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#106 - superblargh (05/08/2013) [-]
Such a shame it'll probably freeze every time you go over a speed bump.
#83 - garymuthafuknoak (05/08/2013) [+] (2 replies)
looks awkward as 						****
looks awkward as ****
#82 - MrMeatStick (05/07/2013) [-]
why not yoshi?
why not yoshi?
#70 - nhlstar (05/07/2013) [-]
Now play this too.
User avatar #66 - Potatolover (05/07/2013) [-]
that cant be legal. even if youre not playing you cannot resist glimpsing continuously
#61 - ittoumaru (05/07/2013) [-]
And just like that OP is my hero
#51 - anonymous (05/07/2013) [+] (2 replies)
What's even more dangerous than driving and texting is suicide.
Suicide is so dangerous, it could sometimes prove fatal
User avatar #102 to #54 - RJHammerCock (05/08/2013) [-]
Here's a scary statistic: Did you know that last year, guns were used in 100% of drive by shootings?
User avatar #49 - keeganembry **User deleted account** (05/07/2013) [+] (10 replies)
I like OP's choice in game system. Though I lost all respect for Nintendo after its **** Wii
User avatar #42 - slimtotheshady (05/07/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Would that actually work? To hook up a gaming system to those monitors in the car? I'm asking cause I am super curious and don't know too much about those monitor dealios.
User avatar #45 to #42 - AvatarAirBender (05/07/2013) [-]
Wouldnt be too hard. It would be similar to how some cars have DVD players in them. The screen that its playing on is actually the radio, they are pretty expensive but they are big touch screens that can play videos and stuff. You just have to use an adapter for the hold style N64 composite cable, to one that works with the radio. And then just get power to the N64. Pretty easy.
#38 - newborn (05/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
whelp, my insurance rates are about to skyrocket.
whelp, my insurance rates are about to skyrocket.
User avatar #37 - cakezs (05/07/2013) [-]
Why isn't he playing as Kirby?
User avatar #32 - exarzero (05/07/2013) [-]
I used to do that... but I had to bring a big ass T.V, a power converter, and PRAY that we don't hit the slightest of bumps...
#19 - kiwirulestwo (05/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
**kiwirulestwo rolled a random image posted in comment #122 at everyday issues of being 6'10" ** this mothertrucker is the best smash character
User avatar #1 - mythicdragoon (05/07/2013) [+] (3 replies)
to the front page
User avatar #4 to #3 - mythicdragoon (05/07/2013) [-]
and the Gremlins 2 gif is for?
#89 - bigshowsteveo (05/08/2013) [-]
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User avatar #87 - Rileto (05/08/2013) [-]
Well it looks like I can move out now
#86 - anaklusmos (05/08/2013) [-]
Alright gentlemen, it's story time. About a year ago when I was living with my uncle in Virginia, I had made the trip back home to DC (it was an 80 mile drive) since at the time I was 16 my older brother was driving. To keep myself occupied I brought along my laptop. I popped in Harold and Kumar escape from guantanamo bay and proceded to laugh my ass off. My bro started laughing with me after a while. After about half an hour of hysterics I asked my bro how much longer it'd take to get home. That's when we realized that we had just spent half an hour watching this movie instead of looking at the road. We were on a highway.
User avatar #7 - dwamijtrollin (05/07/2013) [-]
dude i got that game in my console, super smash brothers, its a good game especially if there is a second player
User avatar #2 - benthererapedthat (05/07/2013) [-]
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