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#7049 - midgetnigger (05/16/2016) [-]
***** wtf? These ads are cancer! Message me when you get rid of this redirect **** or I'll ******* KILL YOU'RE WHOLE FAMILY!!!

Can't upload screenshot for w/e gay reason, but the url was goappsafety (com). Popped up saying I had virus' and **** like fifty-leven times. Admin, plz help
#7051 to #7049 - midgetnigger (05/16/2016) [-]
Mobile site via chrome for android OS.
#7048 - mrpotatofudge (05/16/2016) [-]
Oh my god
These ads are horrendous i got redirected 3 times when i tried to open up report bugs.

These ads force pop my phones screen and vibrate my phone like a bitch

http://www.androidhelpa.xyz/lp/?cid=57357eec6e955215c300000a&subid=249347053 16092510&pathid=5913
http://www.androidhelpa.xyz/lp/?cid=57357eec6e955215c300000a&subid=269577618 44272080&pathid=5913

I just want to browse memes in peace
#7050 to #7048 - midgetnigger (05/16/2016) [-]
It was on the mobile site via chrome on android OS.
#7047 - captaindubs ONLINE (05/15/2016) [-]
Addy pls
browsing content is impossible on mobile
#7046 - badgoodass ONLINE (05/15/2016) [-]
When trying to uplload some bigger videos that are still under the maximum size and from a supported format the upload process for them randomly stops at some point
#7045 - vultro (05/15/2016) [-]
Random webms aren't playing sound for me, I was uncertain if they were supposed to not have sound but a dank music webms comp had random ones that wouldn't play sound. Please fix admin
#7044 - ventusrex (05/15/2016) [-]
Admin stop this ******* ********, mobile is ******* unusable, i dont give a **** how much they pay you, adware is ******* adware, this is why people run adblock

http://www.androidhelpa.xyz/lp/?cid=57357eec6e955215c300000a&subid=213405493 01638260&pathid=5913
#7043 - andrewolfzoom (05/15/2016) [-]
**** will not load for me.
#7041 - anon (05/15/2016) [-]
Getting redirect pop ups bad on mobile, making website unusable. Stops every once in a while but lately it's really bad.
#7040 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (05/15/2016) [-]
Ads still redirect on mobile as soon as I saw the little banner boom redirect try to get here to post about it redirected like 3 times
#7039 - lyraheartstrings (05/14/2016) [-]
This happens all the time no matter what I do to my
Phone and it's only this site. This pop up comes up and I press close and it opens another page. Idk the what to do
#7036 - krizz ONLINE (05/14/2016) [-]
idunno but since 1 or 2 days ago my pc uses at least 20 seconds to load&reload the page

I have sticky keys as well so im gonna try and restart as well.

just wondering if anyone has this problem as well
#7037 to #7036 - krizz ONLINE (05/14/2016) [-]
still struggles after reset

oh and this is the only site that has the problem
#7035 - spacepenguin ONLINE (05/14/2016) [-]
I keep getting redirected on my Galaxy S4 to spam ads. Not even pop-ups, just straight redirected. It's making the site near impossible to use because I can't hit back (they're those annoying vibrating ads) so I have to open a new tab and find my place again, which usually ends in me getting redirected again. It's just this website.
#7042 to #7035 - junkyfunkyfunfun (05/15/2016) [-]
Same here....
#7038 to #7035 - demonofthepale (05/14/2016) [-]
I'm having the same issue on my phone. I try to look at content and I get redirected to a game site telling me my phone has viruses.
#7034 - tiles (05/14/2016) [-]
That giant ass purple pop up is completely covering the screen on mobile and it is uncloseable. Fix this.
#7032 - andrewolfzoom (05/13/2016) [-]
Can't load /nsfw/ for some reason but normal FJ works fine for me.
#7031 - badgoodass ONLINE (05/13/2016) [-]
When I go to another page of my favourites on my profile, the thumbnails for **** stuff are hidden behind "you must be logged in to view this"
On my first fav page it's fine unless I change pages and come back to the first one
#7029 - navacoo (05/13/2016) [-]
Mobile keeps redirecting me to things like this
#7030 to #7029 - navacoo (05/13/2016) [-]
Also just realized other people have already stated this and I apologize for being an annoying cunt.
#7028 - besle (05/12/2016) [-]
When i try to add a link to a collection from ****, it states that the link is invalid.
#7024 - Jeff C (05/12/2016) [-]
As I'm sure you already know the site is *************** on phones right now because you get redirected every three god damned seconds to some of the most phone AIDS-inest sites ever. I won't leave you addy, been here for a decade, but god damn pls fix because I can't use it until you do
#7033 to #7024 - junkyfunkyfunfun (05/14/2016) [-]
Ditto again. It's gone from slightly annoying to completely unusable over the last few days. It would be interesting to see a recent chart of usage. I'll check back in a day or so.
#7023 - wisedrifter ONLINE (05/12/2016) [-]
Ever since i started using my phone to come here, I've been pulled to other websites without tapping any ads. I don't mind the ads but the rerouting interrupts my browsing and i'll have to close the page and try again and often with the same result.
Most recent: http://lejzz.rewards.0524.pics/?sov=3300860&hid=dlhdhnldhlhfdjft&&re did=10893&gsid=274&id=XNSX.10812262680%3A%3A770%3A%3A2084-r10893-t274
Originally on: /channel/4chan/Anon/aTtiLnG/
#7022 - ritzrules (05/12/2016) [-]
I keep getting redirected to some random advertisement whenever I use the mobile site. It even happened when I tried to post this report.