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Then why didn't you ******* tell anybody +948 I can see a looooooot of retards voting for her simply because… +568
The guy's laugh... +487 when you have to point out you are a lesbian twice, it can lea… +461
Happy "You were once the greatest empire in the world and… +444 We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could that we di… +424
found the small dick midget +419 was expecting 9/11 +413
>2 years from now "my god, the cancer, it hurts." +337 hfw +329
this is uh shopped yeah, its shopped +327 My potions were too strong for you, traveller. +312
**drayn used "*roll picture*"** **drayn rolled image ** m… +292 Picture +292
Worth it +283 Picture +273
Plus, with Sanders, there will be KFC for everyone +255 Picture +251
The reasons that made you think this was achievable are the sa… +249 **blademontane used "*roll picture*"** **blademontane rolle… +245
this is actually how the wright brothers sounded +244 Picture +240
"Ah **** . I can't believe you've done this" +235 jesus christ, the pause when he gets hit by the axe kills me +231
That's what it takes to change someone You can feel his he… +224 The chain around it's neck made me sad. +224
4chan would raid the vote in a goddamn heartbeat. +205 He sure showed her. +204
cop: *slaps on cuffs* me: Ooh, you're into that , eh? +202 Picture +201
**bloodrider used "*roll picture*"** **bloodrider rolled i… +199 *two +197
Picture +189 >holder of an english degree >proud pick one +186
I love you too, Britain +186 I had to dig up to page 150 of the study, to find that it is b… +181
I love how marvel's not eveing being subtle about the whole &q… +167 Picture +166
Picture +163 "my lord Sauron shall rule this Middle-earth +162
What's the problem with polygamy anyway? If all the partie… +159 Picture +156
A mod got fired, and the rest got tired, so the web is going t… +156 Holy **** that's brutal. +151
**lemonpizzapie used "*roll picture*"** **lemonpizzapie rol… +151 YALL REQUESTING WEIRD **** LIKE HE WONT DO IT … +150
imagine if you combined 3 +149 no one votes for the little guy. do you not know anything abou… +147
But she was speaking the truth. She wasn't pregnant. It wa… +147 Picture +146
fixed that blue thing is a bandana +146 My time has come +143
Gun control that doesn't get rid of guns isn't gun control, it… +141 I'm sorry but mask don't work when we can see 7 of your … +139
This will come in handy. +139 People don't clap because you're an unfunny spaz. +139
How do you do fellow SQUIDS? +138 Never 5get +135
fixed +135 This is the first thing I thought of. Sorry to ruin an emotion… +134
Picture +134 Well hey there Comments section. Not doing anything ILLEGAL … +133
D...Did i do it right? +133 he owes like 50k a month in alimony and will never find work a… +131
Man vanilla WoW were the days man. Really miss that **** +130 canada will never betray you our highness. +129
Isn't the log button already on the calculators? +127 I tried. I really did. +126
So, what's the big ordeal? Change of management? Something… +124 I rolled my own ******* image, my own face i rolled my … +124
Even a blind man can see the beauty in this photo. +124 Picture +122
Picture +121 Picture +120
Real image. The smile still hurts to look at, but the hair's n… +119 i just leave this here and no, i don´t care th… +116
"Let's ruin a valuable piece of memorabilia to make it mo… +113 Picture +111
**** that's good +108 Yeah, seriously, what kind of asshole ignores stopsigns like t… +107

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