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The former Chief Post Office (alternate: Christchurch Central Post Office, originally known as the Government Building) is located in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand. The building was initially a post office with other government services; until the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, it was a Visitor Information Centre, but has since been inaccessible, as access for the public to the central city has been removed. It was the site of the first telephone exchange in New Zealand. The structure is registered with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as a Category I heritage building.
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Well, gasoline doesn't really have just one freezing temperature, and in fact, gasoline isn't made out of one kind of molecule, but many different hydrocarbons. If you get it cold enough, it will get pretty hard. Freezing is a phase change, in which the symmetry of a system reduces -- a liquid with a random distribution of molecules turns into an orderly crystal in a true freezing phase change. Gasoline on the other hand, just has molecules that slow down as they get colder, and remain in a disordered state at lower temperatures (you might get some crystals of some hydrocarbons if you cool it slowly enough
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"90 kids" ≠ "90's kids" The author can't deliver on the promise to spoof "90's kids" gags.

Also, the reference to kidnapping and killing children is not enough to make this joke funny, even in a dark manner. Anyone want to guess why this abortion of a joke gets #1? Hint: the quality of jokes on this site is no longer relevant to how many thumbs it gets.

Good luck, and adios.

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Or you know, kidnap 100 kids, kill just one of them.
None of the kids will ever listen to Jay-Z - "99 Problems" again.
Because, you know
I got 99 problems
But a kid ain't one.
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I was born in 79. All these people born in the mid 90's reminds me that I'm getting old. You will get old too though, so I'm cool with it.
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My boyfriend is seven years my senior, and finds some kind of odd joy in reminding me that he can remember the 90's perfectly, and I only remember from 95 on.
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hey guys im looking for something that was postedon here awhile ag. it was like a pair of robotic legs you could wear and they would make you run faster and such. a name would be great.
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too many blue users
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www. en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Jiroemon_Kimura

This guy is also from the 90's
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