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Wow ******* hell OP. +740 >> #9 , >> #2 , Meh. I tried. +733
Fixed it. You're welcome. +503 Did you joshlol? Did you really? +463
**weinersack used "*roll picture*"** **weinersack rolled i… +456 And they say bullies get bad grades. Look at those ch… +410
>if Hillary gets elected +357 And here we see the wild faggot, levvy, in his natural habitat… +326
Picture +323 Picture +317
why doesn't he show his happyness, is this that toxic masculin… +307 Picture +302
Posting some of the pics I saved from a similar thread +301 Picture +294
**inkie used "*roll picture*"** **inkie rolled image ** +293 So then...we could send all the SJW to prison? I mean… +293
Damn for a minute I thought "why would they drop a block … +265 the first 3 paragraphs were already too much for me +265
Here's a third one in case you didn't notice the first two :^) +256 To anyone wondering why he bo longer looks like procressed sal… +252
new memes have arrived +252 nice meme kid +247
you knew it was coming. +241 **selfdenyingbeggar used "*roll picture*"** **selfdenyingbe… +239
The real reason for WW2 First time ever i didn't make a … +239 Some google intern is laughing his ass off right now +234
Good thing circumcision is still OK. God hates penis skins. +225 Professional Dog Trainer here. Cesar Milan is a complete and u… +217
#justliberalthings +213 Speed up and slingshot her +210
[not me but still funny] +210 **teratorn used "*roll picture*"** **teratorn rolled image ** +208
Damn that's coo +206 Picture +197
**kingdork used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kingdork rolls 22** +196 I've discovered a loophole. +195
Picture +195 >Lifted with back, not legs +193
Well that's definitely the strangest thing i have seen all day +192 what does he mean? you can clearly see the xbox right there … +187
I didn't actually enjoy doing this. i respect MJF so muc… +181 Picture +178
Picture +178 Just because you had one gay sexual experience doesn't make yo… +168
Hahahahahahahaha How The **** Is Cyber Bullying Real Ha… +166 Those HEFI rounds are a bitch arnt they... +166
Why did I do this +164 the picture says "a hitler" not neccessarily The… +162
see +162 I like this post, its a good post... +162
**selfdenyingbeggar used "*roll picture*"** **selfdenyingbe… +159 Sorry to break this to you, but the article is a sham. … +158
And for a moment he became a little boy again +158 Is this Splatoon? +157
Unless you live in somewhere that is... NOT America... In whic… +154 >dating >pepe KILL YOURSELF ******* … +152
i think we all know whos holding the competition +151 Picture +149
To front page you go +147 "You have the right to get blown the **** out" +143
To be honest. I gotta agree with the Panda guy. A lo… +142 it's clearly made to look like an isis flag however... +141
Picture +141 People in the comments seem to seriously underestimate what do… +141
Living in Denmark and voting for the right wing parties is by … +140 Or you try to sink your teeth into some screaming hot baby cri… +140
Picture +139 first thing i thought of +137
I do remember this Specifically, I remember it being a sin… +136 No because women can't be bullies, nor can minorities of course... +135
Pfft, what kind of scrub Dragonborn doesn't hang on Paarthubro… +135 Season 3 - Episode 10 Flaming Moe's +135
Picture +133 took 66 comments for someone to notice, nice one +132
> be me > have a cute gf > we bang all the ti… +131 Picture +131
Picture +131 Picture +130
I believe this law is all fine and dandy, but there needs to b… +130 I agree but this guys art style is disgusting +129

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