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#56 - infamoustrapper
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(01/15/2014) [-]
Wait...people actually don't think she's smart? What would indicate that she isn't? The bad grades? The poor work ethic? The lack of desire to make something of her life?

Oh wait none of those are there. Where are you getting the idea she's not smart from?
#63 to #56 - thegamegestapo
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(01/15/2014) [-]
Is that... Howard the Duck?
#108 to #63 - infamoustrapper
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(01/15/2014) [-]
#112 - amuzen
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(01/21/2014) [-]
dumb guys go for hot girls and smart guys for beautiful girls
dumb girls go for cool guys and smart girls go for rich guys

No one initially looks at someone and says hey they look smart I want to be with them! because intelligence is a very open ended highly unstable attribute for people that is next to impossible to judge within a short period of time.

the two things that ARE easy to judge about someone upon first contact (the point when most people decide whether someone is sexually/romantically viable for them) are social standing and physical appearence.
Due to lingering gender roles from the beginning of recorded history (bar the occasional mutation from the norm such as with the amazons) men compete by trying to show off their social standing as providers while women's appeal comes from trying to demonstrate that they will be healthy child bearers. (not overweight, big breasts, big hips, clear clean skin, healthy hair etc.)

I mean yeah we've gotten to the point where we're more than our base instincts but that doesn't mean they're not there anymore, a hundred thousand years of evolution is hard to ignore just because we've had a few equal rights revolutions over the course of the last two centuries.
#111 - gigabowzer
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(01/16/2014) [-]
I want a smart girl. However, it seems smart girls always want the dumb guys or a good looking smart guy.

Welcome to the ugly club.
#61 - dingobox
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(01/15/2014) [-]
... Well
#91 to #61 - fagnut
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(01/15/2014) [-]
>In a tv show with everything scripted
#109 to #91 - dingobox
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(01/15/2014) [-]
Ik but still
#59 - Gandalfthewhite
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(01/15/2014) [-]
it doesn't ******* matter if a girls smart or not. If you like her, go out with her and **** her brains (or lack of) out. Don't be so judgemental it's not like dumb ass girls are all necessarily annoying assholes
#37 - dildobarbarian
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(01/15/2014) [-]
yeah thats kinda the other way round, geeky smart girls tend to be an icon of attraction to most guys, whereas geeky smart guys are not attractive to girls.
#29 - theviusking
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(01/15/2014) [-]
Without reading, or even caring about the comments below me I'd just like to put in an opinion (On FJ right? That's gonna work.). Well anyway I hang around so many dumb chicks that it just hurts my head when they don't understand the most basic of ****, I WISH I had someone actually smart to talk to that wasn't talking about ******* Social medias.

Sorry. I'm honestly too lazy to post a pic as an apology ( 1am) So I'll just put out my most Honest apology.