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#1030 - PopcornViking ONLINE (06/07/2016) [-]
Oi admin

People in items are really starting to call for the return of leaderboards
Can you make it happen relatively soon?
#1029 - xtas (06/05/2016) [-]
hey man how about we have a random comment roll option
#1028 - anon (06/05/2016) [-]
Put a "download all" button in the **** section so you can download whole compilations at once
#1027 - baronbrixius (06/04/2016) [-]
*Hosts and plays MP4/WEBM videos.
*Hosts a variety of images.
*Includes a **** section.

What's next? Flash files, **** yeah. FunnyJunk will be the jack of all trades website everyone wants to visit! #MakeFunnyJunkGreatAgain
#1037 to #1027 - darealsnooki (06/29/2016) [-]
FJ did have flash files one time
#1026 - tigronn (06/04/2016) [-]
Add the followed channel list back to the profile page
#1023 - oxymoronking ONLINE (06/01/2016) [-]
heres a suggestion
actually sing all the single furries
#1025 to #1023 - Falkor (06/02/2016) [-]
can i lick you?
#1022 - shadowkingdr ONLINE (05/31/2016) [-]
Mandatory boards for politics and feminism, they make up the larger part of fj content and I think there would be a higher number of users if they knew they could sub/block those forms of content, I would make the boards myself but I am not popular enough to have it become commonplace and I simply do not want to have to take care of these boards
#1034 to #1022 - itzlammy (06/20/2016) [-]
Admin pls.
#1024 to #1022 - njall ONLINE (06/01/2016) [-]
For ******* god's sake.
#1020 - PopcornViking ONLINE (05/30/2016) [-]
a lot of people dont use it
but the private chat should stay open as you go from page to page on the site
especially if youre talking to someone not on your friends list
#1018 - marsharound (05/30/2016) [-]
Add the ability to select videos only in **** again.
#1016 - alarubra (05/29/2016) [-]
The ability to go back through comments on your profile in pages.
#1019 to #1016 - PopcornViking ONLINE (05/30/2016) [-]
you just have to keep clicking next now apparently
#1021 to #1019 - alarubra (05/30/2016) [-]
Nah, it's fixed now. For a brief time yesterday, there were no buttons for that on my profile. It may have just been some weird glitch only I was seeing, or something that was temporary while admin was changing things. How it is now, is slightly less convenient than it was before, but I've got no problem with it.
#1017 to #1016 - alarubra (05/29/2016) [-]
Like, seriously, why was this functionality removed?
#1015 - joeythekid (05/29/2016) [-]
Make it possible to see all content posted by a mention list?
#1014 - dafuckisthisshit (05/29/2016) [-]
add an option to see what lists you are subscribed to on your profile page. right now if i get a notification that something has been posted in a list, i have to keep that notification to be able to go back and see what was posted unless i favorite it.
#1013 - xspencerxxx ONLINE (05/28/2016) [-]
thank you for bringing back newest uploads daddy addy
#1012 - bluslenderman (05/27/2016) [-]
Add country and/or state flags like /int/ has.
#1009 - dihoreahha (05/26/2016) [-]
Would you be able to make it so that titles fit onto the page on mobile so I'm not missing half of it?
#1008 - korinoryu (05/25/2016) [-]
A **** tab for the favorites list.
#1011 to #1008 - dagramcraka (05/27/2016) [-]


like 60% of my favs are ****
#1007 - dagramcraka (05/24/2016) [-]
Please bring back the sorting and the "show per page" feature, I like having it show 160 per page for the top in 24 hours. A lot of the time it skips a lot of them so i have to go back to the main domain to see them and open usually 5-10 in new tabs.
#1010 to #1007 - reaperslayer ONLINE (05/27/2016) [-]
^This, plus if you could bring it back in **** as the old format was more efficient in my opinion.
Also getting confused with the new layout because I'm either seeing reposts running 1k thumbs already, or I'm getting sent back to the previous days top pages. I mean like, I would keep going through the list until I started hitting the negatives in thumbs and then check out new content the next day, this kind of change is a bit big considering the routine of users isn't it?
#1006 - whathasbeengiven (05/24/2016) [-]
Slightly useful information for trolls, which should appear in a person's "My Profile" (not the publicly displayed profile):
"Number of people that have blocked you"
"Number of people that have you on hide-all"

#1005 - ptolomeus (05/22/2016) [-]
Bring back 10 pages of ****.
It was the only way to sort content by date.
4 pages isn't enough as there is sometimes like 5 pages of content per day, and even tho the standard funnyjunker does nothing but masturbate, it's still a hell of a task, so it would be nice if you could spread it out.
Yes... I am advocating time management when it comes to fapping, so you don't have to rush...

10 pages were perfect.
#1004 - whathasbeengiven (05/22/2016) [-]
Also if you're gonna keep the account levels:
when someone reaches level -390 to -399, change their profile pic to that "Forever Alone" meme, just to mess with their game.
Or do that for different **** post levels.

When someone reaches level -400, make their comment box slightly darker than the site's dark-grey background. And make their username yellow. And give all their future comments +50 thumbs.
In fact, if someone starts turning into a **** poster at -200, remove the blueness from their name and enable the name to begin developing grades of yellow.
Don't remove the hide-all function though.

For the people with high numbers of positive thumbs...i don't see much to do about that, in terms of benefits.
What they need is more incentive to upload or be funny. Or a bigger audience. Things like the "negative" features wouldn't help them, I think.