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IreneCloud here.

Lucid dreaming isn't that hard. Once you know what to look for, it's almost second nature.

Unfortunately, while lucid dreaming, your mind does not rest, and you become mentally exhausted after several nights in a row. I'm going on two weeks without a non-lucid dream and it sucks. I'm trying to figure out how to stop it.

Help me.

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I wanted to try lucid dreaming 1 year ago, so I did. I read all about it on the internet and builded up a good sleep cycle as this was needed to lucid dream. I then read some persons stating that lucid dreaming could scare you and was not for the fainthearted, I mainly though "HA! Fags!". Anyways, one day I managed to lucid dream, I could control my dream, I was sitting my couch playing Xbox for myself (kinda lonely I guess) and talking to myself every single time I did something cool in the game until I got a response to my right side. I looked over and some dead chick sat next to me and stared at me. I freaked out and screamed and she just started getting closer while I was pinching myself to wake up, I finally woke up when she was all up in my face.
I was still freaked out when I woke up.
<--- Picture not related.
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I used to lucid dream every day when I was a kid, I had a trick to get away with nightmares. whenever I was afraid I bit my lip as hard as I could and if I felt pain it would mean that it was real, it became a trait and I did everyday randomly, so whenever I did that bite lip in dreams I realized I was dreaming and I could control my dreams, I used to do so many cool stuff like make myself gigantic and crush a city or create new creatures, but then my dreams started to stop, my memory started to break, I started to have less and less dreams every month, and now here I am, I haven't had a dream for 3 years, what can I do?

TL;DR I used to lucid dream.now I can't dream at all.. help!
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I didn't learn anything, please teach me how to dream of better times.
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I have been lucid dreaming for a long time now (many times a week). It is sometimes suggested that you don't look into the mirror as you might be afraid of what you will see. In dreams when you look into a mirror you see the way you look at yourself in life (fat/ugly/depressed). Most of the times it triggers a nightmare (never happened to me) which can also be easily overcome if you maintain your lucidity.
No doubt it is very fun but you have to keep doing reality checks etc. all the time which can be exhausting sometimes.
Good luck to all! May you bang millions of chicks at a time and destroy the city with your super powers.
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I kept a journal for a few weeks in December but never noticed any recurring themes so I stopped. Just last week I had a dream where I realised I was dreaming and managed to put what I'd learned in Dec to use and become lucid (I'd usually just wake instantly). It didn't last very long and I wasn't able to do much while I was lucid but it was an amazing experience - the first lucid dream that I remember.
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Keep rubbing your hands together and try to spin around as much as possible while lucid to make it last longer. :)
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That's what I did to stay in the dream initially :D I clasped my hands together and looked at them and focused on them entirely, after a while everything went calm and very clear. I did some stuff for a few seconds then BAM woke up. I'd like to keep trying but it takes a very long time to make any progress it seems.
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Do not 			*******		 look in to a mirror while you're lucid dreaming. Really. DO NOT look into a mirror. Jesus Christ is it horrifying.
Do not ******* look in to a mirror while you're lucid dreaming. Really. DO NOT look into a mirror. Jesus Christ is it horrifying.
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How does it look?
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Like fythethefallen said it: "you will see yourself as you see yourself deep down." and man can your brain make up some ****** up **** of yourself that can leave you scarred for life.
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Now I kinda want to know what my subconscious is thinking about me, but is safely storing it somewhere deep so I won't kill myself immediatly.
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Now I´m even more curious..thanks for reply :)
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Don't look in the mirror its a trap!
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MFW I naturally have lucid dreaming and read this

I almost have to feel sorry for you guys having to go through a long process to control your dreams, while It's always been second nature to me.
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No, it's really not as easy as you think.
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I actually don't recall any of my dreams recently, I've had amazing dreams. The real key is thinking to yourself, "Wait, that wall shouldn't look like that," and realizing you're dreaming. If you focus too hard, you might wake up, if you realize "oh god, lucid dream" and get excited, you wake up. Just calmly remark to yourself in the dream (if you can or at least think) "I am in control." Do whatever the hell you want, I don't even dream that often, but once in a while I have one really amazing one, and eventually you will too with enough passive concentration.
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Anon Here.
And remember, be careful not to jolt yourself awake, so don't do anything potentially scary like looking in a mirror or any reflective surface. If you jolt awake, sometimes you won't be able to move (Sleep Paralysis) and that is the worst feeling in the world.
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I still can hardly move my hands when this happens. How do you people do this? (and about that paralysis, i agree)
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Well. I'd like my dream without any cheats/hacks you know?

It's more interesting to have unexpected events in your dreams.
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^ this
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My first lucid dream was when I was about 4, I was in a difficult situation, and I considered my options. My last option was to wake up.
I woke up.
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Every time I begin to control and lucid dream, it kicks me out and I wake up. Pisses me off every time!   
It happened last night when I turned quarters into covenant ships from Halo, and was about to Pilot an entire armada, but everything kept fading and fading until I woke up..   
			****		 you, brain..			****		 you..
Every time I begin to control and lucid dream, it kicks me out and I wake up. Pisses me off every time!

It happened last night when I turned quarters into covenant ships from Halo, and was about to Pilot an entire armada, but everything kept fading and fading until I woke up..

**** you, brain.. **** you..
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Dude, try rubbing your hands when you see the dream is fading away. Rub them really hard, it helps staying in the dream sometimes!
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I just searched dreams in my windows search bar. Here's a dream I had back in '12


This dreams stars off with me and a girl teasing and playing each other. I didn't see or don't remember a background setting, but we were joking about the movie Titanic. I made a "Draw me like one of your French girls" joke, and we started kissing rapidly, many pecks on the lips. This was in first person. Then it faded out. The new setting was in an attic of some sort in a rundown house. The inside of the attic looked very much like the attic in my mother's house, but without the clutter or support beams. There was also a ladder in the middle of the floor going down. The house looked nice on the outside. It was brown with a gable roof of a darker brown. The sky was dark grey. The same girl was with me there. I mentioned to her that she should not tell her parents that we had sex. She agreed, and walked about 10 feet across the attic to our house servants. The servants were not human. One of them was a sphere about the height of my couch downstairs in my real-world basement. That one was grotesquely grey with spikes, stumpy legs, and short arms.
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Woah there.
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Charles Dickens.
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I can't remember what the other one was, but I as I write this, I picture it was a shadow. The first thing the girl did was to start telling the servants about our sexual encounter, and I had to stop her to explain to her that she doesn't have to tell anybody about it, then her parents would be guaranteed not to know. When she shut up, I went downstairs where people I presume to be members of my family were waiting. We were to take some little boy (I would guess his age to be about 5-8) around the neighborhood to deliver thank-you notes for his Christmas gifts. We left through the back door of the house, and there was snow on the ground. There was an inclined path to the house behind ours which we walked on. The path was snow free. Along the way, the boy picked up a coin. He asked his/ my mother what the coin was for. She replied to him that coins were given to people who did good deeds. He asked her if handing out thank-you notes was considered a good deed. She said yes. The house immediatly behind ours was home to an old-lady. She was either my aunt Lorene or my grandma. He gave her the note and begain to walk away, but he turned around and asked her if she had a coin to give him. The lady replied no, and the boy threw his coin at her. The lady fell holding her face, and I immediatly began to beat the boy relentlessly. I held him to the ground and beat him with my fists until his face was gone and there was nothing left of his body except a pool of blood with chunks of meat. I then proceded to enter the house to the left of ours. This house was single story, and when one walked in through the back door of the house, there would be a wall, so one would make a left turn to enter the main room, which only had a small wooden table lit by a lanturn on the ceiling. Two men were on the inside, one burly and one pathetic and skinny. They were sitting on the side of the table on the back door side of the house.
User avatar #130 to #128 - bothemastaofall (01/31/2013) [-]
I took a seat on the other end of the table, along with a being who is clouded to my memory as I write. We started talk of how we would kill some man. This man had killed hundreds of people, and was ex-military. As we finalized our plans, the back door opened. The man we were conspiring to kill entered the house and threw a knife. The knife embedded itself in the back of the skull of the burly man. The killer was now in the fron part of the room, and threw a second knife at the skinny man. This knife embedded itself in the left hand part of this man's skull, and he fell sideways onto the floor screaming, but did not die. Then the killer threw another knife, and now my point of vision was like me being the knife, and I dug myself square between the eyes of the skinny man. Now I was back in my own point of view. The killer took a seat across from me and the other being at the table. He started to mentally train us in survival and combat by presenting our brains with survival situations. When I complained that in the forest situation that we were given no resources to work with, he became enraged, and the cameral panned close to his face. His face was cut-off by the camera on the left side, and on the right side of the view we saw flashbacks of his survival of some winter environment as he told us his story.
That is the last I remember of the house.
User avatar #131 to #130 - bothemastaofall (01/31/2013) [-]
In the next scene, my dad was driving me to China to get Turkish food. We entered on the south side of China, and I remarked that it would take forever to drive to the east side, where the only Turkish food resturaunt was located. We stopped at the side of the road by a McDonald's, and when I went in and came back out, my dad was gone. The killer from before approached me and demanded that I get a job, so I started working at the McD's. After I stared working there, it didn't take long for hallucinations to start. I started getting visions of thousands of dead bodies strung up by their feet in hundreds of rows and columns in a dark room. The bodies were charred, some had cybernetics, but all of them looked like varients of the creature that the Alric brothers brought back in Full Metal Alchemist. When the vision stopped, I was back in the McDonalds. The sky was dark grey on the outside, and I was behind the counter alone, and the room was completely empty. The killer approached me and revealed to me that all of the bodies I had seen were inside me. He took me inside myself and started explaining how each of those bodies had gotten there. Then he left, and I was alone with the dead. I grabbed one.
User avatar #134 to #131 - bothemastaofall (01/31/2013) [-]
Despite the charred look, it felt like a live human, but was bleeding and tearing. I pulled it out of me and onto the floor of the McDonalds I was in. I pulled two more out of me too. Now the floor of the McDonalds was bare, and the edges had started to fade. The walls were grey, and I watched myself dig through the entrails of the bodies, searching for a cell phone. I finally found one in the thrid body. I had to rip it in half at the waist to retrieve it. Killer gave me a list of contacts and told me that I could only call each number once, even if they didn't answer. I started calling numbers of my family members and friends, but nobody answered. The last number I called belonged to a woman named "Linda", or at least, I think it was Linda. When the answering machine talked to me and told me to leave a message, I started to scream and cry desperatly into the phone "Linda, it's me. Pick up your phone and answer me. If you don't, I will never talk to you again. I won't ever be able to talk to you again. Please, just answer and talk to me."
After that, the dream ended, and I woke up.
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The other day I had a rather strange dream.

I was looking at an advertisement for something (I can't remember what) and it had lots of different people of different ages, genders and races. But there was a huge twist... they were all Kevin Bacon.

I have no idea how long this dream lasted but that was all it was.
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I sometimes realise I'm dreaming. But I'm an absolute retard about it.

It's always during a scary dream, some intense **** is normally about to go down. And I'm just thinking "ohh **** **** I don't want to do this... Wait a minute, this a dream, so i can just wake up!". So instead of doing cool **** I just make myself wake up... **** .
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Nah, i like my dreams. I tend to come up with really cool environemnts.
Like a museum of mythology on a fake moon which is controled by Egyptian and Greek gods who fight one another. The dream ended when Thoth (for some reason) threw a giant fireball on a tower i was at.
Or the warehouse through wich you can travel in time, i had to defend it with my father and Sigmund Freud against an onslaught of cannonballs,
The party of the damned was my favorite.
All in all i'm very happy with my dreams.. wish i could record them, really..
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This one time I was dreaming I was getting attacked. But then I realized that this was not real and immediatly thought " **** you bitch, this is my dream, I am in charge of **** here" and wasted the ************* assailants!
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Mfw I realize I have been dreaming my whole life. I'm leaving my wife to breed dinosaurs now.
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Just when i start lucid dreaming, false awakening ruin everything. ******* bitch.
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