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Picture +560 Oh no, nobody's fooling me into cumming on my own face again. +507
He...he was supposed to...the missile was quicker though. +398 mfw a kid takes the bowl +378
I'm surprised there wasn't one of these... So i trie… +349 **binbunny used "*roll 1, 0-50*"** **binbunny rolls 00** +345
The most honest media source today. +321 I'm going to play a drinking game called "Alcoholism"… +311
**scozie used "*roll 1, 0-500*"** **scozie rolls 500** +296 You should have some of these. +263
>Implying I wouldn't let the champ tongue-punch my fartbox.… +257 Picture +246
Call me a weirdo, but I like to combine cereal and yogurt toge… +237 man jackie chan has really changed since i last saw him at le… +237
Picture +224 I made a few into one video. an easy template for use and abus… +223
Picture +215 And steel is heavier than feathers! +212
Wait a second, something isn't adding up here. >P… +210 I wanted to find a gif of someone firing a gun at food and i f… +210
**strychnine used "*roll picture*"** **strychnine rolled i… +206 Picture +204
**loltrosity used "*roll picture*"** **loltrosity rolled i… +191 credit to jellyac +190
wheeeeeee +189 **aliyalando used "*roll picture*"** **aliyalando rolled i… +188
She would probably eat your throw-up as well. Truly a loyal friend. +186 **angusss used "*roll picture*"** **angusss rolled image *… +181
<-- Remember, She is 10 +180 Picture +175
Communists! +166 Here is the secret: Women don't poop. +165
Picture +165 "hitler knew when to kill himself" >tumblarina's fw +163
Picture +153 Picture +151
flares to shoot the locals when they're ******* about +148 Cooler with sound +146
Oh please mother, could you even comprehend the geopolitical … +145 those are meant to keep birds off, they're flexable plastic ha… +145
makes sense since carbon is lighter than nitrogen. +139 These are some of the few things I enjoy about being alive. Ke… +138
Picture +137 I just want to take a moment to thank everyone. I have been co… +134
thanks danmegaflakes for the idea tho. +132 >When Women unironically say that life would be better with… +132
I'll bet Miass there's shenanigans afoot. +129 >making Canada this mean +126
its gon find that female alright +126 The absolute madman +123
bug's fw +122 Picture +122
Might as well just get up and never return. +119 >Cornrows +118
id wish for 100 more robin williams too if i could +118 I'd buy one just for the advertising. In a… +117
Ellen's show: buildup, buildup, buildup, hurr durr I'm a lezbean +117 I'm getting really tired of this. I came here to Laugh my … +116
she looks like Ava Sparxxx Yes she is a pornstar … +115 **ironguy used "*roll picture*"** **ironguy rolled image *… +113
**angelforde used "*roll picture*"** **angelforde rolled i… +112 60 FPS Not a single second went by *****… +112
I ******* love John Cena +111 Tip for you guys! When you're building your PC, keep the PSU p… +111
"i smell pot" "no you dont" what t… +109 Picture +108
John Cena version anyway since everyone wants it soooooo bad. +107 I honestly expected this +107
>$12,500 > **** that >make makeshift ca… +105 Truth or dare, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven. I'm sure … +105
Picture +104 "Yeah mom? Yeah.... no, we need to buy 15 boxes of cereal… +104
No it's Becky +103 One champ in the team is already overpowered +103
**iousefhb used "*roll picture*"** **iousefhb rolled image… +103 >Then things got worse Crimea river cyka. +100
Trust is when two gay cannibals do 69. +99 >Not building the ultimate $20,000 4K gaming PC 2014 +98
Picture +97 Thats the type of bitch you want to wake to +97

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