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#153 - elcreepo
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(06/28/2013) [-]
>2 years or so ago, while in sophmore year
>bitchiest, sluttiest girl in the world is also the worst cunt towards me
>known this cunt her whole life, lives near me and is a year younger than me, when she started her career as the town whore in third grade she tried to hit on me
>calls me a faggot , downhill from there
>know at this point she's heading towards a life in a trailer park with six kids and an alcoholic husband
>She is still calling me a faggot and dog and has been tormenting me for a good 9 years
>Put up with it due to the belief that she'll get what's coming
>one day
>Find dog food in my backback and a collar
>She's first in line to point it out and her entire class laughs and I'm called dog by all the immature little brats she could gather around herself
>Plot revenge
>three weeks from then
>whore has been giving blowjobs to guys in the school auditorium for ten bucks each, same times every week
>always when nobody who can catch her is near the auditorium
>sneak in while she's busy with a 'client'
>snap a few photos, then light up a cigarette and wave it around the school sprinkler system
>Fire alarm 911
>Teachers there in a flash, I have already slipped into an area where i can make my escape into the stampede of kids leaving the building
>She's caught, a search reveals she had cigarettes in her purse, she's expelled
>Boy a casualty of this plan, but any guy who'd do her after the many cocks she'd had has to be a skumbag
>now for part two of my revenge
#154 to #153 - elcreepo
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(06/28/2013) [-]
>Photoshop out dude's face in the photos I took, don't wanna crush his reputation much more
>replace with the most disgusting skumbag in the history of our school
>his reputation might actually go up from this
>As the school has a confidential policy when it comes to people who are expelled most students don't know what she did except she'd been caught smoking
>Send shopped picture to every single person I know in the school, especially those who are her enemies
>Spreads like wildfire
>1 year later, she's enrolled in the school's behavioral modification program
>every kid there is ruthless, skummy, and above all know about her
>she's a laughingstock, I find out her new nickname is the school's female dog because she'll **** anything
>Revenge is sweet.
#112 - skrynox
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#123 to #112 - pariahlol
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(06/28/2013) [-]
Did you even try?
Did you even try?
#75 - infinitereaper
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#62 - JENNAY
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(06/28/2013) [-]
The one piece of advice I would give my younger bullied self is "sometimes it's okay to just deck a ************ who pushes you too far. You'll get in trouble, yeah, but they won't dream of touching you again"
#60 - kevinlasvegas
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(06/28/2013) [-]
#68 - joekidd
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(06/28/2013) [-]