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Someone at nike is gonna have a good laugh and you're gonna ge… +1006 the last one alone, deserves a thumb +686
**mobilebull used "*roll picture*"** **mobilebull rolled i… +673 >Already comments about the women being "triggered&quo… +660
I am not ashamed. +645 A more accurate picture +605
You're getting paid dude. ******* want red? I'll red th… +471 Picture +409
... Am I crazy, or is this the same guy? +397 "We will find you, and then i'm going to have a cheesebur… +395
We can't exclude Funnyjunk, can we? +355 You know the best way to have pigs feet? WRAPPED AROU… +349
Wouldn't it be cool if one of the traits that came with suicid… +332 its a trap!! +329
Holy **** , i loved playing the towelheads, just to rub … +321 Remember kids: if anything involves a woman Funnyjunk will… +321
My erasers are too strong for you traveler +320 My name is JOHN CENA +304
playplayplayplaypl... +267 I don't want to talk about it +258
Picture +255 **peterbowser used "*roll picture*"** **peterbowser rolled … +238
>wasting your time dressed as a mascot with an ass like that +236 Hello darkness my old friend... +234
10/10 did not see it coming +231 >when a show gets canceled >and it comes back just … +227
"Are you Ok??" "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...!!!!" +222 He brought a food offering to sustain and fuel the ones who ca… +222
Don't forget. +217 Reminds me of this +199
Picture +195 I just had 3 cans of ice tea on my table so that's it +191
This might be useful. +191 Picture +190
Picture +186 mfw last one +184
It's different from what I usually post, but mentions in case … +181 I used to have a drinking problem, but now I have a new garage... +179
Picture +174 Funny you say that, but I've actually dreamed of sacrificing m… +172
Im trying to grow my own dirty rick beard so i can scream Carl… +170 Picture +166
you don't know what she's into +165 though the domesticated breed gradually became house pets, the… +165
Bioscientist here. Can confirm too many of those. +164 >giz It's J izz you ******* Gew +158
the next gen street performers have arrived +155 Then five minutes later he shuts down without sufficient conta… +152
>Be me >Don't know **** about cars >Se… +151 could come in handy... WHAT ARE THOOOOOSEEE +151
**magicexplain used "*roll picture*"** **magicexplain rolle… +149 The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles +148
Picture +143 **KankuroM used "*roll picture*"** **KankuroM rolled image… +143
dumping gta5 stunts +140 that punch was actually decent +136
When OP asks you to use his version of the video +135 Dude this was actually an opening, no need to say this was sto… +132
Careful, such a critcally high density of memes could create a… +129 Miki Endo Her bravery is all the more awesome in that deat… +127
I tried my best. +125 **dirtydany used "*roll picture*"** **dirtydany rolled image ** +124
Picture +124 Meanwhile Rolls-Royce doesn't give a **** about plebs. … +124
>Long-ass 4chan post >Skip to last line >That… +123 Maybe its like Mjölnir. its influenced by gravity and moment… +122
Picture +121 Picture +120
Picture +118 In a nutshell +117
**fitchy used "*roll picture*"** **fitchy rolled image ** +115 Picture +114
Alright, where's my paycheck. +114 ****** wife wants him to ruin his life so she … +111
and here's where you see how my dreams of creating video games died +111 You got me good +111
They get these donated bodies and play make a pose after stick… +111 The End +109
"No slap and tickle of the wenches" Th… +108 I feel ya man.. For what it's worth, hope the good days outnum… +107

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