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I had a spooky dream once
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The only thing that even closely resembles anything like this is that i could speak fluent english (i'm finnish) when i was 5 and when my dad asked where i learned english is said ''Mr Johnson taught me''. My dad told me recently that this Johnson was a exchange student who died in a car accident near where i was born.
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<Unrelated picture

You know, as a Chinese, we have a belief that people are reincarnated with a blank state of memory, but those who still harbor memories of their past lives were due to not drinking a type of soup that aims to erase all the memories after they died.

Also, babies and toddlers are believed to possess the third eye, which progressively becomes weaker as they grow older. That's why most Chinese (at least that's what a lot here do in Malaysia, if not in other countries) would bring a baby at least when visiting a house they want to buy, just to check for those things.
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I know for a fact that I didn't consume that wretched elixer.
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When i was 5 i used to sleep walk and i walked into my parents bedroom and awoke my dad he told me too go back too bed and well i said "i won't need too once i am done with you"
i'm scared of my 5 year old self ._.
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I've had a few extremely creepy experiences in my life. They started after a relationship I had with a girl who suffered with sleep paralysis & night terrors. Long story short, she would be terrorized in her dreams by a old man in a bowler hat, then the paralysis would set in and she'd be strangled by a horrible old woman who sat on her chest pinning her down. Nothing out of the ordinary there, until I woke up one night while she was having an attack and I saw them too. We broke up shortly after that. I actually wrote a creepy pasta based on what happened to us. That was hands down the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me in my life.

I'm pretty sure there's a ghost in my parents house too. When I was younger I was staying up late watching TV in the living room, when a lamp fell as if it had been thrown across the room. This was a big lamp, made of metal, on the center of a table, not a coffee table, a dining room sized table.
Also, the bathroom light will turn on in the middle of the night by itself, then you can hear footsteps walking down the hallway.
The thing that disturbs me about that the most is that my Dad who is militantly atheist, not a believer in spirituality in any way shape or form, has seen a ghost standing in front of him in the living room.
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My baby sister who's barely 1 year old screams something that sounds like,"LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE!" when I don't play her favorite cartoon. It's as if she's threatening to summon The Flying Dutchmen or something..
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moral of the story, don't reproduce.
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i can remember this so clearly it freaks me out to the point of panic sometimes:
When i was 5 i used to come down stairs in the morning around 6 to watch cartoons before school. One day i was sat watching scooby doo and my mothers candle set on the fire place shattered. I got up to see what had happened when i heard a tapping on the window. i turned and see 3 long bony talon-fingers reaching up from below the window (outside) and they were steadily tapping against the glass. Soon another set appeared and the gripped the window and pulled. A giant misshapen black leathery body covered in scars and blood pulled itself into my view and resting on its shoulders was a a mans head with huge wolf-like ears with a bone white mask(v for vendetta style without the guy fawkes face that cut off just below the nose) huge teeth, too big for him to close his mouth fully, dripping with dark liquid, i could see his eyes like smoldering coals staring at me through the holes in the mask. i literally was catatonic at this point not caring i was standing on glass or that i was hyperventilating. it stared it me then opened its mouth wider and clenched its talons into a spear head shape and pulled back. it was at this point i screamed, ran out the room upstairs into my mothers room and dived into her quilts where i eventually sobbed myself to sleep. Days later, a child was found mauled supposedly by a wild dog. Needless to say im rather afraid of ground floor windows/mirrors at night time now while on my own at least in case something like that happens again.
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I have more too. Im the youngest(18) sibling with my brother(42) being the eldest(also got a sister ,37, and another bro, 40. so needless to say i have plenty of creepy moments from my nieces and nephews who i had to baby sit the eldest is two months younger than me. Heres another that scared the **** out of me. So we moved house to a new one and since we had no internet or anything set up we told scary storis to pass the time. My mum told me of our old house. apparently my old bedroom had been the scene of an attempted murder of my mums friend. she says her friend had gone to the upstairs toilet when my mom heard a choking grunting sound. my mum ran upstairs to find her friend pressed against 'my' bed clutching at her throat and my mom ran to her and grabbed her she vomited onto my mom and spluttered back to life. my moms friend said she had heard a child crying(thinking it might have been me, 8 at the time, but i was at my sisters) and went to see what was wrong when she felt something grasp her throat and push her onto the bed. my mom didnt feel the need to tell me this while i still slept in that room..
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Wow this comment section progressed better than I could ever have imagined.  You guys have some creepy ass stories. -OP
Wow this comment section progressed better than I could ever have imagined. You guys have some creepy ass stories. -OP
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This comment section is legit spooky as 			****		.   
gif... related?
This comment section is legit spooky as **** .

gif... related?
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My younger brother was still a year old when he learned how to count and speak fluently. At first we thought he was born genius and we asked him how he does that. He said " Mr.gumgum taught me to count and speak everyday." as he points to a wall that resembles a face.
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Isn't it really common for children to have an imaginairy friend? He might still be a genius but he made it game of it with an imaginary friend?
User avatar #284 to #260 - heeveejeevees (04/30/2013) [-]
yea except his imaginary friend was a spooky ass talking wall.
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yeah **** that wall who cares if the kid becomes a ruh tard No scary wall is teaching my kid ****
User avatar #342 to #324 - heeveejeevees (04/30/2013) [-]
no **** brah
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When my cousins daughter was maybe 2 and a half she started laughing at an empty doorway at maybe 7:30 (it was dark out) while the rest of us were eating dinner. When my cousin went over to ask her what she was laughing at she said 'Uncle Phil is funny", Phil was my cousins brother who died before my cousin was born.
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when i last visited my daughter (nearly 3 years old; she's living with my ex, 500km away from me) she said (translated):
"Fear" (she always just says "fear" when she's afraid of something)
"what do you fear?"

that really gave me chills.
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Must be the language.
#185 to #182 - nockae (04/30/2013) [-]
What? I didn't find it scary or whatever, so i figured it's probably more scary in whatever language you speak.
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it was rather scary for me because i know her mum is kinda irresponsible. i am concerned because while we were still a couple and lived together she did some really crazy **** .
#190 to #188 - nockae (04/30/2013) [-]
Oh makes sense then.
Have a cat.
#192 to #190 - huszti (04/30/2013) [-]
that's one cute little 			******		.   
thanks for the cat and have a nice day/evening/night
that's one cute little ****** .

thanks for the cat and have a nice day/evening/night
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My wife has a video of her as a child telling her mom about how she was a fighter pilot and she crashed in the pacific. She was 3 at the time.
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zoopity boop
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>be me, 9 years old
>bit of a bully
>pick on kid, let's call him Jeremy
>quiet kid, never talks
>creepy, always drawing pictures of dead people
>that's why he's picked on
>see picture of him on top of a mountain, bloody people at the bottom
>amazingly detailed, one of the kids looks like me
>stupid little kid brain trying to pick a fight to be tough
>"You think I'll be dead at the bottom of the mountain, let's go outside and fight!"
>kid doesn't say anything
>I start pushing him at recess
>teacher lady comes to break up the fight
>he bites her in the tit and punches me in the face
>he comes back in a couple days
>comes up to me
>"thank you"
>>Jeremy spoke in class today
>>King Jeremy the wicked
>>Ruled his world
#178 to #111 - anon (04/30/2013) [-]
Saw that one coming as soon as you said "mountain"
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Saw it coming. Well done.
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I was babysitting (gay job but whatever **** you) and the kid, who was ~2 1/2, said "I remember when I was the daddy and daddy was the my spot."
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The my spot? I am not making fun but is that by chance a typo? Freaky either way though.
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I apparently carved a face (not a smiley or anything) into a wall. It's still there, and looks really ******* weird.
I used to sleep with my eyes open. God I was one ****** up child..
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Some of these are obviously ******** . Babies talking about sodomy? C'mon, are we gonna swallow that?
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