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User avatar #185 - grandmabetty (10/05/2013) [-]
No it's more of the fact you plaster your bird everywhere. In front of the American flag. On the Anheuser Busch logo. Someone somewhere's probably picked up a dead one by the roadside, shoved it's arse around a Mercedes hood ornament and driven around with it. Someone. Somewhere.
#180 - scorcho ONLINE (07/01/2013) [-]
germanys eagle is way more awesome. and france actually has some sort of chicken. it's like they want us to make fun of them.
#176 - funnyjunkforlife (07/01/2013) [-]
yea but from the front the eagle looks confused
#170 - victorianfancyman (07/01/2013) [-]
Ben Franklin wanted our national bird to be the Turkey...
User avatar #157 - xchewsifferx ONLINE (07/01/2013) [-]
But... I.... Damn, they're right.
#155 - trickytrickster (07/01/2013) [-]
We should have picked the turkey like Ben Franklin wanted...
#166 to #155 - jazzyietheferret (07/01/2013) [-]
Wasn't it also going to be a snake at some point?
User avatar #152 - luiselvergas (07/01/2013) [-]
wait i actually worked the **** out of gym class...... is that a bad thing?
#139 - zakaizer (07/01/2013) [-]
This is our unofficial one... Really not much competition
User avatar #147 to #139 - ivoryhammer (07/01/2013) [-]
It's cute at least
User avatar #167 to #139 - herecomesjohnny (07/01/2013) [-]
really? it's really common in europe too
User avatar #181 to #167 - zakaizer (07/01/2013) [-]
Aye, hence the name the European Robin, don't know why we adopted it, I mean, we could have gotten something exclusive to England, at least
User avatar #183 to #181 - herecomesjohnny (07/01/2013) [-]
oh england. right.
#134 - mymiddleleg (07/01/2013) [-]
My countries national bird looks like a nasty piece of work
#104 - anon (07/01/2013) [-]
User avatar #90 - KayRed (07/01/2013) [-]
What's the nerdiest national bird? (we could've had it with Turkey, if only they listened to Ben).
User avatar #87 - kinglobster (07/01/2013) [-]
mfw i get the class douchebag out in dodgeball
mfw i dont have a face
#84 - anon (07/01/2013) [-]
Here in Canada, we don't have one national bird. Instead, we have an array of provincial and territorial birds. In my home province of Alberta, the Great Horned Owl is our provincial bird.

Just thought I'd let you guys know.

[url deleted]
User avatar #88 to #84 - TigerShark ONLINE (07/01/2013) [-]
We have state birds as well. For example, the state bird of Arizona is the cactus wren.
User avatar #102 to #88 - commontroll (07/01/2013) [-]
Texas is the mocking bird I believe. They attack cats, it's pretty hilarious.
#80 - delphine ONLINE (07/01/2013) [-]
only if viewed from the side. if you view a bald eagle from the front, he just looks scared and confused.
User avatar #74 - rockamekishiko (07/01/2013) [-]
the bald eagle has always looked like an old white racist guy to me. idk why
#69 - WickidJuggalo has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #58 - tombombadil (07/01/2013) [-]
Bald Eagles hunt goats by divebombing them and sending them cascading off the sides of mountaintops. Sometimes they just pick the damn goats up and carry them off first, then drop them a few hundred feet. I ******* love eagles.
#16 - anon (06/30/2013) [-]
Is picture was taken by the Photographer I sell images for. Made it so much better haha. Anyone who is curious, google Mangelsen Images of Photography. You can find this picture on the website so you know I'm not lying.
User avatar #10 - gibbousm (06/30/2013) [-]
Ben Franklin wanted the mascot to be a Turkey.
He felt Bald Eagles were too violent
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