs rolled … +194 You ever stop and think the mother said that because he's been… +193
"I have all the rights of a US citizen with literally non… +190 Picture +184
for those that didn't see it yet +183 Imagine if he was like "What the **** is this?&quo… +181
cop was so peaceful, it was like he was talking to a little girl +179 FJ here Repost it so many times it becomes cancer That… +177
Picture +176 Picture +169
Social Cripple Hook Up Service. +169 wah! what are we gonna do on the grass? +168
that was awkward +163 The first Australian I met in my life convinced me they don't … +162
Picture +162 >Ask for supersize or you're a commie As an Americ… +160
we get it. how many versions of this same **** … +158 "a white people" +157
>When you post an overused joke also this was so … +154 now he is kill +148
i really like birds... but he has awesome skills... that momen… +146 Picture +143
Picture +139 Score! You got Jimmy Neutron: Sea of Trouble too! +137
or...,,died horribly by plague'' +136 It's now cannon that Deadpool is the one who fudged up Venom. … +136
Not incest this time +134 $25 and half a Peanut Butter & Jelly? Vince Vaugh… +134
This kind of calm rant kinda reminds me of this +132 Do work receive currency that you use to support yourself … +131
tank detected +129 who the **** thinks tinder is a good idea to find peopl… +128
Batman changing the roof +126 for some reason i like the bad quality one better +126
like this! +125 how bout you shut the **** up you stupid faggot +125
Destroy Mecca, Muslims go offline. +124 i know that guy on the left his name is jasper cook he still d… +123
kid's fw +120 "exactly 2/3 cup" >not accounting for bu… +118
Picture +117 **grogovic used "*roll picture*"** **grogovic rolled image… +116
The first time I saw people wearing T-shirts with nazi symbols… +115 At the beginning of the video, why was she yelling "artic… +114

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