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As someone who is in fact the manager at a grocery store it do… +745 Now let's see a developer get actual gameplay running with thi… +462
Then it turns out they're the sugar-free kind. +441 As a vampire I cannot stand direct sunlight, which is why I mo… +440
I initially thought that this was going to contain a screencap… +408 if pc gamers had seen actual breasts they wouldn't spend hours… +359
College students be like +356 My favorite part was the guy peeing off the side. +346
'Hey uh champ, I'm gonna need that back' +344 > Be me > IT director for healthcare company &g… +339
>Killed people >Detected >Didnt get coins … +336 It's time to oil up. +333
oh boy! time to buy a new nvidia specialized fire extinguisher +329 "I only like guys that smoke" Entirely new … +315
Picture +305 Cats and boobs. Perfect for the front page. See you there. +289
>Legionnaire >Leaving formation absolute_ab… +268 Picture +256
>slaves Well, that worked out for you gray skinne… +255 jokes on you thats a full sized white basketball +253
i swear it seems like funnyjunk blames liberals like conspirac… +248 Did I leave the oven on? +246
When she says "No, put it back". +245 **traveltech used "*roll picture*"** **traveltech rolled i… +243
Holy **** the bots are getting better +242 Someone should tell him... +242
You can't Barrage the Farage +239 I've said this before but if you don't go clean hands you're a… +237
Oh god, that's the dream. Surely that's why people climb t… +232 Picture +224
What am I doing with my life +223 stupidly edited +221
You see that Scaly fabio right there? You know what he is? He'… +217 Picture +214
MFW this post +203 Starting bid is 5 dollars +195
**brandonsharklow used "*roll picture*"** **brandonsharklow… +193 He got caught because of the cape +190
I ******* loved this game The dual morality d… +187 Smile my boy, it's sunrise Dies internally +185
Well I'm runnin on no sleep and fruit smoothies but here ya go… +177 So thank the manager then +174
Never forget +172 Picture +171
He's a vampire... +169 Been a while? you did one of this 2 days ago Why don't yo… +168
He moved a man in front of his own bullet, and your favorite p… +167 I dunno, this seems rather out-of-character for Calvan. Noncha… +166
John Cena +165 I don't need to play Morrowind. I don't need to play Morro… +165
but **** , it was 99 cents. +165 The absolute confusion on this guys face is priceless. +164
I've never understood the point behind classes like "wome… +157 Picture +156
but uranium is heviah than fehthehs +153 Bricks with no mortar. So about as much force as a sm… +152
Picture +152 obviously i choose the dad beans +149
I would be mad as well if it took someone 21 hours to reply to… +149 hfw he didnt get pussy +148
I saw a post on Facebook somewhere that said something like &q… +148 No one's gonna talk about this sweet 3D poster of a girl blowi… +147
Picture +146 Picture +146
Picture +146 Picture +145
"I could've helped." +141 Picture +139
the ride never ends, this will always be relevant +139 And that's how you learn that not everyone in this world dese… +138
someone got in the way of a machine. It wasn't any sort of AI… +137 I don't care what gender you close family member is; I'm findi… +135
Counter argument <-------------- +133 oh my god your one of those guys. +132
Ahh nepotism, the gift that you hate everyone that gets, but a… +131 Nepotism! +131
**** sake. +129 tfw no student debt +128
When someone comes under dressed to your formal dinner party +128 It was 102 in Georgia two weeks ago, and it's not even real su… +127

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