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>Long-ass 4chan post >Skip to last line >That… +801 Picture +578
We can't exclude Funnyjunk, can we? +538 Karma's a bitch +403
Top banter lads +393 "You ever cooked a muscle?" "No" &… +366
FNAF 5 is looking terrific +361 that's absolutely incredible. I've never been so amaz… +321
Wow Inside Out 2 looks great so far +299 Picture +298
Rookie pawnstar gets treated like a Queen next to the th… +265 >posting cute asian girls >no cuteasiangirls +264
I'm actually happy he did not get cancer from cigs and it was … +258 Picture +254
Picture +247 evolution? oh dear. not on my diddly watch doodle. +232
Eat **** Bob Ross +226 Byotiful. +209
Maybe its like Mj√∂lnir. its influenced by gravity and moment… +207 Because you said to watch it to the end I immediately assumed … +203
anons fw asked why. +197 I've always been creeped out by crustaceans. They're like the … +194
My wife finally found out where I've been getting my frozen ed… +193 I love talking **** about these kind of things... but t… +191
Laws +191 Interesting to see how he's basically dumbfounded that somebod… +188
i sure hope he recycled all that +182 I cant believe i ******* fell for that. +181
He found out about his kid, that's why he vanished +176 all those application icons eating up task bar real estate. +170
Picture +167 gordon ramsay shout at guy. guy shouts back wow rood +163
Comment section: People calling this a good prank … +162 Princess Daisy gets ****** hard from behind +158
The fence is on a wall above the water for those who are confused. +155 dogs dont mind anything. they are just big dumb sacks of fur f… +152
These guys look a lot like the powerpuff girls +151 **concetrationcamp used "*roll picture*"** **concetrationca… +148
Picture +144 **KankuroM used "*roll picture*"** **KankuroM rolled image… +143
Political correctness is destroying this country! I can't … +143 "Clonker." "Twat." Isn't that… +138
**babyturtlefilms used "*roll picture*"** **babyturtlefilms… +138 Yeah but you sure talk like a cunt. +138
1) Harry was filthy ******* rich at 11. ***** co… +137 Picture +137
>Everyone here calling them out for their Kung Wet Noodle F… +136 Picture +133
Picture +133 **** OFF +133
its the end of round 3, these guys are so ******* tired… +132 Females right now +131
its just a prank bro stop seizing +129 Saw that one coming from a mile away. And I loved eve… +129
Picture +128 Picture +127
Float like a butterfly, sting like a butterfly +127 When the enemy has modern tech but your soldier is a veteran. +124
dog doesnt seem to mind +120 Time to favorite this and never look at it again +119
Picture +119 The dude is getting awfully close to Roo Roos Balls. +119
american dad >>>> family guy > cleveland show … +116 Thats some sweet ghost dickin son +116
In the book they trained with bows, swords, guns, lasers, all … +113 Picture +112
10 years later when he looks back at this tattoo +111 Picture +110
**nervarin used "*roll picture*"** **nervarin rolled image ** +110 I'll take the special sauce please +110
Moon colonies are ******* coming +108 Ah yes, I do love a rousing game of sports ball. +107
Found the illegal immigrant +107 looks like everything worked out. +107
as a person im offended as someone in the military im … +107 Picture +106
This post gave me good bones and calcium. +106 ''DO IT!'' +105
God damn I'd pay large sums of money for Stamper's heavenly voice +104 **cocosmama used "*roll picture*"** **cocosmama rolled image ** +104

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