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#850 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
lol anonymous = "a-knot-on-anus"
#858 to #850 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
no. you ******* fail. gtfo.
#871 to #858 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
No you gtfo of my life! I'm an anon! Kiss my ass!
User avatar #849 - Jeehoon (07/11/2010) [-]
next generation: Star whores
#848 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
LOL do you all know what is hilarious? No one is thumbing this because they think it is a good idea. EVERY SINGLE ONE is jumping on the bandwagon.

Grats strike, here is you troll of honor medal!
User avatar #942 to #848 - Stikie (07/11/2010) [-]
one, its stikie. not strike. where do you see an R?
and two, im not trolling.
User avatar #846 - MimiLove (07/11/2010) [-]
Like i said before, you are jumping on a bandwagon, just by talking about how you dont want others to do it. Cant someone just leave it alone and let it die out like everything else does?
#837 - averagefjer **User deleted account** (07/11/2010) [-]
so basically u made a rant agreeing to some1's rant..?
User avatar #843 to #837 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
which is agreeing to someones rant...
#834 - helloskyler **User deleted account** (07/11/2010) [-]
I dont think its the thumbs
I think its rank
User avatar #840 to #834 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Well, really, we want someway that the funny people can get some form of recognition for their work, which is where the rank comes from. But then nobody gets that without thumbs, so I think it's the thumbs, and the rank...but i want to keep a rank of some sort so people can get recognized for their funny....
#845 to #840 - helloskyler **User deleted account** (07/11/2010) [-]
The rank is what cause people to repost
And some people just to thumb because they have a high rank
But yeah i see what your saying to
User avatar #852 to #845 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Whats wrong with repost? I have to say this, if its funny, its here. Because this is funny junk: lots of junk that is funny. You can't get just the OC here, because we are a MASSIVE compilation of zhe lulz of zhe internet. But, it would be nice to get some more OC in here. Face It, there isn't enough OC to fill up FJ.
#861 to #852 - helloskyler **User deleted account** (07/11/2010) [-]
I dont mind the repost that much
but some people abusing it too much
Like copying something they know has gotten 1st page like a week before
User avatar #873 to #861 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Yeah, I guess, but if the thumb system worked, and people actually thumbed, then it wouldn't get to top. Lemme tell you, if people see it and are like "meh, seen it" or "meh, doesn't interest me" they just skip over it and it doesn't get thumbed down or up, and mine get about 170 views but only like 7 thumbs. I wouldn't even mind the red thumbs, just a thumb.
#877 to #873 - helloskyler **User deleted account** (07/11/2010) [-]
Thumbs system does work just not the way it was intended
I just think ranks are what cause problems
User avatar #888 to #877 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
ok, entitled to your own beliefs. Just wish all the ranting would stop so we could move on...
#829 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
too long did not read
User avatar #835 to #829 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
you were called a whore, and we are trying to get rid of anon again. also, shaved legs make the cows moo, is basically all that was in there.
User avatar #827 - Contrition (07/11/2010) [-]
this is great, and an inspiring piece of work, i applaud you, good sir. however, i did not laugh so i must press the red thumb, for it was not funny. I am sorry for this inconvenience to you, though with 800 thumbs i don't think it really matters. Good day to you, sir.
#838 to #827 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
Yes! Yes my pretty! jump on the band wagon so you can suck strike's beautiful cock! And i can watch!
#820 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
LOL do you all know what is hilarious? No one is thumbing this because they think it is a good idea. EVERY SINGLE ONE is jumping on the bandwagon.

Grats strike, here is you troll of honor medal!
#824 to #820 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
This man is so right
User avatar #823 to #820 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
I thumbed...down...
#825 to #823 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
because you know it is true
#833 to #825 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
you all know it is true, why else would something so unfunny make it
#841 to #833 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
#814 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
LOL do you all know what is hilarious? No one is thumbing this because they think it is a good idea. EVERY SINGLE ONE is jumping on the bandwagon.

Grats strike, here is you troll of honor medal!
User avatar #844 to #814 - applezachs (07/11/2010) [-]
you both are totaly right
User avatar #822 to #814 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
I thumbed...down...
#809 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
this guy is a genius
#808 - bahhhhhhhhhh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #805 - Arturotheone (07/11/2010) [-]
i hate anons because i they dont have the balls (or other parts) to be know by everyone else who may see this and be a anon, know what i meen
User avatar #810 to #805 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Which is why take away voting, keep membership :D
User avatar #819 to #810 - Arturotheone (07/11/2010) [-]
i agree with that tho because if your just an anon you cant get all the credit you deserve if you did post something
User avatar #831 to #819 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Which I have said but never in an upload, cause I don't rant on the upload section.
User avatar #842 to #831 - Arturotheone (07/11/2010) [-]
which is nice cuz most of the rants on fj r tru but it gets annoying after seeing **** you already know but have nothing to do about it
User avatar #847 to #842 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
but i don't rant....unless someone else is ranting first....I troll, proelly..
User avatar #887 to #847 - Arturotheone (07/11/2010) [-]
well i hope your proud of yourself
User avatar #902 to #887 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
I is...are your proud of yourself?
User avatar #966 to #902 - Arturotheone (07/12/2010) [-]
not until i take the virginity of 100 animal virgins
#802 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
I agree, But I also have a different problem with the rating system.
we start looking at the top rated pics. so the top rated pics get our thumbs and attention. This makes the rating system unfair to the pics starting out, they don't get the attention they deserve, and the top rated pics get way more thumbs then they deserve.

I think we should still be able to view the top pics but not rate them, only rate the most recent pics or random pics. Or use your solution and remove the thumb system.
User avatar #800 - chaosbrae (07/11/2010) [-]
I have no idea how many rants like this have gotten to the front page. its always the same **** , with the same opinions and ideas over and over. people hate reposts, well this is the worst kind, and i completely agree with everything this guy ranted about....

*puts on flamesuit*
User avatar #807 to #800 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
I've agreed with the things that the past 10 or so people have said about this exact thing.
User avatar #815 to #807 - chaosbrae (07/11/2010) [-]
lol i should really start looking at the other comments before i post...
#797 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]

**** RANTS, keep that **** off funny junk!!!!
User avatar #793 - melee (07/11/2010) [-]
ummm so i we get rid o thumbs it will fix it? bull ****
if someone isnt funny...
DSend (i dont hate him i love his material) would be a good example because you can TELL who he is due to his art/look of his comics... the fan boys will still rate him #1 (i rate for funny and not for fame) so its kind of late... but a Thumb based system is good! keep it but wipe out everyones thumbs everyweek! so we can get the funny and get it to the top when it needs to! why a week? because sometimes it takes 2 days to get up so it may need to last longer... why not the star system? because lazy people dont do 3 stars they do 1 or 5 also people dont get excited about levels! i wanted 10 i admit cause i love anteater... not a bad reason right?
User avatar #811 to #793 - melee (07/11/2010) [-]
i made all but like... 5-7 things but that is out of... idk i havent checked. but thats more then some people can say! i liked making my own stuff and i like making them cause i make my self laugh! this one girl said to me one time "i have a hole in my popsicle and its dripping all over" i said "all i heard is blah blah hole blah blah dripping all over" i like my stuff and sure sometimes im like "i hope i get thumbs" but so what its nice to know people like your work! if i only got comments that said "LOL dude this **** is awesome make some more PLEASE!!!" i would make it cause that would make me happy... now im going to go talk to people and ignore this site cause i cant even make a 1000 character essay let alone write it for this **** T-T
User avatar #816 to #811 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
i loved DSend, until he used his status to get rid of The Designer. That's why I hate him now. But I don't troll him or anything, if it's funny, it deserves to be thumbed.
User avatar #832 to #816 - melee (07/11/2010) [-]
he didnt really use it to get rid of him... TheDesigner faked his death... if i were him i would be like "Gtfo you dick T-T" he said it cause he wanted him out he wasnt like "i speak or all of funnyjunk when i say GTFO"
#801 to #793 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
FACE IT! this ******* happy ass dancing cat is right and strike is just butthurt.
User avatar #813 to #801 - melee (07/11/2010) [-]
lol thanks anon your the people i like! i like this guy right here more then most members right now!
User avatar #818 to #813 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
You don't love me? :'(
User avatar #826 to #818 - melee (07/11/2010) [-]
mabey Mr.Hare... are you a Hare as in a rabit O.o cause then i would love you to take a seat right over there -points at a plate-
User avatar #862 to #826 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
and i would luv to have a seat with you
User avatar #857 to #826 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Yer, i be a animal, whut of it?
User avatar #792 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Now look what you've done! You've invited all the troll anons to thumb us down! **** !
User avatar #882 to #792 - melee (07/11/2010) [-]
-looks above- your right... i did my part in fixxing now you!
User avatar #894 to #882 - MrHare (07/11/2010) [-]
Hmmm, golly good...
User avatar #790 - richardw (07/11/2010) [-]
the only reason i have an account is for the **** :D
#789 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
I AGREE TOTALLY!!! Anons don't give a **** about what people think. In fact,I see no reason for levels,thumbs,just so we can all have a good laugh. This isn't funnyjunk. This is just junk. So I'm going to be Ghani,make this speech famous my friends! Inspire MANY people.

So,my brothers and sisters,we must make a change!
Obama is a hobo beacause he wants change.
PLEASE HEAR ME,DSEND,WERNETTE,EVERYONE ELSE. ANONS,EVERYONE! WE MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Justin Bieber hating isn't making a difference. Justina is like "Wtf? IDC if they be 'troll 'ginst me! I got ta riches to get me some bitches!"
He's a hell lot richer and famous than us. So don't be hatin'!
My friend we need to improve. I suggest you spread this! You guys are awesome,still!!!!!!!!
#798 to #789 - anon (07/11/2010) [-]
Eat **** , bitch.
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