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As someone who is in fact the manager at a grocery store it do… +752 Holy **** the bots are getting better +492
As a vampire I cannot stand direct sunlight, which is why I mo… +448 >Killed people >Detected >Didnt get coins … +442
'Hey uh champ, I'm gonna need that back' +346 > Be me > IT director for healthcare company &g… +344
It's time to oil up. +335 "I only like guys that smoke" Entirely new … +320
You can't Barrage the Farage +312 Picture +310
The absolute confusion on this guys face is priceless. +308 You see that Scaly fabio right there? You know what he is? He'… +305
He got caught because of the cape +284 I've never understood the point behind classes like "wome… +284
"I could've helped." +280 >Legionnaire >Leaving formation absolute_ab… +268
i swear it seems like funnyjunk blames liberals like conspirac… +250 When she says "No, put it back". +245
Someone should tell him... +244 Goo awee +227
John Cena +225 **brandonsharklow used "*roll picture*"** **brandonsharklow… +225
What am I doing with my life +224 I ******* loved this game The dual morality d… +224
**mrpotatofudge used "*roll picture*"** **mrpotatofudge rol… +216 I play support and go out of my way to give ammo to teammates… +214
**peterbowser used "*roll picture*"** **peterbowser rolled … +213 balls of steel, brain of play-doh +212
Ok, now you really lost me?? bot??? +211 You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into! +206
MFW this post +203 Picture +200
He moved a man in front of his own bullet, and your favorite p… +195 Picture +192
When you accidentally leave the front door unlocked. +187 **doyouevenroll used "*roll picture*"** **doyouevenroll rol… +184
Bricks with no mortar. So about as much force as a sm… +184 Louder. +180
Picture +180 Well I'm runnin on no sleep and fruit smoothies but here ya go… +178
I don't need to play Morrowind. I don't need to play Morro… +176 **mezcal used "*roll picture*"** **mezcal rolled image ** +176
He's a vampire... +175 how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real +172
Never forget +172 Picture +172
Shaq basketball free throw +168 Picture +167
>start MMO with PVP >Level 14 >Quest to kill … +166 That's shocking, it's almost as if he was once a person. +166
would watch it, but wish a lot for this show: +165 >eating pizza with a fork get your **** together… +162
but uranium is heviah than fehthehs +153 obviously i choose the dad beans +148
No one's gonna talk about this sweet 3D poster of a girl blowi… +148 Thanks for blacking out the swear words. My virgin ey… +147
Related. +146 Picture +145
Day 27: Still trapped inside the grounds by the footb… +145 Picture +145
I got the husband of Ms. Bellum from Powerpuff Girls. +143 someone got in the way of a machine. It wasn't any sort of AI… +141
Texas mentioned. Swell with no state income tax. +140 **trisomytwentyone used "*roll picture*"** **trisomytwentyo… +139
I don't care what gender you close family member is; I'm findi… +139 the ride never ends, this will always be relevant +139
>implying Bert's anus in in any state other than gaping. +137 Picture +137
Nepotism! +135 Ahh nepotism, the gift that you hate everyone that gets, but a… +134
I want that inside me +133 oh my god your one of those guys. +133
>No boobs or nipples +132 **jackcow used "*roll picture*"** **jackcow rolled image *… +131
People were watching so he acted like he was doing parkour to … +129 Picture +127
Picture +127 Picture +127

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