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**funnyhard used "*roll picture*"** **funnyhard rolled ima… +695 "All of the rights of a U.S. citizen without following an… +672
You should start wearing purple. All the good pimps wear purpl… +649 Touché +571
This dude is above Frozone in levels of chill. He n… +555 I have so much work due and yet i still spend my time on this. +548
I've had some bad run ins with police, but this man is a Princ… +537 I regret nothing +488
You ever stop and think the mother said that because he's been… +394 and he keeps ******* riding his bike right after like a… +393
oh boy a fandom bar i bet it'll get its own ballpit +393 I think Obama should put those 360 million into schools instea… +391
He was probably at the clothing store. +380 How could you +361
"I have all the rights of a US citizen with literally non… +344 Your mother. +343
I bring you... THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE! +327 What I find sad about MeMeMe was that it was made to point out… +327
**grogovic used "*roll picture*"** **grogovic rolled image… +326 I gave it a shot +307
wah! what are we gonna do on the grass? +305 not following laws = law abiding citizen?? +301
cop was so peaceful, it was like he was talking to a little girl +293 **soorensen used "*roll picture*"** **soorensen rolled ima… +291
"What I would do without weed." Try dealing with… +280 I feel like slavs were designed to be a natural counter to kebabs. +280
Picture +276 The first Australian I met in my life convinced me they don't … +275
Picture +269 FJ here Repost it so many times it becomes cancer That… +268
>when you realize your mother has failed you as a parent +268 that was awkward +260
one's a black guy, tries to pick it up but lets it go and walk… +252 Not incest this time +250
Social Cripple Hook Up Service. +241 **grogovic used "*roll picture*"** **grogovic rolled image… +237
Picture +231 I hate to break it to you but... +227
Destroy Mecca, Muslims go offline. +225 "exactly 2/3 cup" >not accounting for bu… +216
This kind of calm rant kinda reminds me of this +207 So basically nothing changed. More detail was added. +205
**cockenballs used "*roll picture*"** **cockenballs rolled … +194 let me guess they're from tumblr +183
Imagine if he was like "What the **** is this?&quo… +181 At the beginning of the video, why was she yelling "artic… +180
Mods' fw +176 >blow $500 >get a $100,000 loan >blow that, t… +176
No one understands the white guy.. +173 Picture +169
Picture +165 The first time I saw people wearing T-shirts with nazi symbols… +165
but cash is worth more than nickels +165 that text quality was horrid, hopefully you'll get better use … +164
lol +164 your manager is a retarded cuck +164
I hate the "collection of cells" argument because if… +161 It's a whole ******* movement called "Sovereign Ci… +159
jokes on you i love this song +157 kid's fw +157
Picture +151 Picture +151
Not as sexy awkward as biting your sisters nip +149 now he is kill +149
reminded me of this +148 If college is free, then there should be harsher acceptance cr… +144
My god, that kid is absolutely losing his **** . +142 Picture +141
**lucky used "*roll picture*"** **lucky rolled image ** … +141 That was more jewish than anything else. +139
**lucky used "*roll picture*"** **lucky rolled image ** … +137 Score! You got Jimmy Neutron: Sea of Trouble too! +137
It's now cannon that Deadpool is the one who fudged up Venom. … +136 Picture +136
**muffincannibal used "*roll 1, 0-10*"** **muffincannibal r… +135 I can just hear the puppies going MA! MA! MA! as they waddle s… +134
Did someone say "im not a US citizen"? +134 am I an artist now +132
Do work receive currency that you use to support yourself … +132 Picture +131

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