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Fun fact: Dwarfism only affects the long bones, not soft tissu… +688 Hfw. +651
It's called opening your inventory. +622 Picture +532
This cat is really starting to piss me off.... +482 Ok folks , time to clear the air. I am a greek fellow. I am sa… +451
This was bizzarely funny +380 I'd risk it +348
**mezcal used "*roll picture*"** **mezcal rolled image ** +342 Picture +341
No no no no no...! Bad kitty! BAD! +332 Picture +320
I used to post dank memes. But then they changed what dank wa… +309 Slowly reaching that conclusion. I nearly choked on laughter. +288
i'm learning english because so hotdog ding dong stop sign spe… +274 they even provided him a waifu +260
Op after the first 200 times +257 Worst Summer Job Well It's not the worst, One Cunt of a … +254
**asmodeu used "*roll picture*"** **asmodeu rolled image *… +245 saw it coming +241
Picture +240 found the small dick midget +239
Aren't those like solid wood beams? This guy is hella strong +230 102% sure if you show this pic in the streets of murica the pe… +225
Picture +225 Picture +224
Pretty cheap weed +219 Special Ed classes already exist. +216
Nice job getting me to frontpage fags. +216 Picture +214
or being a street con getting conned by a blind girl +214 Picture +204
Skynet has begun +200 that corgi is pretty much every younger sibling out there +193
But chips are heavier than peppers. +192 Picture +188
Good joke, bad meme. Try again +185 You finally have a fleshlight your size +185
mfw "My pie hole is a lie hole." +185 You do understand that his cock literaly saved him? Dwarve… +183
**camoncrooked used "*roll picture*"** **camoncrooked rolle… +182 Google's engineers are at it again +179
when it comes to police people can be really ******* st… +179 Dire skeleton its like a regular skeleton only dire +176
Hagrid is more of a parent, but yeah the Weasley house (The Bu… +174 The skeltal +172
Being a blind street con must be hard +169 Picture +169
Picture +169 *points at his brother* +166
Picture +165 >> #63 , Gagster, What is wrong with my name? … +161
Had an exam a while back which was partly on the causes of WWI… +158 wow, the US is even bigger than north america! +156
Picture +151 did they meet after walking into a bar? +151
"Huh, that one looks like it's getting bigger." +150 My buddy James when he was getting his drivers license did eve… +147
Picture +143 Its kind of hard to not get injured when you walk out o your a… +142
Picture +139 "foolproof dead ****** storage..." +137
Those aren't high at all. +135 NO LARRY WHAT THE **** OF COURSE OUR INSURANCE DOESNT … +134
seriously he is the ******* worst bad guy ever... every… +128 Don't you mean BEE-zzarely hue hue hue.... im sorry ill go bac… +128
holy **** +128 >Not having Hitler as your go-to character... +127
LMFAOOOOOOOOOO so glad the tumblr comments were added to the … +126 ah, yes 'Majestic' +125
or both +124 write back with one word "move" +124
Or y'know Try not to slaughter people and maybe try to kee… +120 what if you do this +119
The moment I found out Fallout 4 was confirmed. +119 Seriously. Is there anything worse than bureaucracy? +118
as a romanian seeing this made my sides leave the system +118 Picture +117
Picture +116 "I've killed a Dothraki bloodrider in single combat"… +115

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