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User avatar #65 - ComicFan (05/27/2010) [-]
http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/460654/Super+Epic+Funnyjunk+Mash/ dude i saw some of your drawings before you deleted them you could totally make a avatar and get in the pic
User avatar #45 - ComicFan (05/24/2010) [-]
sorry i left my fj screen up by mistake thats why i did not answer
User avatar #40 - ComicFan (05/19/2010) [-]
http://www.funnyjun k.com/funny_pictures/437102/THOR+ISSUE+2/
User avatar #28 - ComicFan (05/16/2010) [-]
dude that spell sounds so badass i love that you put it in
User avatar #16 - ComicFan (05/15/2010) [-]
dude i forgot to tell you this the guy who played the incredible hulk dropped out and it ****** up everything for the avengers movie
User avatar #5 - ComicFan (05/15/2010) [-]
so the guy can turn into a ****** demon he is immortal knows sorcery and has super stregnth/durabilty
here is links to pics
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http: //www.dccomics.com/media/product/1/0/10193_400x600.jpg
User avatar #4 - ComicFan (05/15/2010) [-]
I got some data and pics on a character you can use Entrigan the demon
merlin bonded etrigan into a human named Jason Blood to wait until he was summoned. Centuries later, Jason was called to the crypt of Merlin and discovered a poem that allowed him to turn into entrigan:
Yarva Demonicus Etrigan.
Change, change the form of man.
Free the prince forever damned.
Free the might from fleshy mire.
Boil the blood in heart of fire.
Gone, gone the form of man,
Rise the demon Etrigan!
User avatar #3 - internetz (05/11/2010) [-]
you are better than manbearpig
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