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Picture +485 anons fw asked why. +463
i sure hope he recycled all that +357 I'm actually happy he did not get cancer from cigs and it was … +311
american dad >>>> family guy > cleveland show … +308 My wife finally found out where I've been getting my frozen ed… +303
These guys look a lot like the powerpuff girls +289 Did they honestly jump on the Sonic hate bandwagon so hard tha… +275
Picture +257 As a pizza delivery boy I can confirm this happens more often … +248
i expected John Cena +228 Found the illegal immigrant +228
Damn, I wish I was that cool +222 Picture +220
Picture +216 Snowcovered moonscape master race +214
Byotiful. +209 he sounded pretty different when he dropped his accent for hor… +206
Thats some sweet ghost dickin son +203 all those application icons eating up task bar real estate. +199
>Posting 9Gag tier content Hey guys, get a load of this… +198 dogs dont mind anything. they are just big dumb sacks of fur f… +196
tfw a ******* fly has more game than you +195 not sure if it's a thing yet but I can imagine seeing… +189
Crazy how nature do that +186 >1% battery Holy **** +185
The fence is on a wall above the water for those who are confused. +183 why buy a keyboard when you can buy a more expensive keyboard … +182
I always breathe easy knowing that these 4chan obsession threa… +178 Also this +173
Picture +169 **nervarin used "*roll picture*"** **nervarin rolled image ** +166
Comment section: People calling this a good prank … +163 dog doesnt seem to mind +162
Picture +160 "In this moment he reconsiders whether Elves and Dwarves … +159
Damn the one on the right is cute... I'd tap that fine g… +158 >no pointy boobs +156
Political correctness is destroying this country! I can't … +155 Picture +154
Picture +154 **babyturtlefilms used "*roll picture*"** **babyturtlefilms… +150
"The thing on your left is how you die" loo… +150 **joshlol used "*roll picture*"** **joshlol rolled image ** +147
nah, it's not cringey if they're aware/doing it on purpose +146 **** OFF +145
people thinking this is real +145 :@@@ +143
Yeah but you sure talk like a cunt. +143 Picture +143
There's a man with a wife or girlfriend who named his daughter… +143 "Clonker." "Twat." Isn't that… +142
that moment when you scare your cats away because you yell &qu… +139 >Everyone here calling them out for their Kung Wet Noodle F… +136
More 4chan detective posts inbound +133 In Capitalism, man exploits man. In Communism, it's the ot… +131
**lifesavers used "*ROLL 1, 0-99*"** **lifesavers rolls 33*… +130 That shirtless guy who got knocked over on cement tho +130
they notice what fibers are on blanket and how they are only n… +130 Picture +129
When you make an edit but 20+ people already made one +127 another iphone problem +126
A doctor I used to go to used to play this with his co-workers… +123 Oh yeah gawker removed him from wwe for saying " *****… +122
at first i was hesitant, then my heart was warmed, and then … +122 The dude is getting awfully close to Roo Roos Balls. +122
And lots of scraped knees +119 "Excuse me mam, here's some free money" "RE… +119
he must have gotten someone pregnant. +117 the alamo +117
That aluminium hat +116 apparent I am have three sister of Koreans +116
pretty sweet moves, kid +115 Eurofag here, this is the best I could ******* do. +112
great, now roll it back up +111 Probably because you put ******* pineapple on top of yo… +109
Here, I'll hand it to you +108 Ah yes, I do love a rousing game of sports ball. +108
And I'm just sitting here thinking what a horrible unlock patt… +104 **babyturtlefilms used "*roll picture*"** **babyturtlefilms… +104

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