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User avatar #4478 - posttwo (05/13/2015) [-]
In user statuses, and status comments, the character "<" causes everything after it and including it to get removed until ">" or end of message.

Message: "Test <lol> test" => "Test test"
Message: "Test <lol test" => "Test"
Message: "<test> lol" => "lol"
Message: "<3" => Unable to post (Empty)
User avatar #4479 to #4478 - yousaygoodbye ONLINE (05/13/2015) [-]
Thanks post
User avatar #4475 - pistro (05/13/2015) [-]
Also, this other bug: someone replied to my comment but I can't find it in that thread, and my comment disappeared too
User avatar #4474 - pistro (05/13/2015) [-]
I dunno what happened this, but I discovered it a minute ago. This is strange, since I didn't delete my comment nor the comments of the other users.
User avatar #4470 - fizzor (05/13/2015) [-]
so this happened
is this your doing or...?
not annoying or anything, in fact it's pretty funny, but apparently no one else is seeing these. Happened twice now, first the other day and now. I'm browsing fj with Safari, on an Ipad.
User avatar #4471 to #4470 - admin (05/13/2015) [-]
uhh? looks like fonts didnt load
User avatar #4472 to #4471 - fizzor (05/13/2015) [-]
You need to login to view this link uploaded the pic on imgur
User avatar #4462 - thumbsdenied (05/11/2015) [-]
I get thumbs up, but they wont stack on the leveling up bar. It seemsto be stuck on 84. Been going on for about 1-2 weeks.
User avatar #4466 to #4462 - admin (05/12/2015) [-]
board thumbs don't count
User avatar #4461 - newbtwo (05/11/2015) [-]
please for the love of **** somebody fix the devicesupport bug

its the most annoying bug on this site in like 4 years
User avatar #4463 to #4461 - admin (05/12/2015) [-]
huh? never heard of it?
User avatar #4469 to #4463 - newbtwo (05/13/2015) [-]

Since around a week ago, when you hover with your mouse over embedded YouTube videos, it no longer shows the video's name (which was incredibly useful), and now just shows something like youtube.com/devicesupport.
User avatar #4476 to #4469 - posttwo (05/13/2015) [-]
It's YouTube api v2 deprecation messing with things
User avatar #4477 to #4476 - newbtwo (05/13/2015) [-]
so will it ever get fixed?
User avatar #4460 - RipperMan ONLINE (05/11/2015) [-]
Why do comment replies no longer get sorted when using 'top rated"?
User avatar #4464 to #4460 - admin (05/12/2015) [-]
huh? never heard of it?
User avatar #4468 to #4464 - RipperMan ONLINE (05/13/2015) [-]

the comment with 9 thumbs is under the comments with one.

I just dont get how top rated is sorting replys
User avatar #4453 - ablazingspitfire (05/11/2015) [-]
I am not 100% sure on this if it's a bug or if it has refresh times to reduce server stress.

But your accounts thumbs until level up seems rather inaccurate, mine has been at 98 all day and last night.

Just figured I would report it just in-case.
User avatar #4465 to #4453 - admin (05/12/2015) [-]
board thumbs don't count
User avatar #4467 to #4465 - ablazingspitfire (05/12/2015) [-]
Oh that's actually pretty cool!

Thank you for clearing that up.
User avatar #4452 - Lilstow ONLINE (05/10/2015) [-]
software bug - "A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result,"

this behavior is wrong.
you cannot block people from thumbing you, that is an absolutely horrible idea.

I know you have received these complaints.
I know you have read these complaints.

I don't know why you would think this is a good idea, but it's not.
User avatar #4455 to #4452 - admin (05/11/2015) [-]
I know you have received these complaints.
I know you have read these complaints.


oh **** internet police
User avatar #4456 to #4455 - Lilstow ONLINE (05/11/2015) [-]
It's not that I'm policing you,
I'm just saying, I don't give a damn if you've "heard this complaint" already.
This is by far the stupidest ******* change you've ever made.

BTW, I go out of my way to access different computers and networks to thumb down people who blocked me, just to spite you. Not proxies. New networks. Alt accounts I only use on those networks. Completely fair use.
Not that you give much of a **** . Not that every person can/will do this.
I'm just refuting your stupid ******* change.
User avatar #4457 to #4456 - admin (05/11/2015) [-]
you going to beat me up bro? u sound pretty tough. that's hot. i like that.
User avatar #4451 - demandsgayversion (05/10/2015) [-]
Pages are loading either halfway down, or at the bottom. When teh page loads, I have to scroll up, if that makes sense. It's really weird.
User avatar #4450 - phanact (05/10/2015) [-]

I'm not sure if this is intentional but this user has a number in his username and he signed up recently

Maybe the Facebook account creation feature? I dunno. If its intentional just ignore. Thanks.
User avatar #4454 to #4450 - admin (05/11/2015) [-]
hey posttwo check out this guy
User avatar #4458 to #4454 - posttwo (05/11/2015) [-]
Does he even awake
User avatar #4459 to #4458 - posttwo (05/11/2015) [-]
Like, everytime he does something it feels like he just woke up from a coma and doesn't know anything that happened in the past year
User avatar #4449 - joekerr ONLINE (05/10/2015) [-]
Still waiting for the colored text from Cringe #42.


User avatar #4473 to #4449 - joekerr ONLINE (05/13/2015) [-]
Still waiting bro.
User avatar #4448 - bondofsnow (05/09/2015) [-]
If you look in the upper right corner my name appears twice, "bondofsnowbondofsnow".
This has happened before and only occurs when I open an image in a new tab. It happens in both chrome and firefox (I don't have a firefox screenshot, sorry.)
#4444 - ratling (05/09/2015) [-]
9/5/2015, 17:27
Scratchpad page is accessible, but the scratchpad is missing/nonfunctional
Also Ad seems to be missing, though AdBlock is disabled.
User avatar #4445 to #4444 - admin (05/09/2015) [-]
I'm going to 404 that page
#4447 to #4445 - ratling (05/09/2015) [-]
Shame, it was a great feature.
User avatar #4446 to #4445 - admin (05/09/2015) [-]
User avatar #4442 - syrianassassinsoul (05/09/2015) [-]
admin i found critical bug to bypass captcha!

>click on add friend
>tick right arrow but dont do the puzzle or type the numbers
>click add friend
>gives error for not solving puzzle or not typing to verify the thing
>tick right again
> it will successfully tick
>add friend successfully without solving the puzzle of typing the shown codes.
User avatar #4443 to #4442 - admin (05/09/2015) [-]
Thanks, I'll check it out
User avatar #4438 - arikel ONLINE (05/09/2015) [-]
clicking "add friend" without clicking the captcha says you need to write the letters or numbers to proceed, which we don't use anymore, you could change it for clarity, nothing major
User avatar #4436 - xxdarkdanxx (05/09/2015) [-]
I'm an idiot and posted this in the Ask a mod board

Anyway, this notification popped up, still dunno why it happened
User avatar #4437 to #4436 - xxdarkdanxx (05/09/2015) [-]
The notification was for one my contents making it to the top 200 with 30 thumbs
User avatar #4441 to #4437 - xxdarkdanxx (05/09/2015) [-]
And I just got the same kind of problem again with the same kind of alert
User avatar #4435 - joshlol (05/09/2015) [-]
When I get the notification for:

Today: Your content x made it into the Top x with x thumbs up!

I get a notification that looks like this


It still looks okay in the active alerts box
User avatar #4439 to #4435 - tiles (05/09/2015) [-]
>>#4434 Same here
User avatar #4434 - Sewallman (05/09/2015) [-]
undefined notification
User avatar #4440 to #4434 - ilovehue ONLINE (05/09/2015) [-]
same thing here, when it says my comment reached top x
User avatar #4431 - pessimism (05/09/2015) [-]
After 3 days I still haven't gotten my colored text for funnyjunk.com/Good+day+office/funny-gifs/5536955/

The criteria at the time was 1000 thumbs and I got them. I even posted a comment about it with a screencap before the 24 hours passed.
User avatar #4432 to #4431 - admin (05/09/2015) [-]
it was for content after 5/7
User avatar #4433 to #4432 - pessimism (05/09/2015) [-]
Oh well. Better luck next time. Thanks anyway~ ♥
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