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#117 - yisumad
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(01/16/2014) [-]
#105 - hurleyy
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(01/16/2014) [-]
>Be freshman in highschool
>Highschool lock in, everyone is just doing their own ****
>New chick is there, 5/10 face but solid 9.5/10 body
>had been hitting on me since beginning of year
>sees me and hugs he
>looks up at me and tells me to close my eyes, she has something for me
>ask her why, but i know why
>she tells me to just do it
>walk away
>i dunno, i just dont know

#106 to #105 - hurleyy
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(01/16/2014) [-]
>hour later there is music party thing
>she starts grinding on me
>instantly have to pee, but dont wanna
>can barely hold it in
>start doing pee dance while she is grinding on me
>she just turns around and looks at me like wtf?
>go to bathroom and pee

>Same lock in
>just chilling with sum buds
>she comes in
>people start leaving and eventually its just me and her
>start talking
>all of a sudden starts to complain about her chest hurting
>asks me to massage it for her
>wait a sec, girls chests have boobies
>Just look at her and giggle stupidly
>Looks at me dead serious
>i poke her collar bone
>"Im gonna go pee again"
she gave up after those three
no regrets