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#1706 - ledhendrix (10/11/2014) [-]
I don't know why but the images just won't load for me. Neither comments nor contents. Though I can see the content images on ************ for some reason... But that's it.
#1707 to #1706 - ledhendrix (10/11/2014) [-]
I should add that I can see everything that was uploaded before the server update
#1702 - snohball (10/11/2014) [-]
Can't delete comments on my profile using the "leave without trace" option.
#1701 - zependium (10/11/2014) [-]
I can't seem to delete profile comments without a trace, nothing happens when i press and the comment's are still there when refreshed

#1703 to #1701 - snohball (10/11/2014) [-]

Beat me to it.
#1700 - chimpaflimp (10/11/2014) [-]
Malware's back again it come up with a message (pic related) then goes to something called yac.mx , which has some fake "windows update" thing.
#1693 - rennat ONLINE (10/11/2014) [-]
Firstly, I can't load any images. briefly showing the "Image not found" icon before disappearing altogether. Secondly, after attempting to view an image and moving to the next page, I see the second half of the image as every page.
#1694 to #1693 - rennat ONLINE (10/11/2014) [-]
And apparently I can't upload images either, great.
#1697 to #1694 - joshlol (10/11/2014) [-]
only admin see's the on this page
#1691 - nthmetal (10/11/2014) [-]
If you upload an .mp4 and preview it, then try to upload a .gif it doesn't let you preview the .gif

This is for comments.
#1689 - bellumfaico (10/11/2014) [-]
Keep getting this 404 error whenever I try and click my username to go to my profile.
#1683 - cycloneclone (10/11/2014) [-]
I just applied one of my colored text items but its missing now
i still got 3 left
#1682 - faguette (10/11/2014) [-]
notifications aren't working right, if i stay on teh same page without refreshing then i'll never get one
#1679 - howunexpected (10/11/2014) [-]
I don't know if its the site, my connection, or people not knowing FJ is back, but none of the comments or content that I see is new. The most recent post in either is from 2 hours ago. That never happens. Maybe I need to clear cookies, or maybe its just people don't know FJ is back online, but its certainly abnormal
#1678 - theporkwhisperer (10/11/2014) [-]

Am I supposed to have colored text?
#1699 to #1678 - joshlol (10/11/2014) [-]
that's fine
#1677 - joshlol (10/11/2014) [-]
just got rewarded for loads of old **** again so possible time bugs
#1675 - anon (10/11/2014) [-]
I'm a user for a few months, if not a year, and since the server change I've logged in fine. but then today, I couldn't log in with any of the username and password combos I could.

My username is cactusupthebutt and I don't know if this is a server problem or what, but I wanna get in

And the email (Hotmail) that I've used for it says there is no username for this email. Help?
#1676 to #1675 - cactusupthebutt (10/11/2014) [-]
Whoever fixed this, or if it was on my end.

WOO. FJ pull through!
#1674 - vorarephilia (10/11/2014) [-]
I cropped the image for a conversation, unfortunately, so this isn't the full screenshot. Hope that doesn't hurt the process too much.

But it appears that,during an IM chat, his texts would be sent twice. I do not think he was aware of this on his end.
#1673 - tiopico (10/10/2014) [-]
My profile page is giving 404 error. Am I too ugly? What is of happenings?

#1672 - dacrimsonfucker (10/10/2014) [-]
the comments are gone in a lot of contents, in a content with 4 comments it only shows one, another with 18 commetns shows 10 etc
#1670 - alexanderjohnson (10/10/2014) [-]
My items workshop crashes every time I try to do weapon plans...
#1668 - RipperMan (10/10/2014) [-]
all things made after 4 hours ago just got deleted
#1671 to #1668 - joshlol (10/10/2014) [-]
that was to fix problem
#1669 to #1668 - RipperMan (10/10/2014) [-]
the bug page is bugged, only hit reply once
#1667 - RipperMan (10/10/2014) [-]
all things made after 4 hours ago just got deleted
#1666 - RipperMan (10/10/2014) [-]
all things made after 4 hours ago just got deleted