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**zimbagwe used "*roll picture*"** **zimbagwe rolled image… +468 Picture +462
"men are ******* dogs" RUN SCOOB +429 End? No the journey doesn't end here. Comps are just a… +364
Picture +364 But busses are heavier than air? +353
and fry every old TV in a 30 mile radius +306 When he's just laying there in the ball pit +303
Actually the trick to equality is the reverse Make and lau… +281 Yeah, "wasting budget" and **** like that ena… +277
Picture +275 related ? +270
masturbate +263 at the beginning i thought he was actually going to spark a fi… +262
rainbows aint ******* gay, they are natural *******… +261 What am I supposed to do with this information. +257
**schuylerbs used "*roll picture*"** **schuylerbs rolled i… +253 semi related. +252
How can that fly when its made of steel and not feathers? +249 i'm just some boring ugly loser, who cares +247
Once you go black. You also go blue +244 Picture +241
**internetexplain used "*roll picture*"** **internetexplain… +240 **girrafalopegis used "*roll picture*"** **girrafalopegis r… +229
christian theology does not say that at all christ di… +227 **letrollzor used "*roll picture*"** **letrollzor rolled i… +216
hfw +215 Picture +205
Picture +197 im pretty sure any woman over 120 is a ******* vampire +196
Gotta love Shia +195 I pronounce it webm. +194
Shame it's faked though :/ Bad photoshop you can still s… +186 **battletechmech used "*roll picture*"** **battletechmech r… +184
I ******* hated this growing up. This one time when… +182 Comedians created a monster by pushing a liberal agenda throug… +181
Picture +176 Yiss, happy dog best dog. +176
Dank +169 Picture +169
S'at Lummeh!? +169 I hate both ends of the political spectrum. the future of a su… +168
Picture +159 You haven't won, until you have won. +158
I found another product that works just as good, if not better… +157 His expectations weren't the only thing that were shattered. +157
** ********* used "*roll picture*"** ** ********* … +157 Dorkly posted a comic about how real life isn't a video game. … +157
**valourinfj used "*roll picture*"** **valourinfj rolled i… +155 He tried to put his dick in her eye? +154
Picture +152 Fresh from Photoshop +152
Clearly hydration girl is best waifu +151 The movie wasn't bad, the **** kind of drug are you on, OP? +146
**leetus used "*roll picture*"** **leetus rolled image ** +146 only court related thing i have +143
**aceboy used "*roll picture*"** **aceboy rolled image ** … +143 Forgetting the best part +141
**genthis used "*roll picture*"** **genthis rolled image ** +141 Wheely tired of you over pressuring me. +138
Picture +137 Picture +137
**isaiahh used "*roll picture*"** **isaiahh rolled image *… +134 its 4am idk what im doing with my life +132
Did he get to spend a whole hour in it? +131 going through the comments and everyone who pronounces gif as … +130
Come on, nobody's posted this yet? +130 If I ever find a large block of ice in the wilderness, this wi… +130
************ just sailed a pedal boat through hurricane… +129 One is tragic. And the other is just as tragic except can be t… +128
heard you were talking **** +127 In my experience, non-christians quote leviticus more than any… +125
"dont quote me on that" - daragon +122 **dukeofmordor used "*roll picture*"** **dukeofmordor rolle… +121
friend comes over puts phone on table phone starts lev… +121 no homo +121
Picture +120 Picture +119
I'm... JOHN CENAAA ♪too toodoo … +119 inb4 everything was improvised. +117

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