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#99 - darakken
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(08/22/2013) [-]
Guys how'd I post pictures?
I'd also put my male genitalia into that.
#95 - latinotornado
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(08/21/2013) [-]
>Go buy my new Gel-O-Matic fridge at Best Buy
>Movers bring it home after 4 hours (lazy mexicans) and they drop it down into my kitchen with all it's gooey glory
>Once the movers leave I waste no time
>get butt ass naked and start doing my pre-sex stretches to make sure I don't pull my glutes
>Grabs the fridges metallic sides and brace for pelvic imapact
>feels cool to the touch yet warm and enveloping then try to pull out to prepare another thrust
>Dick doesn't move
>Viciously trying to free my wonder worm from this gooey prison, yanking, twisting, and twerking in every direction
>To no avail, my junk is still stuck in this trunk
>Reach over to the manual on the counter and read up to see if there's anything for getting your dick caught in it (if you read carefully enough there's usually an explanation, thats how I got my dick unstuck from the ceiling fan this one time)
>Not a damn thing so I call up Best Buy and wait for costumer service
>ghey ass elevator music
>"Hello this is Best Buy costumer service and you're speaking to Jessica how may I help you?"
>"Yes hello i'm having a problem with this new gel-o-matic fridge I recently purchased from you guys."
>"oh, well i'm sorry to hear that sir, what seems to be the problem?"
>"I got my dick stuck in it."
>"excuse me?"
>"this isn't the time to be farting around Jessica, I know you guys have a way to get your dick unstuck."
>"...one moment sir I will transfer your call to a tech specialist."
>Ghey elevator music
>"Yes this is Jonathan and I understand your junk is stuck in the trunk."
>"that is correct"
>"well i'm sorry to hear that but if you read the instructions it plainly states that in order to have any direct contact with gel-o-matic you need the special gel-o-glove because the gel is pretty sticky to human skin. I'm sorry sir theres no way to help you, i'm afraid you're penis will be stuck inside the fridge forever unless you..well..cut it off. Have a pleasant day."
MFW I didn't get a refund