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Picture +671 Picture +494
Bruh.... +481 >Russians have over D cup on average >Russians don't… +469
**anonymous used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **anonymous rolls 99** +378 I have so much work due and yet i still spend my time on this. +368
if this was a guy it would be thumbed down to oblivion +309 ******* normies +307
Picture +289 Picture +270
Picture +260 Picture +259
I bring you... THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE! +248 How could you +246
her name's Leanne Crow. Happy fapping. +245 Picture +231
boops +227 Picture +223
and he keeps ******* riding his bike right after like a… +222 Picture +220
**neos used "*roll picture*"** **neos rolled image ** My kink +212 I thought it was going to be a zip line, I shat when they drop… +208
I gave it a shot +203 Your mother. +202
>Posting 9Gag tier content Hey guys, get a load of this… +201 Picture +198
People who save pictures with the cursor AND the text bubble s… +197 Other driver's face. +197
Picture +197 Look what I Found on a yard sale Obviously th… +189
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +187 please enjoy this video +182
who brings a ******* child to these things. they have n… +177 Picture +174
Click and drag. +173 Forgot to put in desc that I took this from Reddit which was t… +166
Taking invisible ding dongs to the face +165 Picture +164
Do something about it +162 Holy **** is that bitch stuck up and greedy. &… +161
You made a mistake, they would have thought of the gun as bein… +160 I thought he was gonna help him +155
for those that didn't see it yet +149 Here's an extended version of the end for you guys! E… +149
**joshlol used "*roll picture*"** **joshlol rolled image ** +148 **liamjamse used "*roll picture*"** **liamjamse rolled ima… +144
mfw I wake up my girlfriend like this +144 Picture +143
**darktoucan used "*roll picture*"** **darktoucan rolled i… +143 **funnyhard used "*roll picture*"** **funnyhard rolled ima… +143
Never Forgetti +142 Coulson volunteered. +141
The best thing about getting a blowjob from an etheopian is yo… +140 1 million is 0.13% of Europe's population. To say "1 mill… +139
I really do hope some of these bad reviews are justified becau… +138 Picture +135
**soorensen used "*roll picture*"** **soorensen rolled ima… +134 Picture +134
Don't tell me what to do +133 exhilarating sure but there's more risk in sky diving and bung… +132
**lifesavers used "*ROLL 1, 0-99*"** **lifesavers rolls 33*… +131 >not having a loaded mag on stand by you make /k/… +127
Picture +126 Picture +123
>tfw the first time I discovered porn it was hardcore inter… +118 ten outa tin +117
Picture +116 That feel when you have only 1hp left. +115
and i post my bait, three hours a day +115 I think the laugh track is painfully overused, but I actually … +111
**asotil rolled user joshlol ** pls +110 <This is sad because it's true nowadays +108
Good choice. +107 more like pilot is a bitch +106
Nah, you're fine. Anyone that recklessly endangers the lives … +106 I know i shouldnt mess with that guy but he looks like a *… +104
You should start wearing purple. All the good pimps wear purpl… +104 >When you post an overused joke also this was so … +103
**bobbymcbobington used "*roll picture*"** **bobbymcbobingt… +103 for some reason i like the bad quality one better +102

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