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I for one firmly believe in the Greater Good.
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Sure is a lot of Gue'vesa on this thread.
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Welp were obviously going to get swarmed by people yelling xeno.
For the greater good of course.
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I am not afraid of them. They are barbaric zealots.
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Who said anyone was afraid of that outcome?

Its just a fact.
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It's not everyday you get to see Warhammer 40K on the front page. Let's enjoy it while it lasts.
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ya i know, this is my proudest achievement. hope now more people will look into 40k. maybe even become the next big thing like katawa shouju and mlp except way more awesome. a man can dream
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Wh40k content?

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Time to bring some heresy to this thread.
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So FJ, i am thinking of playing warhammer 40k soon, can anybody tell me about about the game so i will have a general idea of the gameplay and story?
And no, i am not going to watch videos of it since i want to avoid potential spoilers.
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In the beginning, there was the Emperor. He unified everyone on Earth and created twenty things called "Primarchs", which were his sons. Each of the 20 sons were a different aspect of the Emperor's personality, and were supposed to serve as his generals, but some demonic newfags spread all of his sons throughout a ******** of planets. So the Emperor goes out and tries to find all of his sons. He finds them all, and then goes on this great huge crusade to bring every planet in existence under the dominion of his Empire. The Emperor says "Aight 'lil ****** , you got this. Your brother Horus is going to lead you guys in my stead, and y'all are going to do this crusade for me." So they start doing it, conquering planet after planet, and destroying every religious faith they come in contact with, bringing forth the Imperial Truth that there are no gods. They were pretty much going on an atheist version of the Crusades. Well Horus decides that Daddy emperor has abandoned them so he can go become a God, and decides "Hey, that's BS dad, **** your couch", and proceeds to convince as many of his brothers as he can to join him in ousting the Emperor. 9 out of the 18 (I think) of the Primarchs side with Horus, and they go and attack earth, lose, and turn to the influence of these dark, evil ******* called the Chaos gods, who are each Nurgle (God of disease and pestilence), Khorne (Blood God), Slaanesh (God of pleasure) and Tzeentch (God of Change).
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Thank you two :).
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No problem! If you want more information about all the factions and whatnot, I recommend the website You need to login to view this link
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You should try playin the Dawn of War series first, so you can get accustomed to the story. I recommend Dawn of War vanilla and Dawn of War - Winter Assault for the story, and Dawn of War - Soulstorm for pretty much all the factions in the universe, except for Tyranids.
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I don't play Warhammer 40k; **** me, right?
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A lot of people don't. You are not special.
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www dot theheretics dot de
www dot theheretics dot de
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dat gif
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What I can't even.
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Placing this here to see if anyone rolls it.
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