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#246 - viciousmackerel (07/22/2013) [-]
**viciousmackerel rolled a random image posted in comment #3118027 at Friendly ** Who I want as a girlfriend
User avatar #258 to #246 - megatheman (07/24/2013) [-]
HFW *roll image*
User avatar #259 to #258 - megatheman (07/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #247 to #246 - countmorgan (07/22/2013) [-]
We all saw that *Roll Image* failure
User avatar #248 to #247 - viciousmackerel (07/22/2013) [-]
Oh well... maybe next time I'll get it right
#227 - thepastamaypwnyou (07/22/2013) [-]
Hate the feel you gain when you tell a girl about your feelings, ask her out...

And all she says is *k*
User avatar #230 to #227 - countmorgan (07/22/2013) [-]
I imagined that.
this comment annoyed me.
User avatar #220 - SebyMeister (07/22/2013) [-]
God dammit! Why people care so much in being with someone like its the ultimate goal in a human's life..Really?We can acomplish so many incredible ******* things by our own. We all have in us what it takes to do great things. Man the **** up and start doing those things.
And a little advice: If the person you want to be with makes you suffer, then he/she doesn't diserve you.
#178 - themodyourgod (07/22/2013) [-]
I'm strangely paranoid that those sun rays hold some sort of subliminal message.
#184 to #178 - jellomen (07/22/2013) [-]
they say "I've been thinking too much about you"
#123 - iamundecided (07/22/2013) [-]
It looks like the sun had something written in it. Someone explain please. Either that or tell me "You're ******* retarded, the sun doesn't say anything" or "It's just a sun dumbass"
User avatar #136 to #123 - theawesomeguy (07/22/2013) [-]
You're ******* retarded, the sun doesn't say anything It's just a sun dumbass etc.
#171 to #123 - blanketandpillow (07/22/2013) [-]
I think it's I've been thinking too much about you or something like that
User avatar #144 to #123 - tigersstripes (07/22/2013) [-]
I see what you are talking about, but it looks like ESER so unless that's a thing...
#48 - crazyoljew (07/22/2013) [-]
God damn it
God damn it
#4 - rothingham (07/21/2013) [-]
#173 - eyerandomz Comment deleted by countmorgan [-]
User avatar #161 - swagarian (07/22/2013) [-]
Lost my best friend to admitting feelings that I had for her. I don't do that friendzone **** .
#158 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
I was expecting babies and a happy ending or something ...Nope just goes and takes a **** on my feelings ......
#154 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
#120 to #118 - ettne ONLINE (07/22/2013) [-]
yes, yes you are
#138 to #118 - Dwarf (07/22/2013) [-]
**Dwarf rolled a random image posted in comment #5344135 at Furries ** We all have hands.
User avatar #141 to #118 - Sethorein ONLINE (07/22/2013) [-]
Well I HAD a gf... now I'm just waiting around for someone else to come by...

Though most folks here are like 16- so it's not that crazy for them to have had no girlfriends... I only found my first at 16....
User avatar #132 to #118 - fuckgaryoak (07/22/2013) [-]
Way to be a dick and rub it in
User avatar #156 to #132 - zyconx (07/22/2013) [-]
Way to have a dick and rub it in (my ass)
#109 - iamphoenix (07/22/2013) [-]
If you flip his head upside down he's just a guy looking off to his right.
User avatar #106 - Minnesota (07/22/2013) [-]
Well, that took a dark turn, didn't it?
User avatar #98 - zombiearmadillo (07/22/2013) [-]
My feel bar overfilled.... alot........... =')
#90 to #85 - Ulmer (07/22/2013) [-]
Having a long-distance boyfriend, that just hurt my soul...
Having a long-distance boyfriend, that just hurt my soul...
User avatar #131 to #90 - theghostrider ONLINE (07/22/2013) [-]
I had one...she broke up with me for another guy...that doesn't even life close to her. It hurt like you had no idea.
User avatar #130 to #90 - areialview (07/22/2013) [-]
I have a long-distance Girl Friend, but when I am old enough I am going to move to her country so we can be together
#54 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
Haha, nevermind girlfriends. I managed to make ONE friend in WoW and all he did was beg for money. I played that **** for 3 years.
User avatar #45 - cthumoo (07/22/2013) [-]
that's a really cool effect
#36 - icewraith has deleted their comment [-]
#162 to #36 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
That's not the focus, the focus is finding someone who you love. After all, you don't want to spend your life with an insufferable bag of cocks.
#40 - head (07/21/2013) [-]
People who think like this need to realize that they can't expect the world to cater to their wants, then stop hugging a pillow and get up and go meet some girl.
People who think like this need to realize that they can't expect the world to cater to their wants, then stop hugging a pillow and get up and go meet some girl.
#43 to #40 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
How can someone speak to people if upon walking up to them absolutely nothing comes to mind to say? not feeling nervous or awkward at first.
User avatar #86 to #80 - cthumoo (07/22/2013) [-]
'you just walk up and start talking to a girl'
master of advice right there.

I'm just saying but those kinds of people make relationships seem incredibly boring and emotionless
User avatar #47 to #43 - articulate (07/22/2013) [-]
Get a hobby, meet girl with same hobby, talk about hobby.
#49 to #47 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
Not just girls. I have a friend, we're both into the same games and shows, I can talk to him for 30 seconds then I'm done. Vastly uninterested in everything else.
User avatar #57 to #49 - articulate (07/22/2013) [-]
Then why would you want a girlfriend or friends if you wouldn't talk to them anyway...?
#63 to #57 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
Do want, just completely incapable. I mean I'm uninterested in any other hobby, not that I have more to say but can't be bothered. Dunno why I started this, it has as much of a point as a spoon.
User avatar #64 to #63 - articulate (07/22/2013) [-]
You have to put your partner's happiness over your own happiness. If you would be incapable of making her happy then why should anyone date you? A girlfriend shouldn't be something you get just to comfort you. If that's what you want get a cat.
#70 to #64 - Rascal (07/22/2013) [-]
Thanks for trying to help
#82 to #40 - tylosaurus ONLINE (07/22/2013) [-]
Yeah, that's the way to do it.

but it isn't as easy as you make it sound.
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