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User avatar #5058 - crazyguyindahood (07/26/2015) [-]
Feministactivism.org (FJ2) is redirecting me to the FJ1 homepage.
User avatar #5059 to #5058 - crazyguyindahood (07/26/2015) [-]
It's the url www.feministactivism.com is doing it
User avatar #5057 - storkillen (07/26/2015) [-]
When subscribing to someone who posts **** regularly, the new "XX has uploaded X things today" doesn't show any of the pictures from the **** , only SFW. Difficult to explain but plz admin fix
User avatar #5055 - tetris fan ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]
So after FJ started doing the text only bug thing and then got fixed. My profile page stopped existing
User avatar #5056 to #5055 - tetris fan ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]
A friend I'm talking to on the site says that it briefly exists for a few seconds sometimes and then stops existing
User avatar #5053 - alicorn (07/26/2015) [-]
Fj is displaying nothjng but text on desktops, but my mobile device is running it fine

Also comments are broken on the pokemon board, if somebody replies to you and you click the notification if flings you to a totally different comment
User avatar #5054 to #5053 - alicorn (07/26/2015) [-]
Wait nevermind mobile is ****** too, site displays aight except pictures don't load
User avatar #5051 - tenfinnvo (07/26/2015) [-]
Admin bb, I can't see content for **** . Like, there are no pictures or gifs in either the content or the comments. When i tried to open a pic in a new tab i got a 404.
Russia, of course.
User avatar #5052 to #5051 - EdwardNigma (07/26/2015) [-]
Yeah, same thing.
User avatar #5049 - Pleinair ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]

I copied video location, sent it to a friend over face book, clicked it, and got redirected to this comment /backroom/483817#483817 which was a month ago

I tested it with other comments and even got redirected to peoples profiles
User avatar #5050 to #5049 - Pleinair ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]
User avatar #5048 - ssheinrich (07/25/2015) [-]
second pic
User avatar #5047 - ssheinrich (07/25/2015) [-]
for some reason, when you get multiple mentions from someone you've subsribed to you get " x user has uploaded 9 contents"....i think its a great idea but the post i get when i click on the 9 are usually weeks old (will post one more pic)
User avatar #5046 - exotic (07/24/2015) [-]
Youtube embeds (content) use flash as a priority(?)

I have adobe flash disabled and it doesn't fall back on html5, or better use html5 as primary player.
On mobiles it seems to just have a static image and opens the youtube app.
User avatar #5045 - jaysnk ONLINE (07/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #5044 - fluttergrey (07/24/2015) [-]
Got another one for ya, boss. Exposing the query like that is a security risk.
User avatar #5041 - posttwo (07/23/2015) [-]
Error 500 /channel/animemanga/But+i+love+you/vjwYLiw/

Stack trace exception 'Exception' with message 'Can't create directory /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/media/tobedeleted/flagged/large/movies/[D/EL' in /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/modules/funny/libraries/MediaFile.php:388 Stack trace: #0 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/modules/funny/models/contenttools.php(3375): MediaFile->createDirectoryForFile() #1 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/modules/funnyjunk/controllers/content.php(1176): ContentToolsModel::checkVideoPoster() #2 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/modules/funnyjunk/controllers/content.php(370): ContentController->show() #3 (): ContentController->channelshow() #4 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/system/core/Kohana.php(276): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs() #5 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/system/core/Event.php(209): Kohana::instance() #6 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/system/core/Bootstrap.php(55): Event::run() #7 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/application/bootstrap.php(107): include() #8 /home/funnyjunk/funnyjunk-ng/application/funnyjunk/index.php(6): include() #9 {main}
User avatar #5042 to #5041 - include (07/24/2015) [-]
I completely understand
#5040 - postgoodbye (07/23/2015) [-]
seriously no idea why it does this but when you reply with it messes up notifications? it happened to josh and then to me on main yousaygoodbye and now he said it just happened again. weird bug. dont even know howd you fix it. i think its funny

User avatar #5038 - dawggz (07/23/2015) [-]
http://fem.media/ideas-para-regalar-tu-novio-en-su-aniversario/?utm_source=appne xus-rtb-audited

This advertisement link was announced as a virus threat.
User avatar #5039 to #5038 - dawggz (07/23/2015) [-]
Avast 2015 antivirus.
User avatar #5037 - iatedub (07/23/2015) [-]
Fagmin, Make it so Anons cannot proxy thumb. There is one faggot who is constantly thumbing me down on /funny_pictures/5623266/Trump+is+life/73#73

Look at the third page, they are literally seconds apart, even though the content wasn't getting any thumbs at that time, I was magically getting thumbed down by multiple 'anons' aka a butthurt faggot proxying.

Check his IP because he keeps on doing it over and over again.
User avatar #5034 - Silver Quantum ONLINE (07/23/2015) [-]
i'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's supposed to work like that or i don't really get how it's supposed to work but as i understand if i view a content on the front page, it's supposed to be marked as viewed by it having a grey edge around it instead of green, and disappear from the front page, and onto to the second page right? thus other unseen content appears on the front page right? but why does the same content, that i already viewed, appear again on the front page? and no, i'm not talking about reposts. i'm talking about the same exact content that i had already commented on and all. or how is it supposed to work? does the content mark itself as not viewed again after a few hours? because it had the green edge around it again
User avatar #5033 - xtremehivoltage (07/23/2015) [-]
none of the hdgifs or webs uploaded alone will load


I get redirected to the play store randomly


I couldn't roll a mod and get a one day ban


"Roll user" isn't on the roll button list

User avatar #5031 - joshlol (07/22/2015) [-]
It seems mentions are not given out if you roll a user in the same comment first
#5027 - mrsexyhunk (07/22/2015) [-]
My phone wont load many of the webms and if there are multiple the first one never loads.
User avatar #5028 to #5027 - posttwo (07/22/2015) [-]
* If content only has one webm/hdgifs it doesnt play
* If content has multiple webm/hdgifs the first one doesn't play, the additional ones do
* Comments are fine

User avatar #5043 to #5028 - utburd ONLINE (07/24/2015) [-]
Been doing that for a few days for me.
User avatar #5035 to #5028 - masterholmes ONLINE (07/23/2015) [-]
Yep, this **** right here.
#5030 to #5028 - mrsexyhunk (07/22/2015) [-]
Yeah exactly like that.
it's annoying af
User avatar #5036 to #5030 - triggerhappywolf (07/23/2015) [-]
It's happening to me too. Only the first one won't load, the 2nd+ one is fine but lots of posts are a single black rectangle for me
User avatar #5026 - thumbsdenied (07/22/2015) [-]
Advice board wont launch for me on ipad, i either get white screen whit text, or just white screen.

Youtube videos work rarely, amd webms work extremely rarely on my ipad.
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