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yet they still go there anyways
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Death awaited the Fellowship if they would have not succumb to gimli's suggestion to pass through moria, Carahdaras was much to brutal weather conditions for even strider let alone the hobbits...
User avatar #138 - kevinspacey **User deleted account** (05/04/2013) [-]
in the books it was Gandalf's idea to go into Moria and Aragorn that warned against it and suggested the pass over the mountain Carahadras or whatever it was called
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Because the gap of rohan was controlled by Saruman in Isengard and Rivendell was too far north and it would have taken them too much time, also the Caradhras wouldn't let them pass
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well if they never went there and gandalf never battled the balrog would he still have been gandalf the grey when they went to that town with the corrupted king? and if so then they wouldnt have been able to free said king. i forget all the names of places and people i havent seen these movies in forever.
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The Red Horn Pass was almost impossible to get through because of the weather conditions. Moria had a slim chance.
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