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suburban white kids confirmed to be more scared of *******… +1018 Short, simple, and good line delivery. Just how text gifs … +545
cringe comps are so addicting +481 Anal solves everything Friend being an annoying *… +456
>Punches him when he thinks its the reaper >Scr… +439 Picture +427
**camoncrooked used "*roll picture*"** **camoncrooked rolle… +360 nice white text against a white shirt faggot +347
someone had to do it. +344 Picture +336
this whole story sounded like some shady deal up until the end… +291 Ben actualy sat in the tub. The absolute madman. +283
Looks lack a malnourished Dr. House. +281 description +272
Picture +270 This episode was very insightful. Homer is falsely ac… +254
Picture +253 I want to eat that. +253
**skullhead rolled user admin ** just permaban me +249 Eat **** and die Debbie you ******* infidel. … +240
Of course an Elven prince with twenty apostrophes in his name … +233 Love on FJ +231
Princess Diana actually had dandruff. We know because they fo… +231 >actually making fun of this god +228
**lucky used "*roll picture*"** **lucky rolled image ** … +226 that's gotta be the worst nirvana fan shirt i've ever seen +207
Look at this **** . This guy is so confused that he is a… +207 now this is what I call ENTERTAINMENT. +194
Picture +193 Picture +189
tfw playing against japanese servers +189 My name is not important. +174
Picture +169 Crazy how nature do dat +159
Well I mean the hammers could have also been made from the har… +157 if he jumps the gays win. +155
For the cop. +153 Is this the japanese Monty Python? +150
Picture +149 You could argue that any work of literature is Sims fanfiction +148
Picture +145 Picture +143
"What the **** !?" I said. Then I looked u… +141 those legs +141
That guy in the back. "Damn it, Robert, this isn… +141 VLC delivering video codec +140
Used to work at McD's. Can confirm that all of us are capable … +138 Crossfit seems like a sure way to die while ripping, tearing a… +136
>Scare guy >Get punched >Get mad at guy for p… +135 FunnyJunk is a family friendly website for all ages +135
this is the best thing ever +134 I keep thinking I have reached the end of a comic, and then th… +134
"I've had it *gets on hood* up to here with your ****… +131 "knock knock" "who's there" "… +131
This is oddly satisfying.... +131 >be me few days ago >go to backyard to get lawnmower… +131
Picture +130 you have low standards +130
this is my closet +130 It's checking to see if anyone saw it **** up. +129
Its not the fact there are racist jokes - they are obviously f… +129 Putting your kids into a doggy cage +129
death doesn't come back with 9 friends after you punch him +127 Boob physics be like +124
how to scare away the normies +123 When the cops find out how rare the figures are. +121
i've heard of cowlicks...but never of ******** +120 Oh man, the way he violently throws the **** off his de… +120
Picture +118 Picture +117
This dude is tired of all these white people. Face of a b… +112 A bizarre question for a bizarre adventure. +112
Great, another cringe-comp.! +109 he gone +107
it's a meme you dip +107 Not enough to be able to read it clearly ******** . +107
I got you, I argue this one's better +107 i just got one of those handle less segways. it was confusing … +107
**captaincapital used "*roll picture*"** **captaincapital r… +107 Picture +104

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