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>> #9 , >> #2 , Meh. I tried. +812 Wow ******* hell OP. +757
Did you joshlol? Did you really? +573 **weinersack used "*roll picture*"** **weinersack rolled i… +532
And they say bullies get bad grades. Look at those ch… +453 Speed up and slingshot her +404
Picture +391 Some google intern is laughing his ass off right now +390
Picture +388 new memes have arrived +385
**inkie used "*roll picture*"** **inkie rolled image ** +373 Picture +341
And here we see the wild faggot, levvy, in his natural habitat… +336 To anyone wondering why he bo longer looks like procressed sal… +325
nice meme kid +320 why doesn't he show his happyness, is this that toxic masculin… +307
#justliberalthings +304 Posting some of the pics I saved from a similar thread +302
And for a moment he became a little boy again +301 Picture +296
[not me but still funny] +291 **selfdenyingbeggar used "*roll picture*"** **selfdenyingbe… +290
the first 3 paragraphs were already too much for me +271 Just because you had one gay sexual experience doesn't make yo… +270
The real reason for WW2 First time ever i didn't make a … +261 Here's a third one in case you didn't notice the first two :^) +256
>dating >pepe KILL YOURSELF ******* … +248 you knew it was coming. +244
Well that's definitely the strangest thing i have seen all day +244 Damn that's coo +244
Good thing circumcision is still OK. God hates penis skins. +225 I like this post, its a good post... +223
**teratorn used "*roll picture*"** **teratorn rolled image ** +222 Professional Dog Trainer here. Cesar Milan is a complete and u… +219
**kingdork used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kingdork rolls 22** +217 I've discovered a loophole. +216
Sorry to break this to you, but the article is a sham. … +215 Picture +214
it's clearly made to look like an isis flag however... +212 I bet that kid will be the greatest philosopher of all time. … +212
Hahahahahahahaha How The **** Is Cyber Bullying Real Ha… +208 Picture +206
Pfft, what kind of scrub Dragonborn doesn't hang on Paarthubro… +204 **korogum used "*roll picture*"** **korogum rolled image *… +202
Picture +201 This Deadpool kinda reminds me of itsthetie +197
Picture +195 >Lifted with back, not legs +193
I believe this law is all fine and dandy, but there needs to b… +186 I didn't actually enjoy doing this. i respect MJF so muc… +181
Season 3 - Episode 10 Flaming Moe's +181 Picture +180
Picture +178 took 66 comments for someone to notice, nice one +177
Why did I do this +177 There will always be good people out there, but these videos a… +176
Picture +174 To be honest. I gotta agree with the Panda guy. A lo… +174
>hitting things made of metal >making fists and putt… +173 Or you try to sink your teeth into some screaming hot baby cri… +171
To front page you go +168 **glitchduck used "*roll 1, 000-999*"** **glitchduck rolls 333** +163
**selfdenyingbeggar used "*roll picture*"** **selfdenyingbe… +159 A lesbian walks in to a muslim barbershop and is refused servi… +158
That looks like it would hurt. +158 Is this Splatoon? +157
dogs are great +155 Why did she kiss a dead frog in the first place? +151
Picture +150 I forgot to mention that he also lost his nose in a sword duel… +150
Picture +149 No because women can't be bullies, nor can minorities of course... +148
I'm getting really ****** tired of posting this. There … +147 Picture +145
Suge Kinght's bail was reduced from the $25 million to $10 mil… +144 > be me > have a cute gf > we bang all the ti… +144
"You have the right to get blown the **** out" +143 Picture +143
People in the comments seem to seriously underestimate what do… +141 Picture +141

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