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what came into mind
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**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #64 at Sometimes change is bad. **
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**mungoose rolls 22** Close enough...
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upon seeing this post, my first thought was "Would bald eagle eggs taste any different from chicken eggs?"
am i a bad american?
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Only if your first thought upon seeing a baby isn't "I bet that is tasty deep-fried."
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You should be thrown in federal pound you in the ass prison for treason
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You'd be jailed for about the same amount of time as a killer if you tried to find out.
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be very scared if you see his feet
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This isn't even funny. >_>
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WoW!, #1 spot, never thought id see the day :P
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Sad Eagle

"Why is my country so fat?"

"It's called America not "Murica."

"Lincoln freed the blacks and they do this?"
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A perfect analogy for freedom. Majestic and proud to have it, but fearful that it may be taken away.   
Then again, maybe drinking scotch and coke 30 minutes after you wake up is too early for me..
A perfect analogy for freedom. Majestic and proud to have it, but fearful that it may be taken away.

Then again, maybe drinking scotch and coke 30 minutes after you wake up is too early for me..
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I love that gif.
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Thanks, I've started to use it for any comment that I don't have an appropriate picture for. It's brillliant!

That and Grumpy Cat over here..
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lol...american pride. how shameful

1. No free healthcare. your government leaves you to die!!!
2. The worst education system in the western world which leaves more school leavers innumerate and illiterate than any other developed western country.
3. Higher crime rates and murder rates per percentage of population than any other developed country in the world.
4. It has the worst Economy on record, and cant even sustain its own national debt to itself, let alone the 7 trillion dollars owed to china.
5. It calls itself a superpower, and claims to have the best armed forces in the world but hasn't won a single war since the civil war over 200 years ago.
6. Has the highest percentage per population in the developed world of people living below the poverty line, just as weak as the third world countries.
7. check out your iphone, it was made in china, you can't even develop your own economy, resources.
#90 to #89 - tehphire (03/28/2013) [-]
Apple is an american company. They're using China to make more money.
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Just in response to #5, who exactly won the Spanish-American War, in addition to the First and Second World War (spanning from 1898 to 1945)?
User avatar #127 to #89 - amsel (03/28/2013) [-]

1. Government run healthcare isn't necessarily a good thing. Many people from socialist countries come to America to purchase medicine because their government refuses to provide it, despite the fact that they have the money to purchase it themselves. There's no reason for a capitalist country to offer free healthcare.
2. We also have significantly -more people- including a huge number of immigrants, who have troubles learning the language. Our country tends to be extremely successful in filtering out those who clearly aren't going to be academic superstars and allowing them to start a different lifestyle. Plus our University system is arguably the best in the world. We graduate more successful businessmen and engineers than anywhere else.
3. That's changing quickly; look at Sweden.
4. That just isn't true. The EU is in significantly worse economic condition than America.
5. Again, just flat out isn't true. The definition of "winning a war" has changed over the last 200 years, but we've still always come out on top.
6. We aren't even close to as weak as third world countries in poverty; where the hell are you getting these "facts" from? And like others have pointed out, our "poverty line" means you're making like $20,000 per year; that's rich in 3rd world countries.
7. Is your iPhone not made in China, or do you live in China? The entire developed world began offshoring production to China at the same time. Besides, the trend is switching again and all the smart businesses are bringing production jobs back to America or Mexico due to the reduced transportation cost. The American economy is so developed that they get to pick and choose optimal points of production, allowing American citizens to work in more desirable fields; I fail to see where this is a weakness.

TL;DR: These are all either blatantly false or extremely misguided. I realize you're trolling, but I think you're annoying. Awaiting red thumbs.
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My reply to the troll....
1.Yes...because death can be avoided forever with free healthcare and human beings are naturally immortal.
2. Im sorry I cannot read your insults as I was educated in the worst education system in the western world that leaves more school leavers.
3. Actually that honor goes to the UK.
4. One word: Greece. STFU.
5. Pacific Theater, Spanish-American War, Mexican-American War, Philippine-American War...etc etc...dude do you even History?
6. Whose poverty line? Without specificity you might as well have not said anything asshole.
7. Most people here use Android phones and most of those are made in Taiwan or South Korea...suck my nadules.
User avatar #138 to #89 - nortledrones (03/28/2013) [-]
We already went over this idiot.
1. Free health insurance for those who apply.
2. Every single country other than Canada on the western world is under us when it comes to education.
3. But we also have one of the most advanced and strict judicial systems to back it up.
4. OPINION, capitalism is ugly at times...but mostly effective. Everyone is in debt dumbass.
5. WW1, WW2, Cold war can be considered a victory due to the breaking of the soviet union
6. Russia.
7. iPhones are made in china, developed in California.
Check yourself before you shrek yourself.
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i know your just trying to troll but im going to point out a few flaws anyway
1. its actually illegal to deny someone medical help
2. you realize you just said school leavers right?
4. the US debt to GDP is about 100% the EUs average is about 600% and as a comparison chinas is 15%
5. spanish american war, war in the pacific, first gulf war
6. our poor live the same standards as europes middle class
#114 to #96 - lazragoon (03/28/2013) [-]
While it is illegal to deny medical help, there's a difference between sewing up a gaping wound, and sewing up a gaping wound then thrown back on the street with no medicine, future check up dates, and no one to take them out.
User avatar #122 to #96 - smokingman (03/28/2013) [-]
While I am not really interested in discussing such matters on the internet, i would like to argue that the european middle class citizens living in countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, and all the other developed countries of the continent has much higher standards than the poor USA citizens, and sometimes higher than those of the american middle class, especially in the northern countries.
User avatar #295 to #122 - sketchE (03/28/2013) [-]
it depends what you consider living standards. a study showed that our poor tend to live in larger homes drive better cars and have many luxary items like computers and gaming consoles. while the lower 20 percent of the 40 percent of americans considered poor are likely living in worse conditions, on these standards americans are living much better
User avatar #301 to #295 - smokingman (03/29/2013) [-]
You talk bigger (reminder: american suburban houses are wood and cardboard) houses, better (???) cars, and luxury items.
I wouldn't want to start a discussion over what started this finacial crisis (which is people living above their possibilities), but let's put it this way: you can NOT compare Washington to Oslo, as far as quality of life goes.
Besides, have you ever read any statistics thay talk criminality levels, health data, instruction levels and so on and on?

User avatar #303 to #301 - sketchE (03/29/2013) [-]
remember that point was to him saying we have more people living under the poverty line. although they may be under the poverty line they are no where near living in poverty
User avatar #102 to #96 - desiduratum (03/28/2013) [-]
I would like to add that, although the U.S. didn't personally put a stop to the germans in europe, it was an extraordinary help against them.
User avatar #106 to #102 - sketchE (03/28/2013) [-]
were really not that bad off. everywheres ****** right now but we continue to move on. its kind of like mocking someone with a birth mark while hiding your mangled hand behind your back
User avatar #118 to #102 - kingrayne ONLINE (03/28/2013) [-]
I'm fairly sure it wouldnt've gone as well for the allies without the **** we were sending them
User avatar #121 to #118 - desiduratum (03/28/2013) [-]
Well, we pushed them out of France. That at least gave the U.K. some good breathing room.
User avatar #137 to #96 - oux (03/28/2013) [-]
I like how you're trying to seem smart or something but, "our poor live the same standards as europes middle class". Really!? Is that what you think? That might have been one of the most uninformed and ignorant statements I've ever seen.
Also, 600% debt? Japan has the highest of any country in the world and they have about 250%. The only european countries that has a higher national debt than USA are Greece, Italy, Portugal and Ireland...
User avatar #294 to #137 - sketchE (03/28/2013) [-]
i recent study in the US shows that those considered poor really arent. only about 2 percent ever said they had no where to live and only 8 percent said they ever went hungry. now the lower have that are considered poor probably arent living the same standards ill give you that. however a large portion of those considered poor in the US live in larger homes, have better vehicles or vehicles at all, and many luxary items like computers and gaming consoles
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HOW DARE YOU! As a proud american, I'll have you know that my country's national bird is a beautiful and majestic creature that represents all the freedom that other countries will never have. Anybody who dares to attack this magnificent bird shall be reported to the cyber police. Image flagged.
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Gr8 b8 m8
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Please tell me you are joking....no one is this monumentally stupid.
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