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Picture +563 **muffincannibal used "*roll 1, 0-10*"** **muffincannibal r… +532
but bricks are heavier than feathers +407 Picture +328
2+2= **babyturtlefilms used "*roll 1, 1-9*"** **babyturtlefi… +319 He can only cry when no one is watching +306
I bet none of them are like other girls +277 ******* andrew dobson. +264
NSA is on comments 2 and 3 +262 I never understood the idea of touchscreen on anything other t… +262
We all know what your end game was. All those snow globes... a… +257 Picture +251
Sticky this OP +246 So Scientology does give you powers. +237
As a child I always dreamt of being a garbage man. Now i study… +235 Hello ISIS. I am Nigerian prince. I have many monies for you t… +227
Possibly the worst thing on DA, and that's saying something +225 Look at all that funny +222
having to take radaway after sucking supermutant dick. … +219 "How the **** does he know I call myself Terry?" +218
**angryeggs used "*roll picture*"** **angryeggs rolled ima… +217 Nobody is. +212
delivery guy's fw +207 what happened 6 years ago? +204
Picture +177 Her scream +175
"yes this is the mayor.....no for real the mayor of chica… +171 Picture +171
I wonder what the company was thinking. "You sur… +163 **mcpimpin used "*roll 1, 1-500*"** **mcpimpin rolls 333** +162
"Alright, you're under arrest" "No I'm not!… +159 Favorited and saved for later when i see it aka never +152
Picture +152 over time you can also evolve to be less of a faggot but that'… +151
banana mcburd life now complete +151 "all you had to do was to follow the damn train CJ" +148
Picture +146 **peterbowser used "*roll picture*"** **peterbowser rolled … +143
I don't even know where to start with this one,. +142 Hawaiian here, it was incredibly sad the day he passed away. T… +136
Funniest thing about this was that the fact that she doesnt kn… +134 **mrhandss used "*roll picture*"** **mrhandss rolled image ** +132
doesn't matter if she has drugs cause she is a free inhabitant… +132 **liamjamse used "*roll picture*"** **liamjamse rolled ima… +129
Well then why does your official video welcome me to come down… +128 "What to expect from your first Gynecologists appointment… +125
"under the Articles of Confederation" what the … +123 I would totally **** an alien +122
What a ******* monster +122 You literally have a hole in your shirt revealing your chest, … +121
Picture +120 So basically identical? +119
**binbunny used "*roll 1, 0-50*"** **binbunny rolls 00** +119 that description 10/10 have this +118
Batman is a human like everyone else, and on occasion he too, hurts. +118 How many black people does it take to start a riot? -1 +116
Is it really like that in the US? Some asshole runs you over, … +115 Why Not? Because scissors are ******* dangerous. +114
I didn't know they had a home in australia. +112 Picture +112
Is there a coffin big enough? for his heart +110 chill cop couldve tazed dumb bitch but chill cop is to chill +108
>Similarly to JonTron >implying +108 **kingdork used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **kingdork rolls 66** +107
**** . I forgot to login... Ah well, migh… +103 Picture +102
neither could she... +101 Seems like when it came to gravity, Hudson bay was having... … +100
Op gave his mom $190 dollars. That's as much as 19 rolls o… +99 no disrespect to garbage men intended +99
Videos like these never get old +99 You are adopted Santa isn't real We're getting divorced +99
Picture +97 That's great but funding isn't necessarily the issue anymore … +97
RIP English +96 Picture +96
Police:"Youre under arrest" Woman:"No … +96 this is cancer im so sick of tumblr posts blah blah blah +95

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