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User avatar #54 - roguehazzard ONLINE (07/03/2013) [-]
So... you know those spray tanning salons? What if you shot anyone with a tan that leaves the building with water pistols or water bombed them? How bad would it **** it up?
#76 to #54 - Rascal (07/03/2013) [-]
I think it only worked that well on her because of the salt content.
#43 - jazzyietheferret (07/03/2013) [-]
Or he'll pour acid on your face...bitch~
User avatar #39 - weirdvintagegirl (07/03/2013) [-]
I don't spray-tan (frankly, I like being pale), but the other day I was crying because my skin looks utterly atrocious with all this cystic acne, and my makeup was coming off with my tears and I looked very similar to this girl.
User avatar #55 to #39 - bladebites (07/03/2013) [-]
When I was in like 6th grade, I had really bad acne. I'm pale as **** , too.
It was awful, and I never really felt confident about anything. I tried to wear make up to cover it up, but that made the actual condition worse.
I'm gonna tell you right now; proactive and that other TV stuff doesn't work very well.
Wash your face with dish soap (I did it twice a day, three times when I could). That really helped clear mine up (I don't have acne at all anymore, except for an occasional pimple).
And please don't feel bad about yourself. I mean, I'm not here to give you a ******** "You're beautiful even though I never even met you" paragraph, because those are generic and pointless (none of it means anything if you have no idea what you're talking about, right?), but acne won't make you "atrocious".
It's a medical condition and it sucks, I know, but most people look right past it at your actual face. You know, your eyes, your cheeks, your nose, you. What you actually look like. Your appearance doesn't depend on your condition, no matter how bad it may be, because there's more to people than one feature. No one worth talking to will give you **** about it, and anyone who does isn't worth talking to anyway.
People see everything about people, not just one thing. It doesn't define you, physically or mentally.
I can't make you change your opinion about yourself (only you can do that), but I can try. No matter what you look like, there's no way you're atrocious. I've never seen anyone fit that category just for a skin condition.
Focus on what you like, not the features that you don't like. That's what most people care about.
User avatar #87 to #55 - weirdvintagegirl (07/03/2013) [-]
Wow, that was a ** really** nice comment. Thank you for the dish soap suggestion, I surprisingly haven't tried that yet. Proactive does suck, it did absolutely nothing when my skin was really bad. I've had this acne since I was 10 and I really have no idea where it came from; nobody in my family every really had a problem with acne. It's gotten somewhat better since I started taking medication a few years ago, and now my dermatologist has put me on birth control because she says the acne I currently have is all hormonal. Hopefully someday my skin can look nice enough so I don't have to wear makeup.

Again, thanks for the comment, that was really great. (:
User avatar #88 to #87 - bladebites (07/04/2013) [-]
As long as it cheered you up a bit.
User avatar #16 - albinopanda (07/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #17 to #16 - ADeadlYLepricoN (07/03/2013) [-]
**** yeah papa roach
#79 - awesomechardey (07/03/2013) [-]
**awesomechardey rolled a random image posted in comment #12 at The resemblance is uncanny ** mfw tanning scars
#78 - awesomechardey has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #74 - jewsburninindaoven (07/03/2013) [-]
Never be a woman after getting a spray tan
#66 - Yesitsme has deleted their comment [-]
#60 - Pokekid (07/03/2013) [-]
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#38 - Rascal (07/03/2013) [-]
omfg i thought her trears may be acid or something realy toxic :0
User avatar #21 - alphanet (07/03/2013) [-]
welp and i tought that she cried acid or something.
#15 - Rascal (07/03/2013) [-]
Ugly oversensitive whore. She looks like a ******* bitch, crying and freaking out if she doesn´t get what she wants or her boyfriend doesn´t agree in everything she says.
#9 - ssjkirby has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #2 - soggypancakes (07/02/2013) [-]
I thought it was her mascara at first.
User avatar #63 - karmakarma (07/03/2013) [-]
Man I can't be bothered to waste money on spray tans... I don't care if I look like an anemic heroin junkie I'm so pale.
User avatar #68 to #63 - weenieandthebutt (07/03/2013) [-]
First thing I stumble upon on this post is your name, haha. For me personally, it's the other way round where I hate being tanned and even bought products to make myself look paler.
User avatar #69 to #68 - karmakarma (07/03/2013) [-]
Sigh, you little stalker! You jealous of my heroin junkie chic?
#25 - gregy (07/03/2013) [-]
**gregy rolled a random image posted in comment #1 at Derk Suls **
User avatar #22 - arborday (07/03/2013) [-]
dumb bitch probably started it
User avatar #30 - mookiez (07/03/2013) [-]
Now imagine she gave him a bj and this was the end result.
User avatar #36 to #30 - LocoJoe (07/03/2013) [-]
I'd hate to have an orange spot around my cock.
User avatar #46 to #36 - sanguinesolitude (07/03/2013) [-]
doesnt matter, had blowjob.

plus who the **** is gonna look at your orange cock apart from the girl willing to blow you in the first place?
#37 to #36 - Nijakon (07/03/2013) [-]
Lips arn't spray tanned..
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