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Where the wub in debstup comes from
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It's plotting the distance from center on the vertical as well as shape, hence the perfect wave formed by the circle. The square is curved like that because the distance from the midpoint on the side is closer to the center of the square than is the corners of the square. If you look closely, you can notice similar curving on the hexagon as well.
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I can't remember what I was going to comment...

...what's this thread again?
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-The giant blue circle is known as the Unit Circle, which is used to find several aspects discussed in trigonometry, and has the formula x^2 + y^2 = 1. This can be used to find the radians, the angle of a hypothetical triangle within that circle, and then you can use the Pythagorean Theorem to find out any remaining aspects you wish to know.

-The black line moving vertically demonstrates how you would get a triangle by using the unit circle if two sides are on an axis described above. One point is on one axis, while another point lies on the other axis. Connect the two and use Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance between the two axes or find the angles of the two remaining corners, although that takes a bit more work.

-The black line moving horizontally shows you how to get a triangle within the unit circle if only one side is on the axis. This takes a bit more work, but can still be done, since you know one side and rework the Pythagorean Theorem to get the information you're looking for in terms of side length.

-The red ellipses that go around the unit circle show the potential area of a triangle within the unit circle. The further out the red circle is, the greater are there is within a triangle at that point. If you're at the tip of the ellipsis, you've reached a point that has the greatest area for a triangle.

I could go on and on, but I figure you've all stopped reading by this point.
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What? That doesn't make sense. It's just a circle. There's nothing about it that defines it as a unit circle. Under your definition every circle ever drawn is a unit circle. The same applies to the rest of that ******** .
Stop trying to sound smart for thumbs. It's pitiful.
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1) I don't do this for thumbs (I know you won't believe me, but I'm just being honest). I do it because I enjoy letting people know the logic and reasoning behind certain posts or ideas. I would rather educate the world around me so that people can better understand, and in turn enjoy, the content or topic in question.

2) You're right that it is not blatantly described as the unit circle as the lengths along the axes are not defined, but the unit circle could be used in relation to the circle shown in the .gif shown above. If it is a perfect circle, then any circle could be related to the unit circle, meaning you could still find what you're looking for.
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Also, the Unit circle proves that (SinX)^2 + (CosX)^2 = 1 ... Obiously you can use it to find out the other Sin/cos if you got one.
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I meant to put that in there, but I figured everyone would have stopped reading by that point.
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I could watch this forever!
I could watch this forever!
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Now put a pencil tip at each of those 7 spots on the cross, and market it as a children's toy. You can do the same with different designs, and sell little plastic shapes with gears that make these patterns when turned.
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Just me?

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for a second, i tasted it in my mouth. thanks
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I miss these...
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Wow, 2 years ago I used to absoultely love Ball Factory gifs. Watched them all dday, and never got tired of them
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this is the only one i have :(
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it's beautiful ....
it's beautiful ....
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your mom
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this must have some sort of mathematical connection to life but i can't be bothered o think of it
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