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#984 - crampers (05/16/2016) [-]
Give Morbid it's own section so new visitors don't have to create an account to effectively block it
#983 - fitemeirlbro (05/16/2016) [-]
Get rid of mobile redirect ads
#990 to #983 - PopcornViking ONLINE (05/18/2016) [-]
#982 - sushininja (05/16/2016) [-]
Trying to use mobile but there's a good amount of ads that redirect to another site. Mostly when going through content. Please fix admin
#980 - logiblack (05/14/2016) [-]
Yo, I'd be thankful if you could add an FAQ-like section.
If I don't know what to search for it's really hard to come up with things like these coloured-text rewards.

What's the specific amount of thumbs and ways to obtain them? How'd you get it? How to redeem it and that sorta stuff bugs me, for example at the moment.

A minor chuckle might be a reference to the lack of an option to delete your account.
I dunno, you'll find something. I just know where to look what the requirements for text are.
#981 to #980 - serterazi (05/15/2016) [-]
Yes, I agree.
I also want to know if I comment as anon do the thumbup/down go to my account or not?
#979 - chaosascendingx ONLINE (05/13/2016) [-]
Hey fagmin. Stop having virus ads on your ******* website
#978 - motposters (05/13/2016) [-]
please make the ads stop having flash in them, my dinosaur of a computer cant take it, freezes everything, or at least have a way for us long term members to disable it
#977 - MuahahaOfLore (05/11/2016) [-]
For Future Content
Can we have a "Post Now" button?
(if i changed my mind and dont want to wait 3 more hours)
#976 - unforgivensoul (05/10/2016) [-]

#986 to #976 - youregaylol (05/17/2016) [-]
#987 to #986 - unforgivensoul (05/17/2016) [-]
: )
#975 - Anonymis (05/10/2016) [-]
Could you make it so when you lower the volume on an mp4, the setting is global and all other mp4's will share that volume

#974 - anon (05/09/2016) [-]
Ability to automatically hide comment images? Easier to browse to those with limited (bandwith, not really sure what its called) also to block diaper porn fetishists and other gringy/gorey image ***********
#973 - oxymoronking (05/09/2016) [-]
run for president my fabulous butt destroyer
youd already have the entirety of fjs support (minus lotlengo or whatever his name is)
#972 - herecomesjohnny ONLINE (05/08/2016) [-]
Hi, the image size reduction for posts now is actually quite a pain in the ass for wallpaper posts, is it possible to maybe allow larger pictures in posts? it's weird because in comments you can actually now post pics larger than the content, too
#971 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu ONLINE (05/07/2016) [-]
Roll games notifications separated from normal notifications.
#970 - ImmortalBaconEater (05/07/2016) [-]
The video ads are unrelenting and unacceptable. They make the site slow and unusable. I hate doing this but I've had to install adblock literally only for this site, which is the only site I really care about supporting with ad revenue. I want to help support the site but as it is there's just no way to justify it. This is the worst the site has ever been in my six years here, which is sad considering it was at its best just a few months ago. I know the site is always hurting for ad revenue, but it should not come at the cost of the usability of the site. You are killing the site. I guarantee you the only new users we are getting are running ad block already because no one else would every stay on a slow glitchy site where the ads seem to have more control than your own cursor.
#968 - vermillionbobcat (05/05/2016) [-]
Bring items back! **** was dope. I had so much ******* coal man.
I think at one point you had interactive games you could play between users like chess and ****.

Also I think we should be able to create guilds. There will be a leader for each guild, user names will be different colors, guilds get incentives the more thumbs their content and comments get, i'll get people to post more like you're been asking and it'll for sure create content and attract a **** load of new users.

#969 to #968 - alicorn ONLINE (05/06/2016) [-]
#967 - animesource (05/05/2016) [-]
Add an option to change content's channel.
Sometimes when posting I forget to choose channel or choose wrong one then it's either reposting or leaving as it is.
Plus, at this point it might be better to move GTN to its own channel, instead of posting in monster-girls, not to mention most of it isn't even monster girls.
#965 - rakogoki (05/04/2016) [-]
sort by date favorited option.
#964 - fckthesecatchpas (05/04/2016) [-]
Ban **** posters? They just drive away site traffic and are generally ****, tired of seeing all of the fetish diaper porn every time i fcking look at comment section.

If not that make an option to automatically hide pictures in comments tired seeing that ****
#963 - quotetype ONLINE (05/03/2016) [-]
HTML5 pls
#960 - anon (05/01/2016) [-]
remove the function to see who voted, because people get anal about being thumbed down
#961 to #960 - danrmanalt (05/03/2016) [-]
I agree with this, and it's pretty useless to begin with.